NOTE: This collection is now located at the
US Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


In the beginning a small group met, bound by friendships established during WWII in the Civilian Personnel Division, Office of the Secretary of War and related headquarters organizations. Bill Kushnick, John Macy, Chuck Mullaly and Bob Willey were the key members. By 1967, the group sponsored dinners, attended by many of the alumni, became the OSW/CPD Alumni Association. One of the first actions was to establish the William H. Kushnick Award, to recognize excellence in civilian personnel administration and to honor Bill Kushnick. The first award was made in 1968 by Secretary Resor to Henry B. Frazier III.

Time rolled on. the Newsletter, which binds us together in the Association by sharing news of each other and memories was first published in 1975. The traditional luncheon, held in the Pentagon just after the Award presentation, led to the annual banquets which began in 1976, permitting many more alumni to participate. In the mid 80s, the name was changed to the "Army Civilian Personnel Alumni Association," since membership was long before opened to all retired and active duty civilian personnel staff members. In 1988, the John W. Macy, Jr., Award was established to recognize excellence in the leadership of civilians by an Army military or civilian supervisor and to honor John Macy.

Walt Jacobson (One of the founders of the Association)

(This collection was assembled by the Association's Historian, Ed Steiner, in the San Francisco Field Office until its closure in 1994. It includes contributions from many alumni)



BOX #1.

Charles West: MEMORANDUM for the Division Historian: Beginnings of CPD as Appointment Division). (15 pages). December 5, 1942.

Charles West: How the Classification Act of 1923 was implemented in WD (10 pages). August 4, 1942.

Field Classification History in W.D. 1934-39.

"Chronological List of Important Developments in Civilian Personnel Administration 1938-45."

Donald A. Rutledge: "Decentralization and Development of Civilian Personnel Administration in the War Department 1938-45." (His MA Thesis, U.C. Berkeley, 212 pages) and the Digest in the winter 1947 edition of Public Administration Review. (pages 49-59).

Robert R. Easter: "War-time Civilian Personnel Problems in the War Department 1938-46" (276 pages).

(Both the Rutledge and Easter items contributed by Harvey Moore.)

Chester Beaman: Application of Orders M(decentralization) to Quartermaster and Army Service Forces 1942-45 (a position classifier's viewpoint).

 History Statements developed by CPD Branches 1944.



BOX #2 

Clippings from War Times (A weekly for WD personnel in Washington) Pentagon Library has complete file 1943-45, which includes many stories about what civilian employees were doing during WW II.

William H. O'Brien: "A Summer Internship in the Department of Army" 1951 also includes a notebook of his interviews with key personnel of CPD.

Articles from Personnel Administration - official publication of the Society for Personnel Administration by War/Army Department Personnel Specialists and/or about our personnel programs 1942-74.

William H. Kushnick, Civilian Training in the War Department, June 1942

Robert M. Mangan, The Legal Framework of Fed Pers Admin, October 1944

William H. Kushnick, The New Challenge to Personnel Administration, June 1945

James F. Mulcahy, The Suggestion Program, January 1946

Jay G. Gentry, Putting People on Paper (Pers Records Improvement), November 1946

William H. Kushnick, In Retrospect, March 1947

Matthew R. Gray and Walter F. Meyer, Separating One Million Employees, May 1948

Julius E. Eitington, Supervising a Field Classification Program, November 1948

A. H. Onthank, You Own a Little Less of Yourself, May 1949

Paul G. Lutzeier, OMGUS Personnel - A Retrospective View, May 1949

Julius E. Eitington, Problems in Evaluating Field Personnel Programs, July 1949

Glen A. Seamster, Staffing Standards for Payroll, Retirement and Leave Functions, November 1949

