Endnotes for Chapter VIII

1 "Under existing law the commissions of officers of the Officers' Reserve Corps may be revoked at any time in the discretion of the President, and federal recognition of the officers of the National Guard may be withdrawn by the President upon the recommendation of a board of officers appointed by the Secretary of War'-Extract from Ltr, Gen Marshall to Hon Harold D. Smith, Dir Bureau of the Budget, 25 Jun 41, G-1/14349-50, copy in OCS 15636-476. Sections 37 and 76 of the NDA provide the authority.

2 The relevant papers include: (1) Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 24 Aug 40, sub: Revision of Class B Law, copy in G-1/14349-50; (2) Memo, OCS for TAG, 29 Nov 40, sub: Revision of Class B Law: signed by SGS at direction of CofS, OCS 15636-474; (3) Tabulations prepared by Statistics Branch GS, 2 Dec 40 and 13 Mar 41, on Regular Army Officers (Provisionally and Finally) Placed in Class B . . ., G-1/3625-12; (4) Gen Marshall's prepared statement or, HJR 203 in G-1/14349-50; (5) His testimony before Senate Committee on Military Affairs, 77th Cong, ist sess, 9 Jul 41, on SJR 88, and before House Committee on Military Affairs, 25 Jul 41, 77th Gong, ist sess, on HJR 199; (6) Ltr, Gen Marshall to Dir Bureau of Budget, 25 Jun 41, noted above. The National Defense Act deals with Class B designations in Section 24 b.

3 See n. 2, items 4 and 5.

4 Memo, OCS for TAG, 17 Jan 42, sub: Title of Gen Craig's Board, OCS 16912-116. On the original board, besides General Craig were Lt. Gen. Charles D. Herron and Maj. Gens. Walter S. Grant, Walter L. Recd, John H. Hughes, and William E. Cole.

5 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 21 Aug 41, sub: Matters to Discuss with the Removal Board, G-1/3615-24.

6 Letters from several Congressmen are filed in G-1/3615-53 and G-1/16252-370. See also Memo, CofS for G-1, 22 Apr 41, no sub, OCS 15636-475, for a somewhat similar episode.

7 Copy, with accompanying 1 Jul 41 letter from Maj Gen A. H. Blanding, with Gen Marshall's 14 Jul 41 reply, in G-1/3615-12.

8 Personal Ltrs, Gen Marshall to all commanders having reclassification jurisdiction, 29 Sep 41, G-1/3615-37.

9 Ltr, Gen Marshall to Mai Gen George A. White, CG 41st Div, 21 Jun 41, OCS 16810-290, copy in G-1/16172-597.

10 Ltr, Gen Marshall to Mai Gen John N. O'Ryan (CG, 27th Div, World War I), 13 Jun 41, copy in G-1/3615-13.

11 Memo, CofS for SW, 3 Sep 41, with brief of reclassification and related documents, G-1/16083-54.

12 Memo, CofS for CofNGB, 5 Sep 41, sub: Separation from Active Duty, G-1/16172-665. In curious contrast to this reasoning one notes record of a 2 December 1941 conference of the Chief of Staff and a Reserve Officers' Association official upon permitting voluntary resignation by senior Reserve officers after twelve months' active service. General Marshall favored acceptance but G-1 two days later held it to be contrary to the apparent intent of Congress. Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 4 Dec 41, sub: Acceptance of Resignations, G-1/8615-34 A. This was before Pearl Harbor. Later in the month General Marshall ruled that the declaration of war precluded such resignations, and that it was inadvisable to accept any because of the wartime value of trained officers. Ltr, Gen Marshall to Lt. Col. James P. Hollers, Pres of Reserve Officers' Assn, 22 Dec 41, G-1/8615-34 A.

13 Tabulation "Over-Age Promotion List . . . on Troop Duty," compiled on 20 Aug 41, G-1/16347-394.

14 Tabulation "Age-in-Grade Status of Officers . . . Apr 20, 1942" which is Tab A with Memo, CG SOS for CofS, 1 May 42, sub: Troop-age Officers on Duty, SPGA 16347-394, filed with G-1/16347-394.

15 Memo, ACofS G-1 for TAG, 21 Feb 42, sub: Promotion and Reassignment of Over-Age Officers, G-1/16347-394.

16 Ltr, 4 Sep 41, and related papers filed with Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 11 Oct 41, sub: Duties of Army Board, G-1/3615-13.

