56 Memo, Brig Gen Thomas T. Handy (OPD) for CNO, 24 Apr 41, WPD 3558-26. Records of the Antilles Air Task Force (USAF, History of Antilles Air Command 1940-1945, OCMH, pp. 63-64, 67), which comprised all tactical air units in the Caribbean Sea Frontier, show the following deployment of units available for antisubmarine operations:

CamagŁey, Cuba: Flight "A," 27th Reconnaissance Squadron (later 417th Bombardment Squadron)

Vernon Field, Jamaica: Detachment, 27th Reconnaissance Squadron

Borinquen Field, P.R.: Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 25th Bombardment Group; 10th Bombardment Squadron; Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 40th Bombardment Group; 29th Bombardment Squadron; 44th Bombardment Squadron; 45th Bombardment Squadron; 27th Reconnaissance Squadron (less units at CamagŁey and Jamaica) ; 5th Reconnaissance Squadron (later 395th Bombardment Squadron)

Benedict Field, St. Croix: 12th Bombardment Squadron

Coolidge Field, Antigua: 35th Bombardment Squadron

Beane Field, St. Lucia: 5th Bombardment Squadron

Waller Field, Trinidad: Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 9th Bombardment Group; 1st Bombardment Squadron

Atkinson Field, British Guiana: 44th Reconnaissance Squadron (later 430th Bombardment Squadron)

Zanderij Field, Surinam: 99th Bombardment Squadron

Curacao: Flight "B," 59th Bombardment Squadron (from Panama)

Aruba: Flight "C," 59th Bombardment Squadron (from Panama)