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100th Infantry Battalion

"Japanese Americans in the Army Train to Avenge Pearl Harbor -- 100th Infantry Battalion Officers and some of the enlisted men are of Japanese ancestry. American citizens, born in the Hawaiian Islands of unquestioned loyalty and patriotism. Formerly part of the Hawaiian National Guard...."

(Signal Corps Photo caption intro on the following prints)


S/Sgt. Harry Mijamoto, who was a professional boxer in his days as a civilian back in Hawaii, lectures on a more potent form of defense, the hand grenade. 1943. SC180026

SC180025 Cpl. Toratsugu Ryusaki and Sgt. Masao Uehara working on the motor of a 6x6 Army truck. 1943. SC180025
SC180024 Sgt. Robert Oda, radio operator, takes a message for transmittal from Sgt. Edward Matsueda. 1943.SC 180024
SC180028 Heading toward their objective in a simulated landing attack are, Left to Right, Pvt. Mamoru Takabayashi, Pvt. Morris Kihara, Sgt. Robert M. Takeo, Pfc. Naoto Takamoto and Pfc. Arthur Tengan. 1943.SC 180028
SC180023 Sgt. Hideo Kajikawa, right, supervises the work of, L to R, Cpls. Shigeru Oshita, Kazuo Serda and Goro Kuwada. 1943. SC180023
SC180027 This antitank gun, nicknamed "Madame Pele" after a famous Hawaiian Island Volcano, is being fired by Pvt. Wallace Onume, Cpl. Tetsuo Hayashi, and Cpl. Harry Nakao. 1943. SC180027
SC180029 Deep in a camouflaged sector Pvt. Takeshi Omuro fires a machine gun as Pfc. Kentoku Nakasone feeds the cartridge belt to the weapon. 1943. SC180029
SC180030 Pvt. Robert Shimada and Pfc. Jinichi Miyashiro set up a 60mm mortar. 1943. SC 180030