Julius E. Eitington, Some thoughts on Attitude Questionnaires, September 1950

Roy J. Bové, Employee Utilization, Its Techniques and Application, November 1950

A.H. Onthank, Emergency Personnel Planning for Army Civilians, January 1951

Ogden C. Reed, Streamlining the classification Process, May 1951

Jerome M. Rossow, A Few Well-Chosen Words, September 1951

George H. Hieronymous, Employee Utilization in the Department of Army, March 1953

Edward J. Sloane, Public Information and the Personnel Program, May 1953

George H. Hieronymous, The Job's the Thing, July 1953

Julius E. Eitington, Broadening the Personnel Worker, July 1953

Julius E. Eitington, Some Folklore of Personnel Administration, January 1954

R. G. Beers, Note for the Big Boss (on firing supervisors) July 1954

Glen A. Seamster, Personnel Office Staffing Controls, November 1954

Hugh M. Pease, Improving Employee Motivation, May 1955

Robert H. Willey, Quality Control of Personnel Management, November 1955

William F. Sorenson, Jr., The Dynamics of Prevailing Wages, January 1956

Hugh M. Pease, On the Line - The Supervisor Under Automation, September 1956

John Bamberg, Improving Federal Classification and Pay, March 1958

Truman Benedict, A Federal Civil Service for a Free World, November 1958

John Bamberg, How to Shorten Job Sheets, March 1959

C. Mansel Keene, Standards for Large Scale Matching of Men and Jobs, September 1959

Vernon C. Mickelson, Position Classification After 50 Years, March 1961

Arthur W. Barbour, Every Supervisor a Personnel Manager -- A Research Report on Delegation, March 1961

John W. Macy, Jr., Employee-Management Cooperation in the Federal Service, January 1963

C. Mansel Keene, Classification Standards for the Personnel Function, July 1963

Hugh M. Pease, Raising Productivity in Problem Solving Operations, January 1964

Marian Hocker, The Personnel Generalist - An Aid to Management Problem Solving, March 1964

Hugh M. Pease, Design for People Too, May 1966

Seymour S. Berlin, Is Centralized Control of Personnel

Management on the Upswing?, January 1967

John W. Macy, "Unless We Begin Now ....", May 1967

Pamphlets from SPA

George H. Hieronymous, Job Design - Meeting of the Manpower Challenge, 1957

Constance M. Ewy, Developing and Using Performance Standards, 1962

Annual AUSA "Green Books" - Articles by Directors of CP (1972-92, except 73).

"Organization and Functions of OCP" a file of materials collected by the NY Field Office 1944-1973.


BOX #3.

Early Operating Field Offices 1940-42.

Delegation of Authority (orders M) 1942.

Field Office Training Courses 1943-73.

Beginning of Inspection/Survey Programs 1943-45.


BOX #4.

History of Field Office Conferences 1945-1972 (Quinquennials)

Retirement Specials for Mullaly, Willey, Rubenstein in 1972-73

Histories of Chicago, Dallas, New York, Baltimore, and Atlanta Offices 1974-75

50 Years of Directors of Civilian Personnel -- Alumni Newsletter 1989

100 Years of CP Organization in Hdq of War/Army Dept.

--Alumni Newsletter 1998 How It All Began as Appointment Division of OSW in 1898



BOX #5 & 6.

Listings of CPD and OCP personnel from 1940 to 90s including those from the Pentagon Phone Books.

Notes on reports of moves of personnel specialists from Personnel Administration.

Plus Folio Box of Organization Charts. 1941 through 1965 contributed by Harvey Moore

Also later charts through the 1970's


BOX #7.

Biographical information, obits, etc.

BOX #8.

Only known picture of the whole staff, circa 1936. Contributed by Glen Seamster

Directors of CP and their eras-Onthank to Sumser 1939-1990s.

BOX #9.

Albums of World-wide CP Directors Conferences, 1968, 72, 74. Conferences of CP Directors.

One USARPAC Conference

Overseas Survey Teams.

BOX #10.

Field Offices, Conferences.


BOX #11.

"Chapter 1: Revolutionary War and Continental Congress Days" and the Civilian Personnel Management Newsletter digest of it.

