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Can CMH provide lists and photographs of current and former unit commanders and senior NCOs?

How can I obtain copies of my, or my relative's, Army personnel records?

How does my veterans' organization obtain obsolete Army equipment?

Where can I find information about Army casualties?

Where can I find a history of a particular Army unit?

How do I find information about what my relative did in the Army?
(Trace their route of march, find out where they served, etc.)

Where can I find official unit records?

Where can I find official Army photographs and motion pictures?

I understand that my unit received a decoration after I left it, how can I verify that information?

Where can I find information about medals or awards given to a family member? How do I get replacement medals or awards for myself or a family member?

Where can I find information on unit patches and insignia?

I have a relative that was killed during the war and is buried overseas, where can I find information about the cemetery and burial site?

Where can I find information on the Cold War Certificate?

How can I locate a U.S. Army veteran?

Where can I find historical information on the other Armed Services?

What does the "D" signify in D-Day, and the "H" signify in H-Hour?

What is the origin of the 21-gun salute?

What is the correct name of the 2d Ranger Battalion's landing point on D-Day, Pointe du Hoe or Pointe du Hoc?

How many U.S. Army five-star generals have there been and who were they?

Who was the first soldier to accomplish a given task, such as entering Berlin in World War II, or the first killed on D-Day, or who was the "wealthiest," "youngest," or "oldest" soldier in U.S. Army history?

What is the difference between artillery shrapnel and shell fragments?

What type of Army career did Elvis Presley have?

Historically, what has been the process for naming U.S. Army Installations?

What is the history of Project HORIZON, the Army's proposal to establish a lunar outpost?

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