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"The Weasel"
The Studebaker M29 Cargo Carrier

courtesy of the 10th Mountain Division & Fort Drum Historical Collection

The M-29 Cargo Carrier, developed for the United States Army by Studebaker in 1942-1943, also known as "The Weasel", is a lightweight cargo carrier weighing 3,800 total pounds. With a ground pressure of less than two pounds per square inch the Weasel would float across snow. It was used by the Army to transport both cargo and ski soldiers, at a maximum speed of 36 miles per hour. After the war it was used by ski resorts, and many still exist to this day. This particular Weasel was restored by the Fort Drum Directorate of Logistics, and is currently on display at the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Historical Collection.

Courtesy of the The 10th Mountain Division & Fort Drum Historical Collection which is open Monday thru Friday 1000-1700.

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