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NOTE: Photographs and other images held in the Still Picture Branch retain the same organization into numbered Record Groups (and subdivision into series) as the manuscript materials follow.

Record Group 18 Records of the Army Air Forces [over 118,000 items spanning 1903-1964]

Series 18.1 Photographs of domestic and foreign aircraft, 1903-1959

Series 18.2 Lantern slides documenting persons, subjects and events in the history of military aviation, 1903-1927

Series 18.3 Photographic prints of US Army balloon and airship facilities and schools, 1908-1920

Series 18.4 Photographs of early aircraft, activities and personnel at the army-navay aviation school at Rockwell Field, CA, 1914-1918 [photographs purchased 1941 by the Army Air Corps]

Series 18.5 Photographs taken by the Air Service Photographic Section 1918-1919 in France and Germany, including aerial views of towns and battlefields, and US aviation personnel, activities, and facilities

Series 18.6 Photographs of the Spruce Production Corporation 1918-1920

Series 18.7 Photographs of important aviation personalities 1918-1945, and flight personnel identification photographs 1911-1941

Series 18.8 Aerial photographs 1917-1964 of civilian facilities, national landmarks and parks, and natural disasters

Series 18.9 Photographs taken by the photo squadrons stationed at Scott Field, IL, 1923-1939

Series 18.10 Transparancies of March Field, CA, 1928-1934 and of the Aircraft Supply Depot at Rockwell Field, CA, ca. 1930

Series 18.11 Negatives showing in-flight refueling, ca. 1923

Series 18.12 Photographs taken by observation squadrons from three airfields 1925-1947

Series 18.14 Aerial and ground photographs taken by the Overseas Technical Unit of the Air Transport Command to illustrate routes 1943-1945

Series 18.5 Portraits of graduates of Tuskegee Army Air Field 1943

Record Group 19 Records of the Bureau of Ships [about 450,000 items 1776-1966]

Series 19.1 General photography file of history of US Navy (including photographs of works of art) c. 1776-1941

Series 19.4 Albums of photographic prints 1883-1917, including damage to the Maine, Samoa (1883), and vessels of French and German navies

Series 19.8 Photographs of US Navy ships at Veracruz 1914, and other photographs 1914-1920

Series 19.9 Photographs of 1915 naval review at Boston; 1917 Secretary and bureau chiefs; Royal Navy ships 1941-1945; andlaunching/commissioning ship photographs 1946-1966

Record Group 24 Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel [over 11,000 items c. 1777-1944]

Series 24.1 Navy and Marine Corps personnel (including civilian employees) photographs 1904-1938 and portraits of navy officers 1917-1937

Series 24.2 Photographs (including of engravings/paintings) of Navy chaplains 1790-1941

Series 24.3 Album of halftone prints of Spanish Navy including Spanish-American war damage 1895-1898

Record Group 26 Records of the U.S. Coast Guard [over 52,000 items 1855-1974]

Record Group 38 Records of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations [18,389 items 1891-1946]

Series 38.1 Photographs of military defenses at Valparaiso 1897; aerial photographs of coast defenses in US and territories 1914-1923; halftone prints of defenses of Japanese mandated islands (Marshalls, Carolines, Marianas) c. 1935

Series 38.4 Portraits of allied military and political leaders photographed by CDR Maurice Constant, 1942-1946

Record Group 77 Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers [about 115,000 items 1783-1948]

Series 77.1 Photographic prints of paintings of Chiefs of the Corps of Engineers 1789-1884; photographs of Corps of Engineers officers 1927-1938

Series 77.2 Lantern slides, photographic prints and negatives of Corps of Engineers projects, including fortifications 1783-1935

Series 77.3 Photographic prints, lithographs, engravings, and drawings withdrawn from manuscript files that relate primarily to fortifications and coast defenses 1830-1920, but also include uniforms, camps, Civil War materials, China Relief Expedition, and 1863 photographs to illustrate Herman Haupt's report on railway operations

