A    American
A.A.    Antiaircraft
AAI    Allied Armies in Italy
AAR    After Action Report
ABTF    Airborne Task Force
AC    Allied Commission
ACA    Armistice Control Authority
AC/AMG    Allied Commission/Allied Military Government
AC/AUS    Allied Commission/Army of the United States
ACC    Allied Control Commission
ACC/AMG    Allied Control Commission/Allied Military Government
ACMF    Allied Central Mediterranean Force
ACofS    Assistant Chief of Staff
Actg    Acting
ADCCAO    Assistant Deputy Civil Affairs Officer
Adm; Admin  Administrative
Admr    Administrator
ADSEC    Advance Section
Adv    Advance
AEF    American Expeditionary Forces
AF    Allied Forces
AFA    Allied Financial Agency
AFHQ    Allied Force Headquarters
AFLRS    Allied Forces Local Resource Board
AFRA    Allied Forces Records Administration
AG    Adjutant General
AGIP    The Italian semigovernmental organization which had charge of the distribution of petroleum in Italy AGO Adjutant General's Office
AGp    Army Group
AGWAR    Adjutant General, War Department
ALCOM    Allied Commission (Italy)
AM    Allied Military
Amcross    American Red Cross
AMFA    Allied Military Financial Agency
AMG    Allied Military Government
AMG/AC    Allied Military Government/Allied Commission
AMGLO    Allied Military Government Liaison Organization
AMGOT    Allied Military Government of Occupied Territory
AMM    Allied Military Mission
ANVIL    The planned Allied invasion of southern France in the Toulon Marseille area
A.P.B.    Allied Publication Board


APO    Army Post Office
ARB    Allied Relief Board
ARC    American Red Cross
ARGONAUT    International Conference held at Malta and Yalta, January-February 1945
ASAA    Allied Supply Accounting Agency
ASCZ    Advance Section, Communications Zone
ASF    Army Service Forces
ASFM    Army Services Forces Manual
Asst    Assistant
ASW    Assistant Secretary of War
AT(E)    Administration of Territories Committee (Europe)
AUS    Army of the United States
Auth    Authority
AVALANCHE    Invasion of Italy at Salerno
B    British
BAC    Balkan Affairs Committee
B.A.S.    British Army Staff
BAYTOWN    British invasion of Italy on Calabrian coast 
Bd  Board
BEW    Board of Economic Warfare
BGS  British General Staff
BIGOT    Special security procedure for OVERLORD
BJSM    British Joint Staff Mission
BMA    British Military Authority
Bn    Battalion
Br    British
Bull    Bulletin
Bur    Bureau
BYSEPP    Code name for Belgium and Luxembourg Section 
CA  Civil Affairs
CAD    Civil Affairs Division
CAHQ    Civil Affairs Headquarters
CAL    Designates cables from CCAC to G-5, AFHQ on Italian supply and economic matters
CA/MG    Civil Affairs/Military Government
CAO    Civil Affairs Officer; Chief Adininistrative Officer
CAPO    Civil affairs police officer
C.A.R.    Civil Affairs Regiment
CATS    Civil Affairs Training School
CBR    Cornnzisscrricrt Belge au Repatriement
CBS    Continental Base Section; Channel Base Section
C.C.    Chief Commissioner
CCAC    Combined Civil Affairs Committee
CCAC/L    Subcommittee of Combined Civil Affairs Committee in London
CCAC/S    Supply subcommittee of the Combined Civil Affairs Committee
CCAO    Chief Civil Affairs Officer
CCC    Commodity Credit Corporation
CCNA    Combined Committee for North and West Africa
CCRR    Carabinieri Raeli (Royal Carabinieri), the National Police force which formed a part of the Italian Army
CCS    Combined Chiefs of Staff