Supporting documentation

List of employees from payrolls through 1802. None found 1803-5; later dates in Box #12

BOX #12.

Supporting documentation and materials collected for subsequent chapters that have not been written. Lists of employees of the office Secretary of War in required annual reports to

Congress 1806-1860. Also some later lists.

BOX #13.

Bibliographic materials collected during project.

"History of WD Chief Clerks/Admin Assts to Secretary of Army." "This is the DA Civil Service position which can be traced back farther than any other--all the way to the Act establishing the War Department in 1789. It is also important to the history of civilian personnel management in the department because the Appointment Division began and became the Civilian Personnel Division under the supervision of the Chief Clerk of the War Department, which became the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. Ed Steiner developed this history of the position and its incumbents, with biographic statements on the first ten. These files contain information about more of the incumbents, including all since the Civil War, but there are a number of earlier ones about whom no information has yet been found. This is a work in progress that someone may be able to complete sometime.


 BOX #14.

Organization and personnel involved in recruiting civilian employees to work for the Army overseas 1946-62.

Chester Beaman: The role of Mary Tyler as "The First U.S. Woman Civilian in the European Theater" starting in March 1945

(5 pages).

Chester Beaman: "Classification Program, U.S. Forces, European Theater 1946-47." based on his experience as Chief of Classification and Wage section at the Headquarters.

David Wilken: "Overseas Personnel Administration in the War Department." MA Thesis, Columbia 1946 (73 pages). Plus notes from his personal file covering O/S service.

Benton G. Moeller: Labor Management Relations of U.S. Forces in Rhineland-Pflaz 1944-1993.

Civilian Personnel Officer, Munich Military Post, "Diary of an Experiment 1949." Presented to Mr. Onthank then director of Civilian Personnel.

Edwin G. Francisco: Teacher Recruitment: The Early Days 1964-67.

History of Overseas Surveys: Historian's Page from Army Civilian Personnel Alumni

Association's 1985 Newsletter. "Brief Record of European Surveys." Folder also includes supporting documents and notes also covering Pacific, Alaska, and Caribbean surveys.

Survey reports of all European surveys through 1961 except 1950.


BOX #15.

Remaining European surveys through 1976.

Activities Report for the Office of Civilian Personnel.

Central Pacific Base Command 17 November 1944 - 2 September 1945 and related documents all contributed by Walter Jacobson.

Survey reports of Hawaii, Far East, USARPAC commands 1945-60.


BOX #16.

USARPAC Survey Reports 1964 and 70.


BOX #17.

Notebook of situation of Civilian Personnel Admin in Vietnam 1970.

U.S. Army Hawaii Report 1971, USARPAC 1973.

"Disestablishment of Headquarters U.S. Army, Pacific- Civilian Personnel Administration" Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (Civilian Personnel) contributed by Fred Newman.


BOX #18.

Survey reports of Alaskan, Caribbean and Southern Commands. Gallery of CP Directors in Korea 1958-1995.



(Unless otherwise noted, most of the materials in these files are in the form of instructions to, or information to the field offices.)

BOX #19. 1939-42.

1942 includes

Introduction to Employment in the War Department -- A

Reference Manual for Employees OSW, August 1942

Administrative Planning Agencies in the Federal Government CPD--OSW Feb. 28, 1942 -- contributed by Walter Jacobson


BOX #20. 1943-45.

Classification News Letters 1942-43

1943 -- Mr. Krushnick's testimony before the Committee on Civil Service, House of Representatives, 10 June 1943


BOX #21. 1946-47.


BOX #22. 1948-49.


BOX #23. 1950.

The Inspection Function -- A Study

Field Reps Conference of 1950


BOX #24. 1951.


BOX #25. 1952-53.


BOX #26. 1953 continued.

