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Veterans Day 1999

Veterans Day 1999 Joint Message

Photo of Secretary of the Army Caldera Photo of Army Chief of Staff Shinseki
On Veterans Day, as our Nation pays tribute to the American men and women who have served in our Nation's Armed Forces, we take this opportunity to salute and so honor you, the soldiers serving in the Army today. Your determination, your readiness, and your unique ability to go where you are needed at the time you are needed are potent symbols of liberty, justice, and hope for freedom loving people the world over.

Since the Berlin Wall fell, you have deployed more than thirty times into harm's way around the world. More than 146,000 of you are now stationed or forward deployed in about 70 countries. Whether you are serving our Nation at home or abroad, on active duty, in the Army Reserve, in the Army National Guard, or as an Army civilian, you constantly amaze us with the strength of your dedication and your morale.

Each day you serve, you voluntarily forego comfort and wealth. Often, you face hardships and sacrifice. Sometimes you confront danger and face death in defending the Nation's security. By your actions, you live the Army core values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

To all of you "on point for the Nation," whether far from home or here in the United States, we say 'thank you' for your contributions and your countless sacrifices. It is an honor to serve with you.

On this, the last Veterans Day of the twentieth century, we pledge you our tireless efforts to ensure that you remain the world's preeminent warfighting land force, the most esteemed institution in America, and the most respected Army in the world.

Secretary of the Army

General, United States Army 
Chief of Staff