Series 77.4 Photographs of Corps of Engineers activities 1861-1912, including fortifications and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake

Series 77.5 Photographic prints from Civil Works Map File, but icluding stereographs of 1874 Custer Black Hills expedition

Series 77.9 Album of photographic prints (transferred to Chief of Engineers from Quartermaster General) showing posts and steamers 1871-1910; other albums show various posts 1911-1921, 1934, 1939 and completed housing construction 1927-1936 and of the construction of Albrook Field (Canal Zone) 1931

Series 77.11 Photographic prints taken by CPT C. F. O'Keefe (36th Volunteer Infantry) in Philippines and China Relief Expedition 1899-1901

Series 77.16 Photographs, drawings and blueprints of coastal defense searchlights and equipment 1912-1935

Series 77.20 Photographic prints documenting Siberian activities 1918-1920

Series 77.21 Recruiting posters 1918-1920

Record Group 79 Records of the National Park Service [about 59,000 items 1815-1989]

Series 79.3 Photographs of Gettysburg, Antietam and Harpers Ferry 1863-1925 purchased from W. H. Tipton Co. of Gettysburg

Record Group 80 General Records of the Department of the Navy [1798-1947; also see RG 428] [about 785,000 items 1798-1958]

Series 80.1 Color transparancies of official portraits of Secretaries of the Navy 1798-1939; photographic prints of officers and enlisted personnel 1917-1945

Series 80.2 Photographic prints, primarily of naval aviation 1903-1941

Series 80.3 Photographs of persons, ships, bases, events, aircraft, equipment 1900-1958, especially navy operations in World War II and Korean War

Series 80.4 Stereographs of 1908 Great White Fleet visit to Australia; other miscellaneous items

Series 80.6 Photographic prints of Navy and Marine Corps persons, places, ships, aircraft 1903-1943, especially overseas installations

Series 80.7 Photographic prints of admirals and commodores 1920-1944; also women of all the armed services in World War II 1943-1945

Series 80.10 Photographic prints of Japanese surrender on USS Missouri 1945

Record Group 92 Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General [about 20,000 items 1776-1938]

Series 92.1 Photographic prints, including some cartes de visite and drawings, of quartermaster officers 1776-1906; color lithographs of H. A. Ogden uniform paintings 1779-1907

Series 92.2 Photographic prints of forts, installations, uniforms, flags, insignia, vehicles, and food service operations 1861-1920; color lithographs of installations [primarily from Civil War]; photographic prints of installations inncuding Cuba and Philippine Islands 1890-1899; glass negatives of forts in Alaska 1899-1900; and photographic prints (many panoramas) showing construction of installations and camps during World War I 1909-1936

Series 92.4 Photographic prints of boats and ships used by Army Transportation Service 1898-1912

Series 92.5 Photographic prints of national cemeteries 1881-1907 and US cemetaeries in Europe 1919-1922; glass negatives of Civil War dead memorials in Maryland and Illinois 1910-1911

Series 92.6 Photographic prints by San Francisco Chronicle showing relief efforts during 1906 earthquake; and other flood damage

Series 92.7 Panoramas showing various quartermaster activities 1918-1924; photographs of the 1938 Gettysburg 75th anniversary

Record Group 94 Records of the Office of The Adjutant General [1780s-1917; also see RG 407] [1,981 items 1861-1916]

Series 94.1 Lithographs and albumen prints showing Civil War fortifications for Atlas to Accompany the Official Records

Series 94.2 Cartes de visite of Civil War era personalities 1862-1874

Series 94.5 Album of photographic prints originally owned by COL Charles A. Dempsey relating to Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection 1898-1900

Series 94.6 Photographic prints of military and aviation activities at Texas City and Fort Crockett, TX, 1913