Study of CSC Inspections of Army Installations 1950-53

Workforce Analysis System

Better Management Control of Key Civilian Positions

Problem Survey of Personnel Office Staffs

Problem Survey of Employees Hired 1943-46 (separations)

Testimony and submissions to House Post Office and Civil Service Committee.


BOX #27. More 1953 Study of Costs of CP Admin. and 1954. Dallas Field Office Conference 1954


BOX #28. 1955-56.


BOX #29. 1957-58. Summary of World-wide Army Civilian Personnel Directors Conference 1958


BOX #30. 1959-61. Army CP Directors Conferences 1960 & 61


BOX #31. 1961 Cont. Includes DA Report to President's Task Force on Employee-Management Relations in Federal Service.

1962 Statement of Honorable Stephen Ailes

Under Secretary of Army before subcommittee on Manpower Utilization, House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service contributed by Carl Burghardt.

1963 Special Study of Supervisor Practices


BOX #32. 1964. Contains book of letters to Field Representatives from 1959-64 ( Previous volumes of these have been included in date files through 1958) .


BOX #33. 1965. Review of RIF Actions in Civil Defence contributed by Jack Hayes

Study of Employment of Retired Military Field Reps Workshop

1966. Army CP Directors Conference

1967. Workshop on Survey Methods


BOX #34. 1968-70. Army CP Directors Conference 1968


BOX #35. 1970-72. Army CP Directors Conference 1970


BOX #36. 1972-73. Army CP Directors Conference 1972


BOX #37. 1974-75. Army CP Directors Conference 1974

Special Study of the Directorate of Civilian Personnel, Apr - Jun 1975.


BOX #38. 1975-76.


BOX #39. 1977 - Field Office-Wide Conference 1978 San Francisco

Evaluation of DA Senior Executive Service 1982

Suggestion to researchers: If you don't know the date of what you are looking for, you could probably save time by looking first in the Annual Reports and Evaluations which start in Box 40 and later go to date file or publications file (starting Box #46) if more information is wanted.


 BOX #40. CPO Historical Reports FY 1947-50 (Published)

CPD Annual Reports FY 1951-53 (Internal)


BOX #41. CPD Annual Report FY 1954 (Internal)

Annual Evaluations 1955-60


BOX #42. Annual Evaluations 1961-69


BOX #43. Annual Evaluations 1970-77 (78 Missing)


 BOX #44. Annual Evaluations 1979-92 (Except 85 & 86)


BOX #45. Quarterly Summary Evaluations Dec 65-Mar 69

Program Documents and Reporting Requirements FY 72-87


BOX #46. Civilian Personnel Newsletters 1949-58

Army Personnel Newsletters 1958-63


BOX #47. Army Personnel Letters 1964-70

Civilian Personnel Management 1970-78 Newsletters


BOX #48. Civilian Personnel Circulars 1957-63


BOX #49. Civilian Personnel Circulars 1964-71

OCP Memos 1955-63


BOX #50. Civilian Personnel Regulations A-Z


BOX #51. Army Civilian Career Programs CP1-21



 BOX #52. Early Inspection Manuals 1942-45

#1. Late 1943. Contributed by Dr. C. Mansel Keene, member of group which developed it based on pooling of experiences of each field office during their first inspections, Sep-Oct 1943. Tested at Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation 22-27 November 1943.

#2. February 1944. Contributed by Lillian B. Swartz. Bill Kushnick's Foreword: "... It is my firm conviction that it not only is an excellent guide for inspection purposes but may well be considered a guide to sound personnel administration in the War Department."

#3. April 1945. Distributed and discussed at first quinquennial conference of most field office personnel at Shoreham Hotel 12-14 April. Bill Kushnick's Foreword suggests use "... at every echelon as a personnel management handbook either in planning, organizing, and administering civilian personnel programs or in measuring the effectiveness of those already in operation."

#3a. Vest Pocket Version of 1945 Edition. One copy as issued. Second copy as used and updated into early 1950's by Robert French, Inspector NYFO. 

