Endnotes for Chapter XXII

1 No official WAC history was prepared by SWPA. (For a description of the sources used in this chapter, see Bibliographical Note.) All references. unless other wise indicated, are to: (1) 30 folders of SWPA material, now at Kansas City Records Center, cited by folder and drawer number. (2) Historical material, WAC Assigned to SWPA, typed, undated, and unsigned, although Capt Velma P. Griffith (WAC PRO, SWPA-an eyewitness to many events and with access to theater WAC data) acknowledges authorship. Cited hereafter as Griffith Account. (3) Rpt, GHQ, USAFPAC to TAG, 1 Nov 45, sub: Rpt on WAC Pers in SWPA Prepared in Accordance with AG Ltr 333.5 (9-27-45) OB-S-A, 1 Nov 45. Official copy in G-I WD 321-333 WAC, 18 May 45. AGOF-C-333 WAC, DRB AGO. Cited as AFPAC Reply. (4) Draft of the above, prepared by WAC Staff Director, AFPAC, and approved by WAC Staff Directors, AFWESPAC and FEAF. Now in WAC Classified file. Cited as WAC Draft AFPAC Reply. (5) Official Rpt, Col 4V'estray Boyce, Dir WAC, to CofS USA, 22 Mar 46, sub: Rpt of Visit to WAC Pers in Overseas Theaters. Also earlier draft of same. WDWAC 333.1. Cited as Boyce Rpt. (6) For list of interviews, statements, and comments, sec Bibliographical Note.

2 Rads: 1122 (CM-OUT 7466). 22 Aug 42, and reply by C-484 (CM-IN 5492), 13 Sep 42; 1631 (CM-OUT 508), 2 Mar 43, and reply by C-724 (CM-IN 2934), 6 Mar 43.

3 Unless otherwise cited, all references to OPD action are to OPD 320.2 Australia, Sec IX, Cases 265303, Dec-Apr 44, DRB AGO. Cited as OPD file.

4 No supporting documents were found. The WAC Staff Director, USAFFE, recalled seeing in the files a USASOS request disapproved by Maj. Gen. Charles P. Stivers (USAFFE) without stated reason. Brig. Gen. Harry H. Baird (USAFFE) stated in 1948 that earlier staff studies questioned supply, housing, protection, etc.; these were riot found, nor any evidence of why such doubts were not communicated to the War Department by Lt. Gen. Richard K. Sutherland in his 1944 request for Wacs. Ltr, Mary-Agnes Brown to OCMH. 23 Apr 51; Memo, Col Harry H. Baird for HD SSUSA, 29 Jul 48. OCMH.

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9 For a discussion of the relations between OPD and ASF operating agencies, see: (1) Ray S. Cline, Washington Command Post: The Operations Division, UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II (Washington, 1951). (2) Chester Wardlow, The Transportation Corps: Responsibilities, Organization, and Operations, UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II (Washington, 1951).

10 Memo. Asst Exec WAC for ASF Mobilization Div, 11 Dec 43; and Memo, Actg Dir WAC for same, 21 Feb 44. SWPA 320.2 (8-18-42)(1) sec 6.

11 See Ch. XXIX, below.

12 AFPAC Reply. FEAF requisition, 15 Jul 44: 84 .offs, 2,916 EW.

13 By Gen Sutherland, according to Gen White's diary, entry of 3 Jan 94.

14 Ibid., and intervs with Gen White, 5 Jan 51, and with Lt Col Mary-Agnes Brown, Jun 45 and 5 Jun 47

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18 D/F, G-1 for TAG, 21 Apr 44, WDGAP 210.1 WAC (4-17-44), approves attached Memo, Dir WAC for CofS, 14 Apr 44. Approved by CofS, 18 Apr 44. WDWAC 210.1.

19 (1) Seminar comments. (2) Griffith Account. "Awards and Decorations." (3) Intervs with Col Brown, Col. A. Robert Ginsburgh, and Miss Dorothy Pat Costello, former sergeant in GHQ detachment. (See Bibliographical Note).

20 All WAAC and WAC Regulations without exception required every commanding general employing WAC personnel to employ also, on his staff, a WAC staff director who would be responsible for continuous inspection and for advising him on the welfare of the women. WD Cir 462 (1944) was latest wartime statement.

21 Check sheet, G-1 USAFFE for CofS USAFFE through WAC Sec. 11 Apr 45, Tab 6 to WAC Draft AFPAC Reply.

22 All of Col Baird's statements from Memo. Col Baird for HD SSUSA, 29 Jul 48.

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24 WAC Sec USAFFE Hist Rpts, Apr, May 44; also in OPD file.

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26 Rpts cited n. 24; also interv with Col William F. Campbell, 31 Jul 47.

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28 Paragraphs on landing and stay in Australia, unless otherwise specified, are from: (1) Griffith Account, "Australia." (2) AFPAC Reply, both draft and approved versions.

