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Company D
160th Aviation

Lineage and Honors Information as of 16 January 1997

Company D
160th Aviation Lineage

Constituted 1 April 1982 in the Regular Army as Company D, 160th Aviation Battalion, an element of the 101st Airborne Division

Activated 16 October 1986 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky (160th Aviation Battalion concurrently relieved from assignment to the 101st Airborne Division)

Reorganized and redesignated 16 January 1988 as Company D, 160th Aviation

Redesignated 28 June 1990 as Company A, 160th Aviation

Inactivated 15 November 1993 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Redesignated 16 June 1995 as Company D, 160th Aviation, and activated in Panama

Company D
160th Aviation Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

Armed Forces Expeditions: Panama



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