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Finding Aids
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U.S. Army Center of Military History
Historical Resources Branch

Finding Aids

The following files contain information of use to individuals conducting research in military history:

Guide to U.S. Army Resources

Finding Aids

Annual Historical Reviews (AHR)


Historical Manuscripts Collection (HMC2)

Historical Resources Collection, Part II (HRC2)

Office of the Chief of Military History Manuscripts (OCMH Collection)

Oral History Collections

Desert Storm Master Index

Operation Just Cause

Somalia Master Index

Vietnam Interview (VNI) List

Vietnam Interview Tape (VNIT) List

Guides to Minor Collections

24th Infantry Regiment Index

Continental Air Defense Collection

Contingency Operations Collection

Holocaust Index

Special Collections

Special Posts, Camps, Stations Collection

Thomas Thayer Collection

Westmoreland Papers

Additional Collections

General Officer (GO) Biographies

Guide to the Gulf War Collection

Handbook for Military Government

Military History Reference Materials

Index of Operational and Code Names

World War II Special Operations Forces: Code and Cover Names (European Theater of Operations)

U.S. Army Guide to Oral History

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Last updated 7 February 2007