17 See press release, initialed "G. C. M.," prepared on 27 Nov 41 for publication in the service papers, G-1/3615-37.

18 (1) Personal Ltr, CO 9th Inf to Brig Gen Wade H. Haislip, ACofS G-1, 11 Mar 41. (2) Reply to same, 2 Apr 41. Both filed in G-1/13864-441.

19 Memo, CofS for Gen Watson (Mil Aide to Pres), 14 Jun 40, sub: Letter from Maj. S. P. Simpson, OCS 20197-6. See also Palmer, Wiley, and Keast, The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops, pp. 97-103.

20 Statement of SW before Senate Committee on Military Affairs, 8 Apr 40, copy in G-1/14349-43 A.

21 Ibid.

22 See testimony of DCofS before House Committee on Military Affairs, 11 July 1939, at hearing on HR 7093 to provide rank and title of lieutenant general.

23 Ibid.

24 Memo, CofS for SW, 29 Mar 40, G-2/14349-34. In same file are the resultant bills: S 3172, 3 Apr 40, and HR 9243. 4 Apr 40.

25 Statement, Gen Marshall before the Senate Committee on Military Affairs, 8 Apr 40, on S 3712, 76th Cong, 3d sess, pp. 12-13, G-1/14349-43 A.

26 Testimony of Gen Marshall before House Committee on Military Affairs, 9 Apr 40, at Hearings on HR 9243, 76th Gong, 3d sess, pp. 18-19, G-1/14349-43- See also argument for 31 new generals for command purposes in Memo, ACofS WPD (Strong) for ACofS G-1, 11 Jun 40, sub: Commissioned Personnel, G-115588-185, copy in WPD 4052-1.

27 Pub 612, 76th Cong.

28 S 4207, which revised par. 7 of sec. 127a of the National Defense Act, introduced in Senate on 25 Jul 40 and enacted into law by act of 9 Sep 40.

29 Memo, OCS for G-1 and G-2, 9 Aug 40, no sub, OCS 21151-2.

30 Ltr, CofS to Chairman, Senate Committee on Military Affairs, 16 Aug 40, G-1/16252. See also Memo, SW for the President, 18 Jul 40, OCS 21152-1, stressing urgency of promotion legislation.

31 See Testimony of Gen Marshall before Senate Committee on Military Affairs 20 Aug 40, 76th Cong, 3d sess, on S 4207.

32 Both memorandum and tabulation arc found in G-1/16252. Neither is dated or signed, but they apparently were prepared in July or August 1941 for use of the Chief of Staff at the hearings. It is worthy of note that even with later and larger authority for promotions there was a surprising lag in Presidential advancement to general officer grades. A memorandum from the Secretary of War (prepared in OCS) for the President, 11 Feb 42, sub: Temporary Promotions, reports an accumulation of numerous vacancies "some of more than 6 months' duration," and appends a list of 16 division commanders, then brigadiers "usually junior to the other brigade commanders in the same division," and 34 brigade commanders; also a corps area commander for a vacancy existent since May 41. Filed in OCS 17336-144.

33 Ltr, CofS to Maj Gen Emmons, GHQ Air Force, 14 Dec 40, OCS 20564-22, copy in G-1/16083-18.

34 For a typically courteous but discouraging reply, observing that temporary promotions were limited to those "absolutely necessary to fill command positions," and that in consequence "very many excellent officers have not been selected," see Ltr, Gen Marshall to Sen Morris Sheppard, 15 Nov 40, copy in G-1/16252-19. Letters in similar terms are found to McMillan in G-1/16252-9, to Wells in 16252-10, to Whittington in 16252-22, to Connor in 16252-122, to Bland in 16252-129, to Gov Lloyd C. Stark of Missouri in 16252-364.

35 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Col L, 18 Oct 40, G-1/16174-101.

36 Ltr, TAG, prepared by G-1, to Rep Thomas E. Martin, 27 Nov 41, copy in G-1/16172-698.

37 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 12 Sep 40, sub: Temporary Promotions, approved by CofS 17 Sep 40, G-1/16252, also in AG 210.2 (9-12-40). Origin draft with penciled notations bears an "OK-G.C.M."

