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788th Ordnance Company

Lineage and Honors Information as of 12 September 2005

788th Ordnance Company Lineage

Constituted 2 December 1943 in the Army of the United States as the 77th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad

Activated 10 December 1943 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

Inactivated 10 December 1945 in Germany

Activated 1 May 1947 in the Philippine Islands

Inactivated 15 December 1947 in the Philippine Islands

Redesignated 22 January 1951 as the 77th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad and allotted to the Regular Army

Activated 24 March 1952 at Raritan Arsenal, New Jersey

Reorganized and redesignated 22 June 1954 as the 88th Ordnance Detachment

Reorganized and redesignated 16 June 1997 as the 788th Ordnance Company

788th Ordnance Company Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

World War II: Northern France; Central Europe



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