29 Griffith Account. Numbers are from AFPAC Reply, although Colonel Brown later believed that nearer 1,000 had landed.

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37 All descriptions of Port Moresby. unless otherwise specified, are from: (1) Monthly Kist Rpts, 5203d WAC Det, May-Aug 44, incl in Ltr. WAC Stf Dir USAFFE to Dir WAC. WDWAC 319.1 SWPA. (2) Griffith Account, "Port Moresby." (3) AFPAC  Reply. both WAC Draft and final versions.

38 Griffith Account. Copy of commendation also in Folder. 5203d WAC: Det, Drawer X-28040.

39 AFPAC; Reply. both versions. Also interviews. (Sec Bibliographical Note.)

40 (1) Folders 203.2, 2d Contingent, and 203.3, 3d Contingent. (2) List of shipments. AFPAC Reply.

41 Correspondence folder. 5205th WAC Det, Drawer X-29853.

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43 (1) Memo, Maj Craighill, MC, Consultant for Women's Health and Welfare, SGO, for TAG through CG USAFFE, 8 Jun 45, sub: Vied and Social Conditions of Women in Mil Serv in SWPA. WDWAC 333 Pacific, and in SGO Hist Div 319.1-2 Women. SWPA. Hereafter cited as Craighill SWPA Rpt. Attached is a list of interviews with more than 200 individuals in SWPA, including chief nurses. WAC detachment commanders, hospital commanders, Army commanders, inspectors, etc.; also Table of Comparative Rates of Medical Evacuation for Wacs and Nurses, 1 Jul 44 to 1 Apr 45. (2) Data in possession of Col Brown.

44 Seminar Comments. (See Bibliographical Note.)

45 Statement to Col Boyce in Tokyo, 14 Oct 45, quoted by her in Boyce Rpt.

46 Ltr, Miss Mary-Agnes Brown to OCMH, 23 Apr 51. OCMH.

47 Oro Bay discussion; unless otherwise stated, is from Griffith Account and AFPAC Reply.

48 Sources cited n. 40.

49 Description of arctic shipment was deleted by theater from WAC draft report, but is well substantiated by interviews with participants. The only arctic shipments were those made to Alaska and Labrador by the ATC, which staged, equipped, and shipped its own Wacs.

50 (1) Interv with Col Ginsburgh, 25 Jul 45. (2) M. Hamlin Cannon, Leyte: Return to the Philippines, a forthcoming volume in this series.

51 (1) Marginal note on draft of this chapter. For fuller documentation see: (2) WAC Draft AFPAC Reply. (3) Memo 90, Hq Base B USASOS, 21 Nov 44. (4) Reg 10-55, Hq USASOS, 19 Dec 44. (5) Reg 10-100, Hq AFWESPAC, 2 Sep 45. (6) Ltr cited n. 46.

52 Memo 66, Hq Base B USASOS, 22 Aug 44. This replaces an earlier Memo 15, 8 Apr 44, with C-1, 5 Jun, and C-2, 25 Jul.

53 (1) Memo, Gen Frink, CG USASOS, for CG Intersec, 23 Oct 44, with incl Stf Dir Recommendations re WAC Pers at Intersec and Base B. GSCG 324.5. (2) Ltr, Stf Dir SWPA to all WAC Dets. 27 Oct 44, with incl Ltr. Folder, 5200th WAC Det, Drawer X-29443.

54 Hollandia account, except as cited, from: (1) Griffith Account. (2) AFPAC Reply, both versions. (3) Interv cited n. 50(1).

55 Major Craighill. See Table of Comparative Rates of Medical Evacuation for Wacs and Nurses, atchd to Craighill SWPA Rpt.

56 (1) WAC Hist Rpt (shows Stf Dir check sheets on 23 Aug and 7 Sep). (2) Folder, 5205th WAC Det, Drawer X-29853. Also minutes of seminar.

57 From 16 different items of correspondence in Folder. 5205th WAC Det, Drawer X-29853.

58 Statements by Colonel Brown at seminar and on margin of draft of chapter.

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62 AFPAC Reply, both versions.

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66 Descriptions of Philippines experiences not otherwise documented are from: (1) Griffith Account. (2) AFPAC Reply, both versions.

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70 Interv with Col Merle H. Davis, 24 Ju1 47.

71 This section based on Griffith Account, AFPAC Reply, and Interv cited n. 50(1).

72 A later description refers to tile highway as a city street and gives a route somewhat different from that in the present account.

73 Griffith Account for entire Manila discussion unless otherwise cited.

74 For WAC detachments at end of war see Griffith Account.

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79 Ibid.

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81 List in possession of Mary-Agnes Brown.

82 Ibid.

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91 Interv with Capt Jeanne K. Letallier, WAC IG SWPA, 9 Jan 46. Similar rpt in Craighill SWPA Rpt.

