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100th Infantry Battalion & the
442d Regimental Combat Team
SC192071-6 Americans of Japanese ancestry of the 100th Infantry Battalion, rest on a street in Leghorn, Italy, after a gruelling Fifth Army advance, which terminated with the fall of this important seaport. (19 July 1944) SC 192071-6.
SC191701 A group of Hawaii-American soldiers of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 34th Division, move up in the battle for Leghorn in a captured German jeep. (12 July 1944) SC 191701.
SC324155 Lt. General Mark Clark of the 5th Army pins ribbon awards to each member of the 100th Infantry Battalion to designate the Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation. Vada Area, Italy. (27 July 1944) SC324155.
SC337154 Americans of Japanese descent, Infantrymen of the 442d Regiment, run for cover as a German artillery shell is about to land outside the building. Italy. (04 April 1945) SC337154.
SC340906 Members in the 100th Infantry Battalion of the 442nd RCT in bivouac prior to going the front for their first contact with the Germans in France. (07 October 1944) SC340906.
SC212248 Americans of Japanese descent of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 100th Infantry Battalion, in bivouac prepare to go into front lines for their first contact with Germans in France. Staff Sergeant James S. Kawashime stands guard. (12 October 1944) SC212248.
SC253983 Japanese-American infantrymen hike up a muddy French road to their new bivouac area. 2nd Bn., 442nd Combat Team, Chambois Sector. France. (14 October 1944)SC253983.
SC195140-S A team of Japanese-American G.I.'s throwing 105mm shells at Germans in support of an Infantry attack somewhere in Bruyeres Sector, France. (18 October 1944) SC195140-S.
SC196716 Two color guards and color bearers of the Japanese-American 442d Combat Team, stand at attention, while their citations are read. They are standing on ground in the Bruyeres area, France, where many of their comrades fell. (12 November 1944) SC196716.
SC341438 A Japanese-American unit moves out of its old command post. The unit, Company F, 2nd Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, is holding a section of the front lines near St. Die Area, France. (13 November 1944) SC341438.
SC340950 A squad leader looks for German momvements in the valley 200 yards away. Snow, rain and mud make life miserable for these Japanese-American front line troops of Company F, 2nd Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team. (13 November 1944) SC340950.
SC235-6 Members of the 442nd RCT at a memorial ceremony honoring fallen comrades France. (1944) SC235-6.
SC213052 Lt. General Lucian Truscott of the 5th Army salutes after fastening the Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation Banner to the guidon of Co. L, 3rd Battalion, 442nd RCT at a ceremony in Leghorn, Italy. (04 September 1945) SC213052.
President Truman decorates the 442d Colors President Truman decorates the colors of the 442d Infantry, presenting the unit with another Presidential Unit Citation. (15 July 1946).
President Truman decorates the 442d Colors President Truman salutes the colors of the combined 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry, during the presentation of the seventh Presidential Unit Citation. The Regimental Combat Team (less the 552d Field Artillery Battalion) received the Presidential Unit Citation for outstanding accomplishments in combat in the vicinty of Serravezza, Carrara, and Fosdinovo, Italy, from April 5 to April 14, 1945. (15 July 1946).
442d Colors back home in Hawaii The 442nd Regimental Colors are displayed here by First Sergeant Thomas S. Harimoto back home in Hawaii. The colors carry the Presidential Unit Citation ribbon recently awarded by President Truman.