Endnotes for Chapter IX

1 See Ch. VIII, above; G-2 study, title; The Existing International Situation, forwarded with Memo, G-2 for WPD, 31 Aug 37, WPD 3748-9; Memo, Chief Lat Amer Sec G-2 for Chief Intelligence Br G-2, 13 May 38; Min, Jt Secretariat mtg, 15 Jun 38. Last two in SLC Min, Vol. I, Items 9 and 10.

2 Statements are based on statistics compiled from Documents on American Foreign Relations, January 1938 June 1939, S. Shepard Jones and Denys P. Myers, eds. (Boston: World Peace Foundation, 1939), pp. 576-80; and Documents on American Foreign Relations, July 1939-June 1940,II, 838-43.

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4 Notes on SLC mtg, 14 Nov 38, SLC Min, Vol. I, Item 29.

5 General Marshall made a frank and succinct statement of the Army's position to the Department of State in February 1940, in which he said the War Department doubted "whether, in the event of passage of the legislation now pending before Congress . . . , any orders {for new equipment] for the other American Republics can be filled in less than two years." Memo of Conv, 21 Feb 40, WPD 4228.

6 G-2 Interoffice Memo, 13 May 38, SLC Min, Vol. I, item 9.

7 Public Resolution No. 83, 76th Congress.

8 The Judge Advocate General, as early as 5 April 1939, interpreted the proposed resolution as excluding the sale of any other military equipment such as rifles and pistols. SLC Min, Vol. I, Item 35.

9 On the circumstances of this Brazilian request, see Ch. XI, below.

10 Ltr, Under Secy State to CofS, 5 Sep 39, WPD 4224-17; Memo, JAG for CofS, 6 Sep 39, WPD 4224-18. In the latter memo, The Judge Advocate General expressed the opinion that the procedure suggested by President Roosevelt was itself illegal.

11 Remarks of Gen Marshall at SLC mtg, 20 Nov 39, SLC Min, Vol. I, Item 45.

12 Memo, CofS for WPD, 21 Nov 39, WPD 4228. Italics in original. This statement reflected the discussion of the subject with Under Secretary of State Welies at the SLC meetings on 6 and 20 November 1939. SLC Min, Vol. I, Items 41 and 45.

13 Notes on SLC mtgs, 20 Nov and 7 Dec 39, SLC Min, Vol. I, Items 45 and 47. Judging from the reported remarks of Mr. Welles at these two meetings, the Under Secretary seems himself to have shifted ground between these two dates from opposition to cautious advocacy of the Chilean requests for offensive-type arms.

14 For the Haitian transaction, see undated memo (about 1 Feb 40), title: Status of Negotiations on Sale of Armament to the Amer Republics, SLC Min, Vol. I, Item 49. Also, various papers in WPD 4235.

15 Undated Memo (about 1 Feb 40), title: Status of Negotiations . . ., and Notes on SLC mtgs, 6 and 20 Nov and 7 Dec 39, SLC Min, Vol. I, Items 41, 45, 47, and 49.

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20 On the supply of arms to Brazil, see Chs. XI and XII, below.

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24 Jt Memo, CofS and CNO for President, 27 Jun 40, WPD 4250-3. The President's approval and decision are recorded in Memo, Gen Marshall for Gen Strong, ACofS WPD, 24 Jun 40, WPD 4250-3.

25 Memo, WPD for CofS, 8 Jul 40, WPD 4244-10.

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27 WPD Note for Record, 27 Jul 40, WPD 4244-10.

28 Stimson and Bundy, On Active Service, p. 319.

29 For example, in a discussion with Secretary Hull about allocating some airplanes to the Latin American nations, Mr. Stimson said, "Latin America ought to be ruled out altogether," because "there was no war in this Hemisphere at present and the urgent front, in view of the small supply of our planes, should be considered to be only where the war was raging and where planes were really actually now needed." Stimson Diary, entry of 23 Dec 40.

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33 Memo, WPD for CofS, 15 Nov 40, WPD 4244-19.

34 Memo, WPD for G-2, G-3, G-4, and A&NMB, 5 Dec 40, WPD 4244-19. Critical items were military supplies of a noncommercial character; essential items, those of common military and civilian use.

35 Ibid.

36 Memo, WPD for CofS, 3 Jan 41; Memo, Gen Burns for SGS, 20 Mar 41. Both in WPD 4244-19. Memo, WPD for Dept of State, 27 Mar 41, WPD 4380-1.