38 Memo, SW to ASW, CofS, and TAG, 14 Oct 40, sub: Appointment to Officers Reserve Corps, OCS 15102-554.

39 Memo, OCS for G-1, 3 Jan 42, sub: Procedure to be Used for Submitting Applications for Commissions, OCS 21325-30, copy in G-1/16455 (1-5-42).

40 (1) Memo, CofS for ACofS G-1, 3 Feb 42, signed by Gen Marshall, no sub. (2) Reply, 5 Feb 42, sub: Appointment of Mayor LaGuardia. (3) Personal Ltr, CofS to Mayor LaGuardia, 28 Feb 42. All in OCS 15102-875.

41 Memo, ACofS G-1 for COPS, 3 Dec 41, sub: Temporary Promotion of Major and related papers, G-1/ 16252-429, copy in OCS 21151-120.

42 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 2 Dec 41, sub: Recommendation that Gov Sam H. Jones of Louisiana .... Be Promoted, G-1/16252-422, Copy in OCS 21151-124.

43 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Sen Robert R. Reynolds, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Military Affairs, 26 Nov 41, OCS/21151-116.

44 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Sen Reynolds, 15 Jan 42, OCS/21151-148. A less brusque letter to Representative John L. McMillan, 28 Jan 42, discouraging his recommendation of a promotion to brigadier, was firm in its statement that selection must be of "the man most fully qualified for the specific vacancy." OCS 17336-123.

45 (1) Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 17 Sep 41, sub: Temporary Promotions, referring to a 28 Aug 41 communication from USW, OCS 21151-59. (2) Memo, CofS for USW, 22 Sep 41, same sub and file. See also Memo, ACofS G-1 for SGS, 19 Feb 42, no sub, noting that CofS had approved only 57 percent of USW recommendations for general officers and 54 percent from chiefs of arms and services, G-1/16083-251, also in OCS 17336-146.

46 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Mrs. O 2 Apr 41, OCS 17336-64.

47 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Col , 11 Corps Area, 28 Feb 40, OCS 17336-32.

48 Ltr, SW to Vice President Wallace, 29 Dec 41, OCS 17336-111.

49 Summarized, not quoted, from Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 16 Dec 40, no sub, G-1/16083-62 (12-16-40). Initialed "G. C. M." and marked "Explained to officers." See also Memo, G-1 for TAG, 6 Dec 41, sub: Brigadier General Eligible List, G-1/16083-62.

50 Ibid., but on a separate slip attached to the other (likewise summarized).

51 Memo, ACofS G-1 for TAG, through SGS, 7 Mar 41, sub: Promotion of Certain Officers, G-1/16252-163. See also Ltr, DCofS (Gen Bryden) to Maj Gen E. D. Peek, CG IX Corps Area, 11 Apr 41, G-1/16252-190.

52 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 17 Jun 41, sub: Eligible List of Regular Army Promotion-List Officers . . . to the Grade of Colonel, AUS, G-1/16252-179, copy in OCS 21151-43. Appd by CofS 24 Jun 41.

53 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Lt Col X. H. Price, Hq V Corps, 8 Jul 41, G-1/16252-259. Sec also preceding note and instructions to the Selection Board for Temporary Promotion to the Grade of Lt Col, Regular Army, appd by CofS 24 Dec 41, OCS 21151-144 and Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 2 Jan 42, sub: List of Majors, Promotion-List Branches, G-1/16252-446, copy in OCS 21151-144.

54 (1) See Memo, ACofS G-1 for COB, 3 Oct 40, sub: War Strength Commissioned Personnel for Inducted National Guard Units, G-1/16172-72. Appd by CofS 23 Oct 40 with "OK - G. C. M." (2) Ltr, TAG to CG's of armies, corps areas, departments and commanders of divisions and separate units inducted from National Guard, 24 Oct 40, same sub, AG 210.31 NGUS (10-3-40) M M-A.

55 See Tab B to Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 12 Sep 40, sub: Temporary Promotions, G-1/16252, also in AG 210.2 (9-12-40).

56 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 31 Jul 41, sub: Personnel Policies Affecting the National Guard, appd by CofS 2 Aug 41, G-1/16172-626.

