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33d Army Band
(The United States Army Europe Band and Chorus)

Lineage and Honors Information as of 12 July 2007

33d Army Band Lineage

Constituted 16 December 1940 in the Regular Army as the Band, 367th Infantry

Activated 25 March 1941 at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana

Redesignated 10 June 1942 as the Band, 364th Infantry

Reorganized and redesignated 18 January 1944 as the 205th Army Band

Reorganized and redesignated 26 May 1944 as the 205th Army Ground Forces Band

Redesignated 25 January 1945 as the 448th Army Service Forces Band

Reorganized and redesignated 11 June 1946 as the 448th Band

Inactivated 15 January 1947 at Fort Lewis, Washington

Redesignated 17 May 1947 as the 448th Army Band

Redesignated 17 June 1949 as the 33d Army Band

Activated 25 June 1949 in Germany

33d Army Band Honors

Campaign Participation Credit



Army Superior Unit Award, Streamer embroidered 1996

Army Superior Unit Award, Streamer embroidered 2003

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