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2011 Veterans Day
Senior Army Leader Message

2011 Veterans Day

     Since 1919, Americans have paused to remember the service and sacrifice of
the men and women who have defended the American way of life. Our veterans have
enlisted in peacetime and wartime, placing themselves in danger, serving with honor
under difficult circumstances and often making the ultimate sacrifice to keep our Nation
free. We owe a great debt to those who have assumed the ultimate responsibility of

     On that first Armistice Day, Americans marked the end of World War I - "the war
to end all wars." Yet, as we have seen, foes of liberty continue to emerge, requiring the
steadfast service and resolve of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast
Guardsmen. During almost a century of conflict and change, the courage and
commitment of our military men and women have never faltered. It is their strength that
has sustained us through these uncertain times and ensured our interests are protected
at home and abroad.

     We encourage you to thank those who serve today and the generations who
came before them. Take the time, not just today but every day, to honor our fallen and
wounded heroes, remember the missing, and recognize all who today fight to defend
our country and our freedom.

Signatures from the Sergeant Major of the Army, Secretary of the Army and, General, United States Army Chief of Staff