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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
3d Armored Division, circa 1948
courtesy of the Museums Division Collection, U.S. Army Center of Military History

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia 3d Armored Division

Derived from the same basic design for the Tank Corps insignia approved in World War I by then Captain George Patton, the shoulder sleeve insignia for the 3d Armored Division was designed in 1941. Yellow represents Cavalry, blue is for Infantry and red for Artillery. The tank tracks, cannon barrel and bolt of lightning represent mobility, firepower and speed, and shock. The shape of the insignia itself is a pyramid of power.

In mid-December 1944, the 3d Armored Division began its role in the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes region of Belgium. The division became the spearhead of the first U.S. Army's campaign against the German attack. The 3d Armored Division defended important transportation routes, fought in some of the toughest actions and did its part to halt and eliminate the German threat. In 1945, a tab with the word Spearhead was authorized for wear below the insignia.

Courtesy of Museums Division, Center of Military History

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