BOX #53. Chemical Command Survey Instructions 1954

Dallas Office Proposed Survey Manual of 1955 (Contributed by Fred Wooten)

Survey Manual of 1956

Revision of 1968


BOX #54. Survey Manual Third Edition 1971

Interim Proposals and Fourth Edition 1979

Adaptations of Survey Procedures and Standards

for Local Evaluation as a Basis for Better

Planning and Action 1961, 62 and 71

DA Pamphlet 600-9 Planning and Evaluation of Personnel Management Programs, A bibliographic Survey

Automation Study of Survey Procedures


BOX #55. Early Inspection Reports:

Casper Army Air Base, Casper, Wyoming, 1944

Command-wide Inspection of Fourth Army 1949 (first step toward command surveys) Led by Pete Tamburo

 Command Survey of Ordnance Corps 1952 - First to involve input from all field offices

Joint Survey CSC and OCP of DA Headquarters 1955 with later surveys of Army Staff 1958, 68, 74

Command Survey of Sixth Army 1955

First to report on supervisor effectiveness ratings

Joint CSC-DA Survey of Fourth Army 1957

U.S. Military Academy, West Point 1974 - First with new approach to organization coverage Led by Frank Cipolla who became President of Alumni Association


BOX #56. Historical Record of Surveys in a Major Command:

The Corps of Engineers, one of its Divisions: The North Pacific and one of its Districts: Seattle

Provides examples of how surveys were reported at all three levels through the years 1950-71

(Archives has a complete set of the inspection reports-these and those in the next box are just a sample.)


BOX #57. Survey Reports for Fort Lewis 1950-73

Defense Language Institute, Monterey 1950-68

Command Reports on AMC Reports 1967 and

Test and Evaluation Command 1972 (A more complete set of reports of overseas surveys are in Boxes #14-18)



BOX #58. Early Operating Field Offices 1940-42

Field Office Section

New York Field Office including personal file contributed by David Wilkin

Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Omaha


BOX #59. San Antonio, San Francisco, Wright Field, Columbus,

Jeffersonville, Philadelphia


BOX #60. Middletown, Sacramento, Ogden

Mobile includes copies of his weekly reports to Washington, contributed by John Spitler Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Rome (NY), Salt Lake City

NOTE: The start of a history of the early field offices and an outline of what was to follow is in Box 3, pictures in Box 10.


BOX #61. Studies on Field Office Locations

Farewell to the New York Field Office 1974


BOX #62. Farewell to Chicago Field Office 1974

Washington/Baltimore Field Office

Dallas Field Office


BOX #63. Atlanta and San Francisco Field Office


Unless otherwise indicated most of the materials in this section are from what LaRene Pike collected in the Dallas Field Office


BOX #64. Reference materials most classifiers received in their training courses in the late 30's and early 40's Ismar Baruch, Position-Classification Analysis, 1938

Ismar Baruch, History of Position-Class and Salary

Standardization in the Federal Services, 1789-1941

Ismar Baruch, Basic Aspects of Position-classification, 1941

Ismar Baruch, Facts and Fallacies about Positions- Class, 1941

Reference Manuals Decisions of Comptroller General on the Classification Act of 1923, As Amended, 1942

Classification Standards

P.C.B. No. 18 Preliminary Class Specification of Positions in the Field Service 1930. Bound copy used in SF Field Office (Suitable for display)

Training Course attended by Steiner, January 1941


BOX #65. Manual of Classification Standards for Civilian Positions in the War Department, CPD OSW first published September 1942

Position Allocation Manual for Graded Civilian Jobs in the Services of Supply, U.S. Army, January 1943

Training Course for Position Classification Analysts CPD-OSW, April 1943

Job Classification: What It Is, How It Works, What It Does For You. First publication on this subject to include cartoons (George Keyser) on light touch, classification section, CPD-OSW

File also includes derivatives from Navy, 1944, Civil Service Commission, 1945, Agriculture, and other commands and installations.

