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Lineage and Honors Information as of 17 December 2013


  • Constituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves as the 94th Division Train, Quartermaster Corps
  • Organized in November 1921 with Headquarters at Boston, Massachusetts
  • Redesignated 23 March 1925 as the 94th Division Quartermaster Train
  • Reorganized and redesignated 1 July 1936 as the 419th Quartermaster Regiment and remained assigned to the 94th Division (later redesignated as the 94th Infantry Division)
  • Reorganized and redesignated 12 February 1942 as the 419th Quartermaster Battalion
  • Ordered into active military service 15 September 1942 at Fort Custer, Michigan
  • Ordnance Maintenance Platoon, Headquarters Company, 419th Quartermaster Battalion, reorganized and redesignated 1 October 1942 as the 794th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company, an element of the 94th Infantry Division (remainder of battalion – hereafter separate lineage)
  • Inactivated 6 February 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey
  • Redesignated 6 February 1947 as the 794th Ordnance Maintenance Company
  • Activated 13 February 1947 at Boston, Massachusetts
  • (Organized Reserves redesignated 25 March 1948 as the Organized Reserve Corps; redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve)
  • Reorganized and redesignated 4 February 1953 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 794th Ordnance Battalion (organic elements concurrently constituted and activated)
  • Battalion inactivated 1 March 1963 at Boston, Massachusetts, and relieved from assignment to the 94th Infantry Division
  • Headquarters, 794th Ordnance Battalion, redesignated 5 September 2006 as Headquarters, 4th Brigade, 94th Training Division; remainder of battalion concurrently disbanded
  • Activated 16 September 2009 at Decatur, Georgia

Campaign Participation Credit

  • World War II
  • Northern France
  • Rhineland
  • Ardennes-Alsace
  • Central Europe



By Order of the Secretary of the Army:

Robert J. Dalessandro
Director, Center of Military History

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