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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Lewis and Clark Commemoration
Support Plan

Annex A (Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration Support Plan)

1. Purpose. The Army Corps of Engineers (COE) is the steward of the lands and waters at Corps water resources projects. Its natural resource mission is to manage and conserve those natural resources, consistent with ecosystem management principles, while providing quality public outdoor recreation experiences, to serve the needs of present and future generations.

2. General. The Corps has daily contact with the general public in a role that differs greatly from that of the "regular" Army. Over the last 50 years, the Corps has built and maintained a vast array of facilities to serve the nation's need for water-base outdoor recreation. As a result, the Corps is the #1 provider of outdoor recreation in the country. Park rangers and other lake employees help local students and citizens learn about the natural and man-made resources they manage. Classes and groups come to the visitor centers and outdoor classrooms at the lakes and Corps employees travel to nearby schools and community centers to conduct various programs. Communities provide volunteer and part-time help at Corps recreation areas. Groups of youngsters and adults help with cleanup and beautification and local teachers and others take summer jobs. Support for community events is nothing new for the Corps. However, because of budgets and authorities, there are some things that can and cannot be done by Corps personnel. What follows is a brief description of those requirements.

3. List of support capabilities:

On project lands: At the discretion of the Operations Manager/Project Manager, the Corps can provide land through the use of special events permit. Lands can be used for water carnivals, fishing tournaments, boat regattas, music festivals, dramatic presentations and other special recreational programs of interest to the general public if arranged 60-360 days in advance (see #4 below) depending upon the request. The Corps can also provide speakers, ranger and/or safety patrols, picnic tables, picnic shelters, grills, and campsites.

Off project: The Corps can provide rangers only as speakers for events or school programs. The Corps has no authority to provide ranger and/or safety patrols or to provide government-purchased camping or day use equipment for use off project lands.

4. Breakout of what capabilities to type/size of event: See #3 above. Capabilities listed above will vary with each request.

5. Frequency of support: Support will vary by event and project but must be within existing budget capabilities. Signature event support will likely be given a higher priority and support by the national committee while small local events will need to be supported by the local project office.

6. Period of advance notice: For ranger talks, usually 4-6 weeks advanced notice is required. For the use of project lands for an event, a Special Events Permit is required. A minimum of 60 days is required for filing the permit. However, areas can be requested up to a maximum of 360 days in advance.

7. Coordination meetings required and who required to attend: Coordination should be performed at the project level. The project, in turn, will coordinate with those higher up as is warranted. For example, if the city of Williston, ND wants to have an event on project lands, they would coordinate with the person at the Garrison Project Office. If elevation were required, Garrison would then contact the appropriate Omaha District representatives.

8. Persons authorized to promise support to civilian organizers: Project, district, basin and/or national coordinators depending on the level and extent of support requested.

9. Information necessary in civilian support request: For a request for speakers, a simple phone call or letter of request is adequate. The call or letter should outline the date and time requested and the topic to be covered. For obtaining a Special Events Permit for the use of project lands, the written request must describe the nature of the event, the starting and closing dates and times, the location or area desired for the event, the organizers of the event and a point of contact (with address and phone number), and any other pertinent data.

10. COE Points of Contact:

Corps of Engineers
Lewis and Clark POC's






National Coord.

(402) 697-2532

(402) 697-2538


HQ Coord.

(202) 761-4827

(202) 761-5096



Missouri River

(785) 453-2338

(785) 453-2475

Columbia River

(509) 751-0244

(509) 751-0242

Ohio River

(304) 529-6992

(304) 529-5167



Division Coord.

(513) 684-3192

(513) 684-2460


(716) 879-4404

(716) 879-4357


(312) 353-6400

(312) 353-2141


(218) 727-2497

(218) 720-5270


(304) 466-1234

(304) 466-4337


(502) 315-6767

(502) 315-7661


(615) 736-5117

(615) 736-7490


(412) 395-7179

(412) 644-4795



Division Coord.

(601) 634-5855

(601) 634-7073

New Orleans

(504) 862-1344

(504) 862-2317

Rock Island

(309) 794-5839

(309) 794-5180

St. Paul

(651) 290-5328

(651) 290-5330

St. Louis

(314) 331-8016

(314) 331-8770


(601) 631-5287

(601) 631-7133



Division Coord.

(718) 491-8726

(718) 491-8869


(410) 962-6019

(410) 932-6038

New England

(978) 249-2547

(978) 249-3680

New York



(757) 441-7642

(757) 441-7322


(215) 656_6735

(215) 656-6742



Division Coord.

(402) 697-2536

(402) 697-2538

Kansas City

(816) 983-3644

(816) 426-5504


(402) 667-7873

(402) 667-9919


(502) 808-4306

(503) 808-4329


(206) 764-3443

(206) 764-3308

Walla Walla

(509) 527-7133

(509) 527-7820



Division Coord.

(404) 562-5134

(404) 562-5138


(843) 329-8144

(843) 329-2330


(904) 232-3187

(904) 232-3696


(334) 694-3722

(334) 694-4264


(912) 652-5056

(912) 652-5065


(910) 251-4392

(910) 251-4848



Division Coord.

(415) 977-8058

(415) 977-8069


(505) 342-3277

(505) 342-3195

Los Angeles

(213) 452-3392

(213) 452-4196


(916) 557-5281

(916) 557-6877

San Francisco

(415) 977-8507

(415) 977-8483



Division Coord.

(214) 767-2434

(214) 767-9021

Fort Worth

(817) 978-4639

(817) 978-2120


(409) 766-3069

(409) 766-3999

Little Rock

(501) 324-5673

(501) 324-5899


(918) 669-7340

(918) 669-7373

11. Lines of communication between civilian organizer and Army entity: Communication should be between the L&C Commemorative Officer and the National Coordinator. Any work assignments received by the LCCO should come from the DSOP's to the Director of Civil Works; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; 441 G Street NW; Washington DC 20314; phone (202) 761-0099

Note: All partners and support policies (work management guidance and procedures) are spelled out in the Corps of Engineers ER 1130-2-500. All recreation operations and maintenance policies are spelled out in the Corps of Engineers ER 1130-2-550.

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