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Information on Scheduling the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps

Additional Information on How an Event Organizer Can Schedule the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps (which has already appeared at the Charlottesville, VA and Louisville, KY Signature Events)

Photo: Old Guard Fife and Drum Core

The requestor must provide all logistical support, including transportation to the area, local ground transportation (taking care to insure the oversized equipment can be transported), lodging and meals while there. The Corps would need to arrive at least one day prior to the event day and, depending on the timing of event(s) and transportation, could return after performance on event day.  POC is Lewis and Clark Commemorative Director at (202) 685-2449 or send us an email.

The “exportable” standard package for the Fife and Drum Corps consists of 16 performers and an NCOIC/OIC, for 17 total personnel.

This group needs an area approximately 30 feet deep and 40 feet wide to perform.


This group would travel with the following oversized/overweight baggage (this would be in addition to personal baggage):

  2 snare drum cases
each 24x22x38 inches
  weight approx. 90 lbs each
   1 bass drum case
30x30x36 inches  
  weight approx. 90 lbs
2 cases for hats   
each 14x18x10 inches
weight approx. 60 lbs each
1 case for bugles 
14x18x10 inches 
weight approx. 75 lbs
1 case for spontoon (drum major stick)
87x9x6 in. 
  weight apprx. 20 lbs

This group would be able to provide (which all of these may not be desired, the FDC has the following capabilities)

10 minutes + of pre-ceremony music
processional music to arrive the official party
music for presentation of colors
National Anthem
music for retiring colors
recessional music for official party
10 minutes + as postlude music

If there are school groups participating in the event, the FDC could also provide a "show and tell" type of presentation to talk with the children about the history of fifes, drum and bugles and give a more "up close and personal" presentation. This option is excellent if inclement weather affects a Signature Event’s scheduling (which is what occurred at Louisville, KY).


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