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The following Army Ground Forces studies can be found in the Historical Resources Branch, U.S. Army Center of Military History:


Number Title/Author/Pages

1* Origins of the Army Ground Forces General Headquarters, United States Army, 1940-1942 by Kent R. Greenfield and Robert R. Palmer. 127 pp.

2 A Short History of the Army Ground Forces. No author given. 64 pp. [n.d.]

3 Ground Forces in the War Army: A Statistical Table by Robert R. Palmer. 24 pp.

4 Mobilization of the Ground Army by Robert R. Palmer. 54 pp.

5@ The Procurement of Enlisted Personnel: The Problem of Quality by Robert R. Palmer. 40 pp.

6 The Procurement and Branch Distribution of Officers by William R. Keast. 66 pp.

7 Provision of Enlisted Replacements by William R. Keast. 45 pp.

8 Reorganization of Ground Troops for Combat by Robert R. Palmer. 88 pp.

9 Organization and Training of New Ground Combat Elements by Robert R. Palmer. 50 pp.

10 [Not issued]

11 Training in the Ground Army 1942-1945 by Bell I. Wiley. 89 pp. [1948]

12@ The Building and Training of Infantry Divisions by Bell I. Wiley. 62 pp.

13 The Activation and Early Training of "D" Division by Bell I. Wiley. 43 pp.

14@ Problems of Nondivisional Training in the Army Ground Forces by Bell I. Wiley. 72 pp.

15 The Desert Training Center and C-AMA by Sidney L. Miller. 122 pp.

16 History of the Second Army by Bell I. Wiley and Thomas P. Govan. 190 pp.

17 History of the Third Army by Francis G. Smith. 145 pp.

18 History of the Fourth Army by Jack B. Beardwood. 107 pp.

19 History of the Fifteenth Army. No author given. 4 pp.

20 [Not issued]

21@ Preparation of Units for Overseas Movement by Bell I. Wiley. 67 pp.

22 The Amphibious Training Center by Marshall O. Becker. 72 pp.

23 Training in Mountain and Winter Warfare by Thomas P. Govan. 18 pp.

24 The Mountain Training Center by John C. Jay. 126 pp.

25 The Airborne Command and Center by John T. Ellis, Jr. 142 pp.

26 The Antiaircraft Command and Center by Alvin M. Cibula. 278 pp.

27 History of the Armored Force Command and Center. No author given. 147 pp.

28 History of the Tenth Light Division (Alpine) by Thomas P. Govan. 14 pp.

29 The Tank Destroyer History by Emory A. Dunham. 130 pp.

30@ Wartime Training in the Schools of the Army Ground Forces by William R. Keast. 57 pp.

31@ Training of Officer Candidates in ASF Special Training Schools by William R. Keast. 40 pp.

32@ Major Developments in the Training of Enlisted Replacements by William R. Keast. 46 pp.

33 The Replacement School Command by William H. Willis. 273 pp.

34 The Role of the Army Ground Forces in the Development of Equipment by D. L. McCaskey. 30 pp.

35 Army Ground Forces and the Air-Ground Battle Team, Including Organic Light Aviation by Kent R. Greenfield. 133 pp.

36 The Training of Negro Troops by Bell I. Wiley. 78 pp.

37 The Role of Army Ground Forces in Redeployment by Bell I. Wiley. 105 pp.

38@ Redeployment Training by Bell I. Wiley. 21 pp.

In addition to the monographs formally published, Bell I. Wiley authored a study "Reorganizing for Redeployment" published in The Organization of Ground Combat Troops; and Robert R. Palmer and William R. Keast authored "The Procurement of Officers" in The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops. Other unpublished monographs on more specialized subjects prepared by the Army Ground Forces historians are housed in the Center's archives as the 6-1A "S-Series" manuscripts.

Bound copies of all volumes are shelved in the Center's library; other copies (including the original typescripts of most volumes) are filed in the Center's archives under Call Number 6-3 BA (and volume number). Unless otherwise noted, all volumes were published in 1946. Studies marked with an asterisk (*) were also published in The Organization of Ground Combat Troops and those marked with an ampersand (@) in The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops, the two Army Ground Forces volumes in the Center's series US Army in World War II.

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