57 Memo, ACofS G-1 for COB, 28 Aug 41, sub: Revised Personnel Policies Affecting the National Guard and accompanying papers, appd by CofS ("O.K., G.C.M.") 9 Sep 41, G-1/16172-626, also AG 210.31 NGUS (8-28-41).

58 Ltr, Gen Marshall to Lt Gen Ben Lear, CG Second Army, 23 Oct 41, copy in G-1/16083-91. The policy was laid down in connection with the selection of the commander for one of the National Guard divisions (see later mention) but is here expressed in the broad terms of policy. It follows the spirit of a suggestion in Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 18 Oct 41, sub: Successor to Gen H-, appd by DCofS, 21 Oct 41, G-1/16083-91, copy in OCS/20241-239. Maj. Gen. Wilton B. Persons in 1949 recalled that General Marshall frequently sent back promotion lists that had been sent him for approval, the return slip directing that there be further search of Reserve and National Guard personnel to produce men from those components who deserved promotion.

59 Memo, OCS (signed by Col Walter B. Smith, SGS) for USW, 18 Nov 41, sub: Assignment . . . to Command the- Div, G-1/16083-87 (11-18-41).

60 Unused Ltr, Gen Marshall to Lt Gen Ben Lear, CG Second Army, 7 Nov 41, G-1/16083-91 (11-7-41). Sec also Ltr, Gen Marshall to Rep J. Buell Snyder, 5 Feb 42, G-1/16083-53, on a major general who had been summoned to a retiring board, promising only that "should Gen be found qualified for further active duty, every effort will be made to give him an assignment appropriate to his rank and dignity."

61 Memo, G-1 for TAG, through SGS, noted by DCofS, 22 Sep 41, sub: Assignment of Regimental Commanders, copy in OCS 16810-336. It instructed that substance of this quotation be sent by radiogram to the four field army commanders. Even before the National Guard was called to active service there was consideration of a plan for improving its staff by infiltration from the Regular Army into one key post of each division-but only with approval of the National Guard itself, as permitted under the National Defense Acts of 1916 and 1920 (Sec. 65). Application of this policy to his own organization was initiated by the commanding general of the 45th (National Guard) Division, Maj. Gen. William S. Key, in March 1940. In June of that year General Marshall considered a fuller application of the principle. For relevant correspondence see: (1) Memo, Actg DCofS (Gasser) to G-1, 21 Mar 40, sub: Regular Army Officers as Chiefs of Staff of NG divisions, OCS 18107-32; (2) Unused draft of Ltr, Gen Marshall to Maj Gen John F. Williams, Chief NGB, undated, filed with OCS 18107-33; (3) Personal Ltr, same to same, 8 Jun 40, same file.

62 (1) Memo, ACofS G-1 for TAG, through SGS, 10 Jul 41, sub: Temporary Promotion of Lt Col FA; (2) Accompanying note for record; (3) Memo, ACofS G-1 for TAG, through SGS, 19 Jul 41, same sub. All in G-1/16252-218, Copies in OCS 21151-51. See also Personal Ltr, Mai Gen Charles H. Grahl, President Adjutants General Assn, to SW (Woodring), 27 Mar 40, OCS/16810-91, personal copy to Gen Marshall, expressing thanks for latter 's co-operation and reporting members "unanimous in the feeling that Gen Marshall has a thorough understanding of the problems of the National Guard."

63 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Sen Chan Gurney, 15 Aug 41, OCS 20197-54.

64 Memo, ACofS G-1 for TAG, containing substance of letter for Rep Thomas E. Martin, 23 Oct 41, sub: National Guard Promotions, copy in G-1/16172-698, also AG 210.2 (10-7-41).

65 See Memo, ACofS G-1 for COB, 26 Jun 41, sub: Equalization of Promotion and Temporary Promotion, with brief dated 28 Jul 41, appd by CofS 19 Aug 41, in G-1/16252-193. See also related Memo, DCofS (Bryden) for Executive for Reserve and ROTC Affairs, 22 Sep 41, sub: Promotion of Reserve Officers, same file.

66 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to President, Reserve Officers' Assn, 13 Dec 40, OCS 1510.2-583.

67 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall (prepared in G-1), to Lt Col James P. Hollers, President, Reserve Officers' Assn, 10 Nov 41, G-1/16252-387, also in AG 210.2 ORC (10-21-41).

