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National Guard Bureau
Lewis and Clark Commemoration
Support Plan

Annex B (Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration Support Plan)

1. Purpose

a. General. This Annex prescribes the role of the National Guard Bureau, as part of the US Army's participation in the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Volunteers of North Western Discovery (1803 - 1806) afterward called the Corps of Discovery. This Annex also specifically sets forth the opportunities and responsibilities of the National Guard Bureau, the National Guard in the separate States along the Lewis and Clark National Historical Trail, hereafter, Trail States. It also outlines these duties and responsibilities of subordinate agencies and divisions within the National Guard Bureau, to include both the Army and Air National Guard Directorates and other National Guard agencies involved in the Commemoration. The Training and Education Division, Manpower and Personnel Directorate, (J1), has been designated by the Chief, National Guard Bureau, as the coordinating office for National Guard involvement in the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial.

b. Objectives. The purpose of the National Guard's involvement in the
Commemoration is:

(1) Honor and commemorate the "Corps of Discovery" (1803-1806);

(2) Educate the American public, especially the local communities of the
National Guard's multi-mission role, and especially the non-combat role that the Corps of Discovery represented. In peace the National Guard is to protect the community and citizens in civil and natural disasters;

(3) Serve as the Military link between the National, and state and local
interests in the Commemoration;

(4) Showcase the important assistance the Corps of Discovery received
from the Native peoples along the route;

(5) Provide a Military presence at the state and local grassroots level in
commemorations and activities;

(6) Provide Military support in planning, organizing and conducting
State and local Commemoration activities, and at the National level when such signature events are identified for a specific event and location;

(7) Conduct a National event in conjunction with the National Signature
event honoring Native Americans and Sacagawea in August 2006, involving up to ten students from all 54 States and Territories.

(8) Use the commemoration as an opportunity for National Guard
recruiting and retention;

(9) Highlight the Militia service of the members of the Corps of Discovery
and their contributions.

2. Scope: This Annex supports the US Army's Commemoration Campaign Plan and outlines duties, responsibilities and provides authority for planning and executing
Federal, US Army, National Guard, State and local Commemorations.

3. Applicability: This Annex serves as the resource document and planning
authority for all National Guard involvement in the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
Commemoration. It applies to all National Guard agencies and organizations.

4. Concepts and Planned Activities:

a. National Activities. The National Guard will sponsor a National Youth Education and Leadership Rendezvous aimed at involving and educating the youth of America in the military aspects of the Corps of Discovery Expedition, at the same time enlightening them on the history and current missions of the National Guard. After initial planning in FY 2004, the participant selection process will take place in FY 2005. Up to ten high school students from all 54 states and territories will be selected. Guardsmen will serve as escorts for selectees. Held in conjunction with the National Signature event honoring Native Americans and Sacagawea, the location of this National event will be near New Town, North Dakota in Aug 2006.

b. State and Local Activities. National Guard units and organizations are encouraged to serve on state, county, and local planning committees or commissions to assist, support, and hold commemoration activities. The main objective is to provide that military aspect and spirit to the community and local events, thus reinforcing the fact that Lewis and Clark were Army officers and the Corps of Discovery was a military unit. Below are some ideas and areas where the National Guard can be a part of state and local activities:

(1) Color Guard, marching units, and other ceremonial support,

(2) Provide water facilities (buffaloes), tentage, and other field items that
would provide assistance at local events.

(3) Engage the State AG and commanders to deliver speeches or
representations on the military aspects of the operation.

(4) Provide public affairs, historical, and recruiting representatives at
events to "tell" the Army and Guard story.

(5) Hold Open Houses in conjunction with commemorative activities at
armories to introduce the public with today's military.

(6) Host a National Guard commemorative event and invite the local
committees and general public to attend.

5. Non-Trail State National Guard. National Guard states where the Lewis and Clark historical trail and route does not cross are welcome to adopt and commence programs and events associated with the Corps of Discovery. Lewis and Clark were the forerunners of many other military explorations that involved many of the states during the frontier and Early American Republic period. Any National Guard state or unit is encouraged to engage its soldiers and the public in the values, leadership, history, and great service the Corps of Discovery provided to the development of the United States. In particular, such states neighboring with signature states (i.e., those on the Lewis and Clark Trail) are encouraged to develop multi-state activities.

6. Funding. National Guard Funding will be utilized to support recruiting and retention, public affairs, or musical organizations as the states deem appropriate.

7. Point of Contact. The primary POC for this annex is the National Guard Bureau coordinator at (703) 607-1832.

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