Series 94.7 Photographic prints of 1916 Mexican Punitive Expedition

Series 94.8 Recruiting posters 1908-1916

Record Group 107 Records of the Office of the Secretary of War [117 items 1943]

Series 107.1 Photographs of Undersecretary of War Robert P. Patterson's visit to Pacific Theater 1943

Record Group 111 Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer [over 1,000,000 items 1754-1981]

Series 111.1 Photographs illustrating US Army history from French and Indian War to Vietnam 1754-1981

Series 111.2 Photographs primarily of Civil War (many by Brady) 1861-1870

Series 111.3 Photographs relating to aviation, the Sino-Japanese War (1894), Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, Boxer Rebellion, and Signal Corps activities 1893-1918

Series 111.5 Photographic prints of Japanese capture of Tsingtao from Germans 1914

Series 111.6 Photographs of World War I battlefields in France 1919

Series 111.7 Photographic prints of Truman as soldier and President

Series 111.8 Photographic prints of MG Adolphus W. Greeley, and pf Ar,u adtovotoes 1899-1906

Record Group 112 Records of the Office of the Surgeon General (Army) [2,770 items 1799, 1918-1924, 1942-1949]

Series 112.1 Photographs relating to army meical training and facilities 1918-1924

Series 112.2 Photographic prints and lantern slides of medical activities 1942-1946

Series 112.3 Photographic prints of Army Medical Corps activities in Europe during and after World War II 1943-1946

Series 112.4 Photographic prints of Army nurses 1949

Record Group 117 Records of the American Battle Monuments Commission [3,317 items 1923-1937]

Series 117.2 Albums containing photographic prints and maps of battlefields in France and Belgium 1923-1925 [materials used by ABMC in developing the division book series]

Record Group 120 Records of the American Expeditionary Force (1917-1923) [5,123 items 1915-1920]

Series 120.1 Photographic prints, maps, diagrams, and drawings relating to Ary Air Service 1917-1919

Series 120.2 Portraits of Croix de Guerre recipients 1917-1919

Series 120.3 CPT H. B. Boies album of photographs of the 116th Engineers 1918; several other albums relating to engineers and quartermaster activities in World War I

Series 120.4 Photographic prints taken by Intelligence Section of areas occupied by US troops in France and Belgium 1918-1919, and of bomb damage 1915-1918

Series 120.6 World War I posters 1915-1919

Record Group 127 Records of the U.S. Marine Corps [about 216,000 items 1775-1981]

Series 127.1 Photographs (including some of pieces of art) illustrating the history of the USMC 1775-1941 and the general photographic files of the Marine Corps 1775-1981

Series 127.3 Photographic prints of Haiti and Santo Domingo 1923; photographs of the 3d Marine Brigade in China 1927-1929; photographs of Marine Corps aircraft and aviators 1931-1937

Series 127.4 Portraits of USMC commandants and other officers 1776-1945

Record Group 156 Records of the Office of the Chief of Ordnance [64,983 items 1816-1967]

Series 156.1 Album of photographic prints of arsenals at Fort Monroe and Frankford, PA 1870; album of Washington Arsenal 1866-1879

Series 156.5 Album of photographic prints of the consturction of Edgewood Arsenal 1918

Series 156.9 Album of photographic prints of the first transcontinental motor convoy 1919; glass negatives of Bureau of Ordnance personnel and activities (undated)

Series 156.12 Photographic prints 1900-1943 showing various arsenals and production facitilities and types of small arms

Series 156.13 Photographs of Arberdeen Proving Grounds and types of vehicles 1917-1941

Series 156.14 Photographs of Springfield Arsenal 1965-1967, Watertown Arsenal 1816-1967, Rock Island Arsenal 1878-1963, and Benecia, CA 1899-1906

Series 156.15 Three albums of photographic prints of antiaircraft artillery and field artillery 1927-1936

Series 156.16 World War II posters

Record Group 165 Records of War Department General and Special Staffs [95,780 items 1774-1947]