68 Summarized, not quoted, from a restudied Memo, ACofS G-1 (Gen Haislip) for ASW, 27 Oct 42, sub: Information on Which to Base a Reply to All Matters Discussed in Letter rated 13 Sep 41 from Mr. Jacob Rubinoff, G-1/8165-13-A. The Rubinoff letter, addressed to ASW McCloy, is found in ASW unclassified file 353.8 Morale-General, 1941-43.

69 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 12 Dec 41, sub: Wartime Promotion in the Army of the United States, G-1/16252-446, copy in OCS 21151-127.

70 WD Cir 1, 1 Jan 42.

71 Ibid.. Par. 7.

72 Identical Ltrs, Gen Marshall to the President, Adjutants General Association, and Vice President, National Guard Association, 14 Jan 42. Copies in G-1/16172-626 and also in AG 210.2 (1-6-42). In same AG file is joint letter to which these are an answer.

73 Ltr, ACofS G-1 (Gen Hilldring) to U. S. Sen Albert B. Chandler, 11 Feb 42, copy in G-1/16172-698. Further breakdown of this 8,081 National Guard promotion total is in an AGO tabulation in that file.

74 AGO tabulation (signed George C. Wolfe, ist Lt AGD) "Promotion on Extended Active Duty-July 1, 1940, to Jan 1, 1942, incl," filed in G-1/16172-698.

75 The officer shortage then worrying G-1 was that of Regulars. A Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 14 Jun 40, G-1/15588-187, also in AG 320.2 (6-14-40), proposed conserving Regular officers for duty with troops by closing the War College, Industrial College, and Command and General Staff School, and sending no more officers to the Naval War College and civil schools-conserving 175; by reducing the stay at service schools to three months-conserving 450; by using Reserve officers to replace Regulars at senior ROTC units-conserving 250. The same memorandum recommended procuring Reserve lieutenants of under 30 years for the arms, and those under 35 for the services, using captains under 40 if necessary. The suggestions were approved by CofS. See Ltr, TAG to chiefs of arms and services, 15 Jun 40, sub: Procurement of Reserve officers, AG 210.31 ORC (6-15-40) M-A-M; also attached radiogram same date and subject to corps area commanders; also related papers in G-1/15588-187 to 189 inclusive. Further replacement of Regulars at ROTC units, both by returning retired officers to active duty and by using Reservists, was recommended in Memo, ACofS G-t for CofS, 17 Sep 40, sub: Personnel Policies in Connection with New Units, appd by DCofS (Bryden), 26 Sep 41.

76 Memo, ACofS G-1 for Chief, Public Relations Branch (through SGS), 19 Dec 40, sub: The ROTC, G 1/14165-105.

77 Personal Ltr, Gen Marshall to Sen James J. Davis, 6 May 41, OCS 15102-705, in answer to a 23 Apr 41 letter not on file. A tabulation made in that month by G-1 reported 80,730 Reserve officers then approved for allotment, of whom 23,660 were approved for troop units, 18,291 for corps area service commands, 9,955 for war Department overhead, 3,062 for overseas, 21,437 for Air Corps and 4,325 for Air Corps Services. It did not include 17,000 to be ordered to duty later. Tab A of Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 10 Sep 41, sub: Military Program Regarding Reserve Officers, OCS 15102-795.

78 Memo, OCS for ACofS G-1, 30 Oct 41, sub: Suspension of Ordering Additional Reserve Officers to Extended Active Duty, OCS 15102-819.

79 See AG 352, 9-19-40 (1) Sec. 1 for relevant papers, notably Memo, CofS (signed GCM) for Gen Bryden, 28 Oct 40, sub: Officers Candidate schools; also Memo, USW (Patterson) for SW, 18 Sep 41, next referred to. See also Palmer et al., The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops, PP. 327-28.

80 For basis of selection sec Palmer et al., The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops, P- 95, including n. 10.

81 (1) Memo, CofS for Gen Haislip, G-1, 1 Aug 41, no sub, OCS 21167-39, filed with G-1/14679-42. (2) Study of G-1, attached, marked "Not used." (3) See n. 80 on The Procurement and Training o/ Ground Combat Troops. (4) WD Cir 48, 19 Feb 42, par. 4 and par. 14.