92 Material atchd to Ltr. WAC Stf Dir AFPAC to Dep Dir WAC 8 Nov 45. Hobby files.

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98 Interv with Miss Dorothy Pat Costello, 4 Aug 48.

99 AFPAC Reply. both versions: 1 Meritorious Service Unit Plaque; 4 Legion of Merit; 3 Soldier's Medal; 50 Bronze Stars.

100 All except second from GHQ AFPAC Summary, Comments on Women's Servs. 16 Jun 45. in possession of former WAC Stf Dir; second from WDBPR file.

101 Interv with Col Ginsburgh, 24 Jul 44.

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110 Hist Rpts. Apr, May 45. Folder, 5200th WAC Det. Drawer X-29443.

111 Memo, Asst Chief Surg for WAC Dir USAFFE, 16 Feb 45. REMD 704.11. In possession of Mary Agnes Brown.

112 All rates and other health statistics cited, unless otherwise specified, are from Craighill SWPA Rpt or AFPAC Reply.

113 Interv, 24 Jul 47.

114 Tech Int Rpt T/PFI-2614, SID, Hq 4th SvC, to CG ASF, 23 Jul 45. G-2 MID files.

115 Unless otherwise cited, all of Major Craighill's comments are from Craighill SWPA Rpt.

116 Hist of Women's Med Unit, draft by Lt Col Margaret D. Craighill, 23 Ju1 46. SGO Hist Div.

117 WAC Sec USAFFE Hist Rpt, Mar, Apr 45. Folder II, WAC Det FEASC.

118 Boyce Rpt.

119 Interv with Capt Letallier, 9 Jan 46. Entire following discussion is based on interviews and statistics already cited.

120 Except as otherwise documented, the supply discussion is from the monthly WAC Sec USAFFE Hist Rpts.

121 (1) Personal ltr, Capt Juanita Stryker, Asst WAC St f Dir SWPA, to Dir Hobby, 12 Jul 44, and reply from Capt Patricia Lee Chance, Exec WAC, 16 Aug 44. WDWAC 320.2 SWPA. (2) WAC Draft AFPAC Reply, Tab 12 (omitted from theater-approved version).

122 According to his memoirs, General Kenney Reports (New York, 1949).

123 AFPAC Reply.

124 Ltr. TAG to COMINCH SWPA, CG SFPOE, and CofT, 21 Apr 44. AG 400 (4-18 44) OB-S-E-SPMOT; Tab 8 of WAC Draft AFPAC Reply.

125 Discussion from theater-approved version, AFPAC Reply. Six examples are in WAC Drab, deleted by theater.

126 Interv, 31 Jul 47.

127 Unless otherwise documented entire discussion above is from: (1) Monthly WAC Sec USAFFE Hist Rpts. (2) Tp Conv, 2 Feb 51.

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136 For typical noncombat male complaints, see History of South Pacific: Base Command by Hist Sec, G-2, Hq SOPACBACOM. OCMH.

137 Memo and Ltr cited n. 53.

138 (1) Interv cited n. 119. (2) AFPAC Reply, both versions, except that official version omits names of specific offices having no time off.

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142 For world-wide rates, see Ch. XXXI, below. For SWPA rates, see Craighill SWPA Rpt.

143 Craighill SWPA Rpt.

144 (1) Tab 13, WAC Draft AFPAC Reply. Also Surv, Comments on Women's Servs, 16 Jun 45, GHQ USAFPAC, copy in possession of former WAC Stf Dir. (2) Morale Evaluation Rpt, Attitude Towards Women's Servs. Jul 45, Hq AFPAC, incl in Ltr, Actg Stf Dir AFPAC, to Dir WAC, 11 Aug 45. WAC C1 file SWPA.

145 Interv cited n. 119.

146 Folders. 5200th, 5203d, 5205th, and 5215th WAC Dets. Quotation from 5215th WAC Det, 21 Aug 20 Sep 45.

147 WAC Draft AFPAC Reply.

148 (1) Marginal note by Colonel Brown on draft of this chapter. OCMH. (2) Fraternization in FEAF was forbidden by Stf Memo 15, 30 Jul 44. Folder, WAC Det FEAF I. (3) Interv with former CO of a USASOS WAC Det, 22 Jul 47. (4) Check Sheet, Hq USAFFE, WAC Stf Dir, to DCofS. 23 Jul 45, Tab 15 to WAC Draft AFPAC Reply. (5) Quotation from Correspondence. folder. 5200th WAC Det. Drawer X-29443.

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151 Sources cited n. 51.

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153 Ltr cited n. 46.

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158 Boyce Rpt.