Series 165.1 War Department collection of Civil War photographs 1861-1870, including original watercolorsby Herbert E. Valentine 1861-1865

Series 165.2 Stereographs of soldiers, Indians, forts, ships, etc. 1860-1914; photographs of officers 1860-1918

Series 165.3 Photographic prins and stereographs of Indians 1873-1885; William H. Carter Collection of photographic prints of Indians, personnel and frontier forts 1860-1900

Series 165.4 Photographic prints of US and foreign artillery 1877-1895; color lithographs of H.A. Ogden unitorm paintings 1774-1908

Series 165.5 Photographic prints taken during the Spanish-American War, including Naval and transport vessels and locations in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines 1898-1900

Series 165.7 Photographic prints showing the Philippine Insurrection 1899-1903

Series 165.8 Photographic prints collected by BG Frederick King Ward during his career

Series 165.9 Photographic prints of the Boxer Rebellion 1900-1901

Series 165.10 Photographic prints of the Mexican Army and Mexican facilities 1901-1935

Series 165.11 Photographic prints of Army installations in Hawaii 1909-1929

Series 165.12 The Russo-Japanese War (1905) and photographic prints by attaches and others of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Czechoslovakian operations and maneuvers 1904-1925

Series 165.13 "American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs" assembled by the Committee on Public Inforamtion; panoramas of camps and units 1917-1921; and photographic prints of World War I 1914-1919

Series 165.14 Postcards and photographic prints by foreign photographers showing other armies and battlefields in World War I 1914-1919

Series 165.15 Photographic prints by MAJ Griffiths of areas where the 36th Division fought in World War I; photographic prints of the post-World War I occupation force 1920-1921

Series 165.16 Photographic prints of activities in IX Corps area 1921; panoramas of units, forts and airfields 1936-1938

Record Group 168 Records of the National Guard Bureau [609 items 1898-1935]

Series 168.1 Photographic prints, drawings and printed graphics of crests and coats of arms of National Guard units; photographic prints of the Oklahoma National Guard 1924; photographic prints of the California National Guard 1933-1934; some photographs of the Spanish-American War

Record Group 226 Records of the Office of Strategic Services [2,989 items 1919-1945]

Series 226.1 Photographs taken by the Field Photographic Branch of the OSS Field Station in London showing operations, activities and personnel throughout the North African, European, and China-Burma-India theaters in World War II

Series 226.2 Original artwork and photographs illustrating the work of the Morale Operations Branch in propaganda 1943-1945

Series 226.4 Photographic prints of personages mentioned in OSS reports 1941-1945

Record Group 238 National Archives Collection of World War II War Crimes Records [5,355 items 1940-1948]

- Materials captured from the Nazis and documenting the International Military Tribunal for the Far East

Record Group 242 National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized [350,000 items 1913-1945]

Series 242.1 Photographs made by Heinrich Hoffman, official photographer of the National Socialist Party 1918-1944

Series 242.2 Photographs collected by Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop 1934-1942

Series 242.3 Color slides of German troops and equipment in North Africa and France 1940-1941

Series 242.4 Albums of photographic prints collected by Eva Braun 1913-1944

Series 242.5 Photographs taken for propaganda purposes by the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS 1939-1945

Series 242.7 Photographic prints of the trial of those accused of trying to assassinate Hitler 1944; photographic prints of Luftwaffe pilots 1940-1943

Series 242.9 Slides (mounted and unmounted) apparently used in lectures to illustrate equipment 1941-1944

Series 242.10 Various photographic prints, collotypes, and albums illustrating German operations in World War I

Record Group 243 Records of the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey [15,949 items 1944-1947]

Series 243.1 Photographs used in reports on Operation Strangle and a German rocket-launching site in France 1944

Series 243.2 Photographs taken during survey of effects of bombing in Europe 1944-1945