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38 Ltr, Col Ridgway to Mr. Selden Chapin, 15 Jan 41, WPD 4346-6. While this was ostensibly a "personal" letter, Colonel Ridgway showed it to Mr. Orme Wilson, Mr. Chapin's successor as Liaison Officer of the Department of State, before sending it. Mr. Wilson approved it as a proper expression of the Latin American arms problems.

39 Memo, WPD for G-2, 9 Dec 40, WPD 4244-21; Report of JAB to SW and SN, 3 Mar 41, JAB 5-2; Memo for WPD use only, 23 Sep 41, JAB 5-21. Last two in OPD Misc 36.

40 Memo (and attachments), A&NMB for JAB, 19 Feb 41, OPD Misc 47, Munitions for South Amer Countries; Report of JAB, 3 Mar 41, JAB 5-2 (OPD Misc 36).

41 Report of JAB, 3 Mar 41 and attached preliminary tabulation of allotments, JAB 5-2. The revised tabulation (including Argentina and Mexico) is attached to a memorandum by Colonel Ridgway, WPD, 24 July 1941, JAB 5-16. Panama was never included in the Latin American arms program. The above paragraph is also based on Report of JAB to SW and SN, 14 July 1941, JAB 5-16; and Memo for WPD use only, 23 September 1941, JAB 5-21. General Marshall approved the initial report on 3'March 1941, and subsequently the Secretaries of War, Navy, and State gave it their official approval. Report of JAB to SW and SN, 16 Apr 41, JAB 5-10. All in OPD Misc 36.
When the calculations that led to the Victory Program of September 1941 were begun in July, the JAB report of 3 March 1941 and its refinements, together with a related study on Latin American airplane requirements (11 April 1941, OPD Misc 47) provided a completed estimate of future Latin American procurement requirements that was fitted without change into the over-all long-range United States procurement program. Memo, Plans Sec for Lat Amer Sec WPD, 24 Jul 41; Memo (with inds), Lat Amer Sec WPD for Plans Sec, 31 Jul 41. Both in JAB 5-18 (OPD Misc 36).

42 The statement was drafted by Colonel Ridgway, who secured advance approval of minor Department of State officials before it was forwarded in a formal letter to the Secretary of State. Secretary of State Hull held up issuance pending further discussion of which there is no record. The papers were still in suspense in November 1941 when Colonel Ridgway asked his colleagues whether the matter ought to be revived. They unanimously agreed that the time had long since passed when such a statement would have had a salutary effect. Memo, Col Ridgway for Chief WPD, 2 Apr 41, JAB 5-7 (OPD Misc 36); Ltr, SW to Secy State, 7 Apr 41, WPD 4244-33; Ltr, Secy State to SW, 11 Apr 41; WD pencil memos, 13 Nov 41. Last two in JAB 5-7 (OPD Misc 36).

43 Report of JAB, 16 Apr 41, JAB 5-10 (OPD Misc 36); Ltr, Secy War, Navy, and State to President, 22 Apr 41, WPD 4244-37; Ltr, Secy State to SW, 6 May 41, JAB 5-10 (OPD Misc 36).

44 The Department of State at first thought the War and Navy Departments ought to make the announcements, but, at War Department urging, the Department of State accepted the responsibility. Colonel Ridgway noted that an announcement of allocations by the War or Navy Department would have led to "prolonged discussion of each item involved, organization of the armed forces, and discussion of detailed plans for mutual military and naval cooperation which is not desirable at this time." Since the Department of State was not qualified to talk about such technical matters, Latin American representatives could not very well raise them if the Department of State did the announcing. Memo, Col Ridgway for Capt Spears (Navy), 1 Apr 41; Col Ridg-way's Memo for Record, 1 Apr 41. Both in JAB 5-6 (OPD Misc 36). Memo, Mr. Wilson (Dept of State Ln Off) for Col Ridgway, 5 May 41, JAB 5-12 (OPD Misc 36); Notes on SLC mtg, 5 May 41, SLC Min, Vol. II, Item 23.

45 As of April 1941, despite the fact that almost all the Latin American countries had raised the question of arms supply informally, only five had designated representatives officially authorized to discuss such matters. Memo, Col Ridgway for Mr. Wilson, 11 Apr 41, WPD 4115-44. By mid-July only half the countries had submitted their armaments lists. Report of JAB, 14 Jul 41, JAB 5-16 (OPD Misc 36).

46 Ltr, Gen Burns, Exec Off Div of Def Aid Reports, to Under Secy State Welles, 2 Jul 41, with inclosure describing the procedure as above, JAB 2-6 (OPD Misc 33). See also, Leighton and Coakley, Global Logistics and Strategy, 1940-43, Ch. III.