CEC    Central Economic Committee
CEF    Corps Expeditionnaire Franfais
CFA    Commissioner of Fine Arts
CFB    Combined Food Board
CFO    Chief Financial Officer
CG    Commanding General
C.G.I.L.    Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (Italian General Confederation of Labor)
CIAA    Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
CIC    Counterintelligence Corps
CID    Civilian Intelligence Division
CinC    Commander in Chief
CinC Med    Commander in Chief, Mediterranean
Civ    Civilian
CIV    Designates cables from Civil Affairs, War Office, London, to British Joint Staff Mission, Washington
CLAC    Combined Liberated Areas Committee
CLN    Comitate di Liberazione Nazionale
CLNAI    Comitate di Liberazione Nazionale per l'Alta Italia (Committee of National Liberation for Northern Italy)
CLO    Chief Legal Officer
CM-IN    Classified message, incoming
CM-OUT    Classified message, outgoing
CMF    Central Mediterranean Forces Group
CMP    Controlled Materials Plan
Cmsr    Commissioner
CO    Commanding Officer
COB    Committee of Combined Boards
CofS    Chief of Staff
Com    Commission
Comdg    Commanding
Comdr    Commander
Comdt    Commandant
Comm.    Committee
ComZ    Communications Zone
Conf    Conference
Contl    Control
COSSAC    Chief of Staff, Supreme Allied Command; Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (Designate) Coy Company
C.P.O.    Civil Police Officer
CPRB    Combined Production and Resources Board
CRICKET    Malta portion of ARCONAUT Conference
CRMB    Combined Raw Materials Board
CSAB    Combined Shipping Adjustment Board
CSO    Chief of Staff Officer
CsofS    Chiefs of Staff
DACofS    Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff
D.B.S.    Delta Base Section
DCAO    Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
DCCAO    Deputy Chief Civil Affairs Officer
DCofS    Deputy Chief of Staff


DCOSSAC    Deputy Chief of Staff, Supreme Allied Comand
DCPO    Deputy Chief Political Officer
Dept    Department
Det    Detachment
DIA    Algerian or Alpine Infantry Regiment (French) 
Dir  Director
Div    Division
DJAG    Deputy Judge Advocate General
DLL    Decreto Legislative Luogotenenziale
DMS    Dept of Medical Supply
DP    Displaced Person
DPIC    (British) Deputy Paymaster-in-chief
DPMG    Deputy Provost Marshal General
DPRSC    Displaced Persons and Repatriation Subcommission
DPR&W    Displaced Persons Relief and Welfare
Dr.    Drawer
DRAGOON    Final code for Allied invasion of southern coast of France, 15 August 1944
DS    Documentary supplement
EAC    European Advisory Commission
EACS    European Allied Contact Section
E.C.A.    Ente Comunale d'Assistenza
ECAD    European Civil Affairs Division
Ech    Echelon
ECLIPSE    Name given in November 1944 to posthostilities plan for the initial phase of military occupation of Germany 
Econ  Economic
Ed.    Edition
E&F    Economics and Finance
EIAR    Ente Italiano Audizioni Radio
EM    Enlisted Men
E.N.A.C.    Ente Nazionale Auto-Trasporti Cose
EOTA    Enemy Occupied Territory Administration Est Estimate
ET; ETO    European Theater; European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA    European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
Ex.  Exhibit
Exec    Executive
ExecO    Executive Officer
ExecOff    Executive Office
FACS    Designates cables from CCS to SHAEF
FAN    Symbol for messages from Commander in Chief, Allied Expeditionary Force to the Combined Chiefs of Staff
FCC  Federal Communications Commission
FCNL    French Committee of National Liberation
FDC    Fire Direction Center
FEA    Foreign Economic Administration
FEComZ    Forward Echelon, Communications Zone
FFI    Les Forces Francaises Interieures (French Forces of the Interior
F.I.    Front de l'Independence
FLAMBO  AFHQ Advanced Administrative Echelon