82 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 15 Jul 41, sub: Procedure to be Followed on Applications for Appointment in the Officers' Reserve Corps. Appd by CofS 19 Jul 41, G-1/8165-921.

83 Memo, OCS for ACofS G-1, 6 May 39, sub: Increase and Replacements for WDGS, OCS 9643-848, and G-1/15466-12B.

84 Memo, ACofS G-1 for TAG, 1 Jun 40, G-1/13804-6.

85 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 20 Aug 40, sub: Policies Governing Detail . . . to WDGS, appd by SW 26 Aug 40, G-1/15776-66. It was implemented by Memo, TAG for chiefs of arms and services, 30 Aug 40, same sub and file, also in AG 210.61 (8-20-40) A. -o.

86 A number of these individual cases arc filed in G-1/15776, items with subentries 66, 70. 94, 95, 162, 182, 183, 196 affording examples, each being a recommendation of detail to one division or another of the General Staff, marked with the approval of CofS or DCofS.

87 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 23 Apr 41, sub: Selection of Part of Officers for WIGS from Officers on Duty in Offices of Chiefs of Branches, G-1/15776-157, also in AG 270.61 (4-8-41), appd by CofS 2 May 41.

88 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 23 Oct 39, sub: Chief of Staff 5th Division, appd by DCofS 24 Oct 39, G-1/15777-2, also AG 270.67 (10-19-39).

89 Specific examples, all in G-1/15777 and in AG 210.61 in the form of Memos from ACofS G-1 for CofS, include recommendations for CofS, 2d Div (item -6), 6th Div (item -24), 4th Div (item -25), 7th Div (item -32), and 8th Div (item -32). The cases initiated by Gen Marshall include (1) that of the Hawaiian Div CofS, in Memo, OCS for ACofS G-1, 18 Mar 40, OCS 9643-927, G-1 circulation slip 18 Mar 40, G-1/15777-16, and Memo, OCS for TAG initialed "G.C.M.," 11 Apr 40, copy in G-1/15777-15B; (2) that of the VI Corps Area, Memo, OCS for TAG, 1 May 40, OCS 9643-935 (signed Gasser) and in G-1/15777-22.

90 Memo, ACofS G-1 for COPS, 25 Jun 40, sub: CofS, V Corps Area, G-1 / 15777-27, AG 210.61 (6-17-40); same for same, 27 Nov 41, sub: CofS 1 Armored Corps, G-1/15777-217, AG 210.61 (11-22-41); same for same, 30 Sep 41, sub: President of Reclassification Board, Second Army, G-1/3615-13; same for same, 21 Jul 41, sub: Detail Associate Professor, G-1/15776-182B.

91 Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 27 Feb 42, sub: Assistant Commandant, Infantry School, initialed "OK, GCM," G-1/16083-273, copy in OCS 20241-457. See also action by Deputy in Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 7 Feb 42, sub: Assignment of Colonel to the Office of the QMG, G-1/16083-205, COPY in OCS 20241-392. In this case the Deputy approved transfer of an artillery officer to a transportation post of prime importance, despite the wishes of the Chief of Field Artillery. See also Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 10 Jul 40, sub: Assignment of Lt Col to School and Replacement Center, Armored Force, appd by CofS 10 Jul 40, G-1/16249, and Ltr, TAG to Chiefs of Arms and Services and CG, Armored Force, 25 Jul 40, sub: Priority in Assignment of Officers, AG 210.31 (7-12-40) A-0. These Sought to preserve an officer's position in an important combat unit, but to permit occasional assignment elsewhere in proved need.

92 As examples, Personal Ltrs from Gen Marshall to Sen Morris Sheppard, then chairman of Senate Committee on Military Affairs, 28 Feb 41, in OCS 20241-145; to Sen Claude Pepper, 16 Dec 41, in OCS 17336-101, and to Sen Joseph F. Guffey, 28 Mar 41, in OCS 21178-21, this last being the one next quoted.

93 Memo, CofS for CG, First Army and others, 18 Sep 41, no sub, OCS 21320-1.

94 These memoranda from mid-1940 to February 1942 are interspersed through OCS 20241, ranging from item 11 of that binder to item 457.

95 Ibid. The odd episode last mentioned is in papers attached to Memo, ACofS G-1 for CofS, 17 Feb 42, sub: General Officer Vacancies, OCS 20241-420.

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