Signal Section Manual of Job Descriptions, Air Service Command, May 1943

Civilian Personnel Regulations-Classification of Positions OSW-CPD, May 1943

Definitions of Occupational Groups and Series (Adopted for use by War Department Installations) CPD-OSW, November 1943

Outline of WD Wage Administration Procedure, Nov 43


BOX #66.

Army Service Forces Manuals

M202 Wage Administration for Ungraded Jobs, May 1944

M202-1 (Supplement 1) August 1944

M202-2 (Supplement 2) (Missing)

M202-3 (Supplement 3) June 1945

M203 Analyst and Manual: Classification Wage Admin September 1945

M215 CPO C&WA Manual, June 1945

Wage Administration Manual for Ungraded Civilian Positions

Army air Forces (Part of AAF Reg 40-7) December 1944

Civilian Personnel Pamphlet #17: Classification and Wage

Admin Survey, August 1946

Wage Admin Manual for Ungraded Civilian Jobs, War Department, June 1946

Advisory Allocations, 1946-47

CPR P-2 Training Courses, 1949


BOX #67.

Job Engineering: Modification of Jobs for Better Utilization of Manpower. First issued as part of Mobilization Planning Series (PPM #117) February 1951, then reissued as CPP #39, May 1954

QMC Instructions on Salary and Wage Admin in the Field Service, August 1951

Staff Guide for Evaluation of Civilian Jobs in Signal Field Maintenance Shops, January 1952

Sixth Army Manual: Civilian Personnel Salary and Wage Admin, February 1955

Institute on Revisions in the Army and Air Force Wage Admin System, 1958

Fourth Army Job Specification Materials, 1958-59

Ordnance Supplementary Job Evaluation Instructions for Resident Inspection of Ordnance, August 1959

Auxiliary Standard for Evaluation of Nonsupervisory WB Jobs, April 1960

Supplementary Job Evaluation Standards for WB Jobs (CPR P42), December 1960

Advanced Position and Pay Management Course, April 1965

Position Design workshop CPP#66A, April 1968

Pay System for Nonappropriated fund Activities


BOX #68. Equal Employment Opportunities

Minority - Women - Youths


BOX #69.

CPPM #1 and #2 Civilian Personnel Standard Operating Procedures 1945

Digests of Requests for Exceptions.

CPPM #1 Section 2 Staffing Guides for Operating Civilian

Personnel Office, September 1950


M205 Civilian Training - Guide for CO's, June 1944

M205 CPO's Employee Training Manual, August 1945

M205-1 CPO's Job Skills Training Manual, August 1945

M211-3 Morale Building, February 1945

M212 CPO's Handbook, June 1945

M217-1 Supervisor Training Manual

PART I Job Instruction Training

M217-2 PART II Job Relations Training

M217-3 PART III Job Methods Training


No. 4 Employee Suggestions for Cash Awards, 1946 plus other info on suggestion programs

No. 10 Comptroller General Decisions Affecting Administration of Civilian Personnel, 1944

No. 13 Certification of Completion of Military, Naval or Merchant Marine Service, 1944

No. 15 The Placement Interview, 1945

No. 19 Identifying the Worker in Need of Training, 1945

Training the Worker on the Job

No. 23A A Manual for Supervisors, 1946

No. 23B A Manual for Training Officers, 1946

No. 81 Development and Implementation of Operating Merit Placement Plans, 1976


BOX #70 Defense Advisory Committee on Professional and Technical Compensation: Staff Studies on Civilian Personnel

Volumes II and IIa 1956-57

Inspection Agreements between DA and CSC

Notes on History of WD School of Civilian Personnel Admin and the PME Course

Notes on Mobilization and Demobilization Planning for Civilian Employees


BOX #71 Monograph developed by a contractor in 1975 covering roles of civilians working for the army through the years. (Contributed by Norman Winkler)


BOX #72 Army Materiel Command-Management of Civilian Personnel Programs