159 WAC Draft AFPAC Reply only; certified copy of USAFFE Inspection Rpt atchd.

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161 (1) FEAF Stf Memo 4, 15 Jan 45. (2) WAC Draft AFPAC Reply only. Records of FEAF Detachment are incomplete; files noted destroyed by authority of company officers included: WAC Disciplinary Problems Questionnaire Rpt to Maj Kersey, Leyte to Manila Move, Check Sheet re AAF Policy, Conditions of Latrine, Unauthorized Departure, Policy of Beach and Facilities, etc. Remaining are only Commendations, PRO file, vehicular reports, etc. (Envs 1 and 2, Folder, Correspondence, General, Drawer X-25096. (3) Interv with Lt Col Mary L. Kersey, 23 Jul 47.

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163 Interv cited n. 119.

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165 Boyce Rpt.

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167 (1) WAC Sec USAFFE Hist Rpts, particularly Dec 44 and Jan 45. (2) Check Sheets in same folder, particularly Check Vote to CofS USAFFE, 2 Feb 45, re Stivers decision. (3) Colonel Brown's marginal note on draft of chapter. OCMH.

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172 Folders, 5200th WAC Det, Drawer X-2944-3, and 5205th WAC Det, Drawer X 29853.

173 Statement on draft of chapter, incl to Ltr, Col Kersey, WAF Stf Dir, Hq Strat Air Comd, to Chief. Mil Hist, 21 Apr 51. OCMH.

174 Interviews listed in Bibliographical Vote.

175 WAC Draft AFPAC Reply only.

176 Personal ltr. CO 5205th WAC Det to Col Brown. 11 Mar 45; and reply, 14 Mar 45. Folder, 5205th WAC Det, Drawer X-29853.

177 Written comments on draft of chapter; also comments in seminar.

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179 USAFFE Check Sheet. WAC Sec to G- 1 Div, 27 May 45, sub: Critical Score. Deployment Plan, and comment 2 from G-1. FEWAC.

180 List of "Subjects for Discussion with the Dir WAC." Copy in possession of Mary-Agnes Brown.

181 Atchd to WAC Draft AFPAC Reply: (1) D/F, WAC Stf Dir USAFFE for G-1 Div USAFFE, 8 May 45, sub: Restriction of WAC Pers. (2) Stf Memo 52, Hq USAFFE, 18 May 45.

182 AFPAC Check Sheet, WAC Sec to CofS through G-1, 28 May 45. FEWAC.

183 Sources cited n. 109.

184 (1) Dr, TAG to CINC SWPA, 9 Jun 4.5, sub: Request for Investigation Concerning Morale, Health, and Living Conditions of Members of WAC in Pacific Areas. AGOB-C 333 WAC (5-18-45). (2) See also n. 1(3).

185 Memo, Lt Col Helen H. Woods, Deputy Dir WAC, for G-1, 10 Oct 45. WDWAC 330.11. She refers to returning Wads of previous months.

186 Ltr cited n. 184(1). Inclosure 1 is Congressional request.

187 D/F cited n. 61. 1ncls show: Congressional Inquiry, 18 May 95; first request to Pacific, 26 May 45; interim Ltr to Congress from CofS, 8 Aug 45; first SWPA Rpt, 21 Aug 95, rejected for reasons given above.

188 Ltr, WAC Stf Dir AFPAC to Col Boyce, 28 Dec 45. WDWAC 320.

189 Rpt cited n. 1(3). All supporting documents were omitted in theater version.

190 (1) Sec Ch. XXXVI. below. (2) Menlo: KKJ (Maj Katherine Johnson, Exec WAC) for Dir WAC:, 11 Jun 45, sub: Rpt of Action 6-11 Jun 45. WDWAC 319.1. (3) Boyce R pt, draft version.

191 "Readjustment Rating Scale Figures. Manila Area." In possession of Mary-Agnes Brown.

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197 (1) Memo cited n. 185. (2) UP Release, 23 Oct 45, with headlines such as that in the Denver, Colo., Rocky Mountain News.

198 Ltr. WAC Stf Dir AFPAC to WAC Stf Dir SFPOE, 8 Nov 45.

199 Interv with Lt Col Mera Galloway, second AFPAC Stf Dir. (See Bibliographical Note.)

200 (1) In interv with Col Boyce, 14 Oct 45, quoted in Rpt to Gen Marshall. Also see his statement in booklet "The .5205th WAC Det, GHQ" published in theater. WDWAC 000.7. Incl in Ltr, CO, 5205th WAC Det to Dir WAC. (2) Statement by Colonel Boyce to author and others, 19 November 1946, upon her return from SWPA.

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202 Ibid.

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204 Interv, 13 Aug 47.

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206 Memo, Lt Col Brown for OCMH, 23 Apr 51, and comments at seminar. 1948.

207 All from AFPAC Reply, both versions, except nonmedical evacuations, which are from WAC Stf Dir's file.

208 Boyce Rpt.

209 Ibid.

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