Fld    Field
FM    Field Manual
FNA    French North Africa
F.O.    Finance officer
Fr    France
FRS    Forces Republicaines de Securite
F.S.P.    Field Security Personnel
FSS    Field Security Service
FTPF    Francs Tireurs et Partisans Francais
FUSA    First U.S. Army
FUSAG    First U.S. AGp
Fwd    Forward
G-1    Personnel Division, War Department General Staff
G-2    (Military) Intelligence Division, War Department General Staff
G-3    Operations Division, War Department General Staff
G-4    Supply Division, War Department General Staff
G-5    Civil Affairs Division of SHAEF or AFHQ
GAI    General Administrative Instructions
Gen    General
GHQ    General Headquarters
G.I.L.    Gioventu Italiana del littorio
GO    General Order
GOC    General Officer Commanding
GOV    Designates cables from CCAC to G-5, SHAEF
Govt    Government
Gp    Group
GPA    General Purchasing Agent
GS    General Staff
GSC    General Staff Corps
H.C.    High Commissioner
H.E.    His Excellency
Hist    History; Historical
H.M.    His Majesty
HMG    His Majesty's Government
HORRIFIED    Code designation for Sicily
HQ; Hq    Headquarters
HRH    His (Her) Royal Highness
HS    Historical Section
HUSKY    Allied invasion of Sicily, July 1943
HUSKYLAND    Code name for Sicily
I&C    Information and Censorship
ID    International Division
IG    Inspector General
IGCR    Inter-Governmental Committee for Refugees
IMPEX    Service d'Importation et Exportation
INC    Information and Censorship Section
Inf    Infantry
Info    Information
Instr    Instructions
INT    Istituto Nazionale Trasporti
Intel    Intelligence


Interv    Interview
IPOW    Italian Prisoners of War
IRCC    International Red Cross Commission
JAG    Judge Advocate General
JAGD    Judge Advocate General's Department
JCAC    Joint Civil Affairs Committee
JCS    Joint Chiefs of Staff
JEAPC    Joint Economic and Political Council
Jkt  Jacket
J/S    Jugoslav
Jt    Joint
KCRC    Kansas City Records Center
Km    Kilometer
LAC    Designates cables to CAAC from G-5, AFHQ, on Italian supply and economic matters
LEM    Designates cables from CCAC to Eisenhower for G-5, SHAEF
LO  Legal Officer
L of C    Line of Communications
LST    Landing Ship (Tank)
MAT    Designates cables from AFHQ to CCAC and CCS
MAXWELL    Code name for Belgium and Luxembourg Section
MEL    Designates cables from G-5, SHAEF, to CCAC
MFA&A    Subcommission for Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives
MG  Military Govt
MGD    Military Govt Division
MGSHC    Military Government School and Holding Center at Tizi-Ouzou
MGS    Military Government Section
Mgt    Management
Mil    Military
Miliz    Union of Patriots and Citizens at Large
Min    Minutes
Misc    Miscellaneous
MLA    Military Liquidating Agency
MMIA    Military Mission, Italian Army
MMLA    Mission Militaire Liaison Administrative Welfare teams
M.N.B.    Mouvement National Belge
M.O.    Medical Officer
MOI    Ministry of Information (British)
MOOI  Minister of Occupied Italy
MP    Military Police
MRS    Military Railway Service
MS    Manuscript; military section
Msg    Message
MT    Military Transport
Mtg    Meeting
MTO    Mediterranean Theater of Operations
MTOUSA    Mediterranean Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
MVSN    Fascist Militia
N.A.    North Africa
NAEB    North African Economic Board


NAF    Symbol for messages from the Combined Chiefs of Staff to the Commander in Chief, Allied Expeditionary Force
NATO    North African Theater of Operations
NATO USA    North African Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
NEPTUNE    Actual 1944 operations within OVERLORD. This code name was used for security reasons after September 1913 on all OVERLORD planning papers which referred to the target area and date.
NMA Netherlands Military Administration
OAS    Occupied Areas Section
OCMH    Office, Chief of Military History
OCS    Office, Chief of Staff
OD    Orde Dienst
OEA    Office of European Affairs
OEW    Office of Economic Warfare
OFEC    Office of Foreign Economic Coordination
OFRRO    Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations
OFT    Office of Foreign Territories
OLLA    Office of Lend-Lease Administration
OPD    Operations Division
OPET    Organization, Personnel, Equipment, and Training Group Opn Operation
OR    Officers Reserve
ORC    Officers Reserve Corps
OSG    Office of the Surgeon General
OSS    Office of Strategic Services
OUSW    Office of Under Secretary of War
OVERLORD    Plan for the Allied cross-Channel invasion of northwest Europe, June 1944
Ovhd    Overhead
OVRA    Fascist Secret Police
OWI    Office of War Information
PAD    Public Affairs Division
Par.    Paragraph
PBS    Peninsular Base Section
PC    Provincial Commissioner
Pers    Personal
PH    Public Health
PHD    Public Health Division
PHO    Public Health Officer
PHS    Public Health Subcommission
PH&W    Public Health and Welfare
Pkg    Package
Plng    Planning
P.M.    Prime Minister; Provost Marshal
PMG    Provost Marshal General
PMGO    The Provost Marshal General's Office
P.N.F.    Fascist Party
POL    Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants
POW    Prisoner of War
PRD    French Ministry of Prisoners, Refugees, and Deportees