Series 243.4 Photographs to illustrate report on effects of incendiary bomb attacks on Japan

Series 243.5 Photographs recording effects of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1944-1947

Record Group 319 Records of the Army Staff [about 16,780 items 1931-1966]

Series 319.1 Photographic prints showing activities and operations from World War II through Vietnam 1940-1966 [includes some duplicates of Signal Corps photographs from RG 111]

Series 319.2 Album of Japanese photographic prints of prisoner of war camps in Formosa 1943-1944

Record Group 331 Records of the Allied Operational and Occupational Headquarters, World War II [4,704 items 1937-1945]

Series 331.1 Black and white photographic prints taken by the Signal Corps of Japanese military paintings from an exhibit at Ueno Museum (Tokyo) illustrating events from the Sino-Japanes War to the end of World War II

Series 331.3 Photographs taken by Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces 1940-1945

Series 331.5 Photographic proofs and negatives compiled by McArthur's staff for a historical series on Japan's involvement in World War II 1940-1945

Record Group 332 Records of the U.S. Theaters of War, World War II [about 2,900 items 1944-1945]

Series 332.1 37 albums assembled by American Graves Registration Command 1944-1945

Record Group 336 Records of the Office of the Chief of Transportation [about 2,000 items 1942-1945]

Series 336.1 Photographic prints of Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation 1942-1945

Record Group 337 Records of Headquarters Army Ground Forces [about 1,300 items 1942-1948]

Series 337.1 Photographs of training of rangers, amphibious landing techniques, and 10th Mountain Division training in Colorado, and US miliary activity in North Africa 1942-1948; photographs relating to the career of LTG Lesley J. McNair 1942-1944

Series 337.2 Presentation album of D-Day allied air support 1944

Record Group 341 Records of Headquarters U.S. Air Force (Air Staff) [about 8,300 items 1954-1966]

Series 341.1 Photographs relating to UFOs for Project Blue Book 1954-1966

Record Group 342 Records of the U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations [about 148,600 items 1945-1981]

Series 342.1 Photographs documenting US Air Force in Germany during Cold War especially Berlin Airlift 1945--1962

Series 342.2 Photographs of European cities taken to show bomb damage 1946-1948

Series 342.3 Photographs documenting US Air Force people, places, activities, and equipment including Vietnam War 1955-1981

Record Group 350 Records of the Bureau of Insular Affairs [about 13,160 items 1898-1936]

Series 350.2 Albums of photographic prints including pictures of US Army installations 1899-1928, including the set taken in 1900 by LT C. F. O'Keefe (36th US Volunteer Infantry)

Series 350.3 Photographic prints, negatives, and lantern slides including US and Filipino troops in the Philippines 1898-1936

Record Group 391 Records of the U.S. Regular Army Mobile Units [1,605 items 1776 and 1850-1950]

Series 391.1 Photographic prints of fort Wingate 1866-1890

Series 391.2 Photographic prints of Emilio Aguinaldo and other insurgents 1896-1906

Series 391.3 Photographic prints of Civil War (4th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 19th Infantry and 67th New York Volunteer Infantry); photographic prints of 15th Infantry in China; photographic prints of cavalry regiments 1850-1950 (1st, 2d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th); photgraphic prints of 1st Cavalry [Division ?] and 25th Infantry [Division ?] conducting amphibious training in Japan 1950

Series 391.4 Photographic print of Battery C, 144th Field Artillery, 1939; D.W. C. Falls watercolor (1923) of Alexander Hamilton as captain of the New York Provincial Artillery Company in 1776

Record Group 393 Records of U.S. Army Continental Commands (1821-1920) [145 items 1917-1918]

Series 393.1 Photographic prints of Camp Jackson 1917-1918

Record Group 394 Records of U.S. Army Continental Commands (1920-1942) [775 items 1925-1938]

Series 394.1 Photographic prints of buildings in Third Service Command 1936 and of VI Corps Area mobilization exercises 1933-1938

Series 394.2 Photographic prints of Citizens Miltiary Training Camps at Fort Meade 1925 and Fort Monroe 1933

Series 394.3 Album of photographic prints of Camp Stephen F. Austin, 1936

Record Group 395 Records of U.S. Army Overseas Operations and Commands [about 800 items 1900-1919]

Series 395.1 Photographic prints of Siberian Expedition 1918-1919

Series 395.2 Photographic prints of Philippines 1900

Record Group 407 Records of the Office of The Adjutant General [since 1917; also see RG 94] [10,088 items 1917-1946]

Series 407.1 Panoramas of Camp Sheridan, AL, 1917; glass negatives of HQ, AEF in Paris 1918-1919

Series 407.2 Lantern slides including Riff War 1925-1927

Series 407.4 Original watercolors by unknown artists of World War II aircraft and airfields 1942; aerial photoreconnaissance prints of the Philippine Islands 1942-1945; photographs of load of an LST 1942; assorted unit and installation scrapbooks 1940-1946

Record Group 428 General Records of the Department of the Navy [since 1947; also see RG 80] [about 341,000 items 1956-1981]

Series 428.2 Photographs showing personnel, ships, equipment and activities including Vietnam War 1958-1981 [continuation of Series 80.3]


Series DM.2 Miscellaneous Collections [1785-1967]

Series DM.5 Victor Gondos Collection [1851-1922]

- Includes photographic prints of American Indians, forts, the 1876 Big Horn/Yellowstone Expedition

Series DM.6 Ansco Historical Collection [1860-1869]

- Includes portraits of Civil War personalities

Series DM.7 William McIlvaine Collection [1861-1863]

- Original watercolors of Veracruz harbor in 1849 and various Civil War subjects

Series DM.8 Library of Congress Collection [1861-1865]

- Stereographs of Civil War subjects

Series DM.11 John K. Hillers Collection [1870-1900]

- Glass negatives taken by Hillers including some of works of art depicting famous battles

Series DM.12 Ulysses S. Grant, III Collection [1871]

- Album of photographs of the Korean Punitive Expedition 1871

Series DM.15 Western Forts Collection [1887-1900]

- Photographs of forts, personnel, and units (not only in the West)

Series DM.19 J. William Klie Collection [1898]

- Photographs of troops in Tampa and vicinity during Spanish-American War

Series DM.20 Allen N. Webster Collection [1898-1899]

- Album of photographic prints including Philippine Insurrection

Series DM.26 Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania Collection [1914-1919]

- Lantern slides of World War I in France

Series DM.30 Elwyn L. Watson Collection [1917-1919]

- Photographic prints and memorabilia from the 419th Telegraph Battalion in World War I

Series DM.31 George S. Stewart, Jr., Collection [1917-1919]

- Photographs documenting the 29th Division in World War I

Series DM.32 Earnest C. Tracy Collection [1918]

- Photographic prints of northwestern France during World War I

Series DM.33 Doris McClory Collection [1919]

- Posters from World War I

Series DM.38 Maurice Constant Collection [1938-1953]

- Portraits taken by Constant [duplicates many items in Series 38]

Series DM.40 Jerome Lilienthal Collection [1939]

- Stereographs relating to the German invasion of Poland in 1939

Series DM.42 James W. Talbot Collection [1941]

- Photographic prints showing the German invasion of the U.S.S.R. in 1941

Series DM.43 J. Robert St. Clair Collection

- Posters from World War II

Series DM.44 Seymour Hofstetter Collection [1943]

- Color transparancies of USS Calloway during World War II

Series DM.45 William Vandel Collection [1945-1946]

- Photographic prints showing activities of the Counterintelligence Corps in Japan

Series DM.46 Harold W. Clover Collections [1945]

- Photographs taken by Clover during World War II, particularly combat engineers and Austria

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