PRO    Public Relations Officer
PTT    Post, Telephone, Telegraph
PW    Psychological Warfare
P.W.    Prisoner of War
PWB    Psychological Warfare Branch
PWD    Psychological Warfare Division
QM    Quartermaster
QMG    Quartermaster General
QUADRANT    U.S.-British Conference at Quebec, August 1943
R    Royal
RAF    Royal Air Force
RANKIN    Plan for return to the Continent in the event of deterioration of the German position
RC    Regional Commissioner
R.C.A.O.    Regional Civil Affairs officer
RCC    Regional Control Commissioner
R Day    The day for disbandment of AFHQ, coincident with the coming into effect of the Italian peace treaty
Regt    Regiment
Rev    Revised
RFC    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Rgn    Region
Rgnl    Regional
R.P.H.O.    Regional Public Health Officer
RPO    Regional Patriots Officer
Rpt    Report
RRO    Regional Relief Officer
RWO    Regional Welfare Officer
SAC    Supreme Allied Commander
SACMED    Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater
S.A.I.    Special Administrative Instruction
SCAEF    Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces
SCAF    Designates cables from SHAEF to CCS
SCAO    Senior Civil Affairs Officer
Sec    Section
Secy    Secretary
Sepral    Sezione Provinciale Alimentazione
Serv    Service
SET    Telecommunications in Sicily and southern Italy
SEXTANT    International Conference at Cairo, November and December 1943
SG    Surgeon General
SGS    Secretary, General Staff
SHAEF    Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
Sitrep    Situation report
SMG    School of Military Government
SN    Secretary of the Navy
SO    Supply Officer
SOE    [British] Special Operations Executive (Europe)
S.O.L.    A Fascist organization


SOMTO    Subversive Operations, Mediterranean Theater of Operations
SOP    Standing Operating Procedure
SOS    Services of Supply
Spec    Special
Spec. O    Special officer
SS    Special Staff; Schutzstalel (Elite Guard)
Sup  Supply
SW    Secretary of War
SWNCC    State-War-Navy Co-ordinating Committee Tab Table
TAG    The Adjutant General
TAM    Designates cables from CCS and CCAC to AFHQ
T.C.U.    Transport, Communications and Utilities
TD    Temporary Duty
T/E    Table of Equipment
Telecon    Telephone conversation
Tng    Training
T/O    Table of Organization
TORCH    Allied invasion of North and Northwest Africa, 1942
Transl  Translation
TRIDENT    U.S.-British conference held at Washington, May 1943
TSFET    Theater Service Forces, European Theater
TUSA    Third U.S. Army
U.K.    United Kingdom
UKCC    United Kingdom Commercial Company
Univ    University
UNO    United Nations Organization
UNRRA    United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
USAFIME    U.S. Army Forces in the Middle East
USATC    U.S.A. Typhus Commission
USCC    United States Commercial Company
USFET    United States Forces European Theater
USMCR    United States Marine Corps Reserve
USNR    United States Naval Reserve
USW    Under Secretary of War
VOG    Designates cables from G-5, SHAEF, to CCAC
VP    Vice President
WD    War Department
WDCSA    War Department Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
WDGS    War Department General Staff
WDP    War Department Pamphlet
WE    War Establishment
WO    War Office
WPB    War Production Board
WPD    War Plans Division
WSA    War Shipping Administration
ZI    Zone of Interior


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