47 Memo, Col Ridgway for Gen Gerow, WPD, 1 Aug 41, WPD 4224-174; Memo for Record, Col Ridgway, 6 Aug 41, JAB 5-10 (OPD Misc 36).

48 Ltr, ASW McCloy to Mr. Welles, 5 Sep 41; Ltr, Mr. Welles to ASW McCloy, 22 Sep 41; Memos for Record, 25 Sep and 20 Nov 41. All in JAB 5-10 (OPD Misc 36).

49 Memo, WPD for G-2, 10 Sep 41, WPD 4115-56.

50 The first lend-lease appropriation act of March did not carry any funds for Latin America.

51 Memo, CofS for Under Secy State (through Mr. Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., Lend-Lease Administrator), 31 Oct 41, WPD 4244-41.

52 Ibid.

53 Memo Def Aid Dir for WPD, 13 Nov 41, WPD 4244-41; Dept of State Memo of Conv, 13 Nov 41, WPD 4244-42; Draft Memo (not used), WPD for Def Aid Dir, 27 Nov 41; Memo, Col Barber for Col Ridgway, WPD, 28 Nov 41. Last two in WPD 4244-41.

54 On Latin American air strengths: Study of Col Ridgway, 11 Apr 41, OPD Misc 47; Memo, G-2 for WPD, 7 Feb 42, WPD 4113- 144. On Argentine air force: Memo, Chief Air Mission for G-2, n.d. (Nov 41), WPD 4406-28.

55 Memo, WPD for G-2 26 Dec 40, WPD 4406; Ltr, SW to Gen Arnold, 30 Jan 41, JAB 4 (OPD Misc 35); Notes on SLC mtg, 10 Jun 41, SLC Min, Vol. II, Item 29; Report of JAC, approved 7 Mar 42, JAB 6-15 (OPD Misc 37).

56 Memo, WPD for G-2, 8 Oct 40, WPD 4374; WPD Interoffice Memo, 10 Dec 40, WPD 4406; Memo, WPD for CofAC, 30 Dec 40, WPD 4406-1.

57 Study of Col Ridgway, 11 Apr 41, OPD Misc 47. Note how this study reversed the proportion of tactical and trainer planes that had been requested by the Latin Americans.

58 Ltr, Actg Secy State to SW, 2 Aug 41, and subsequent correspondence in JAB 5-16 (OPD Misc 36); Memo, Dept of State for JAC, 20 Oct 41, and other correspondence in JAB 6-3 (OPD Misc 37); Memo, WPD for CofS, 12 Nov 41, OPD Misc 15.

59 Memo, JAC Subcommittee for JAC, 28 Feb 42, and accompanying table, JAB 6-15 (OPD Misc 37).

60 See Ch. XII, below.

61 This information has been derived from tables in Lend-Lease Shipments, World War II, issued by the Office, Chief of Finance, War Department (Washington: 31 December 1946). The tables record deliveries through 30 June 1946, but most of them were made before September 1945.

62 Army Service Forces International Division, MS, Lend-Lease, II, 1296, Table X.

63 Notes on SLC mtg, 24 Mar 41, SLC Min, Vol. II, Item 13; Ltr, SW to Secy State, 8 Apr 41; Ltr, Secy State to SW, 16 Apr 41. Last two in WPD 4224-139. Memo, JAB for SW and SN, 2 May 41, containing the new statement of policy quoted above, JAB 8 (OPD Misc 39); Notes on SLC mtg, 5 May 41, SLC Min, Vol. II, Item 23; Ltr, SW to Secy State, 12 May 41, WPD 4224-139.

64 Memo, WPD for Def Aid Dir, 25 Nov 41, WPD 4225-21. The initial statement of policy was made in Memo, WPD for CofS, 26 Jul 41, WPD 4115-53.

65 Memo, written by Col Ridgway, no addressee, 25 Jul 41, WPD 4244-36.

66 Notes on SLC mtg, 29 Oct 41, SLC Min, Vol. II, Item 35.

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68 See Ch. VIII, above.

69 Ltr CofS to Under Secy State, 2 Jul 41; Ltr, CofS to CG PCD, 2 Jul 41. Both in AG 400.3299 (7-2-41).

70 Notes on SLC mtg, 10 Feb 42, SLC Min, Vol. II, Item 46.

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72 Ltr, Secy State to Vice President, 13 Dec 41, WPD 4115-62. The other papers on this subject are to be found in this WPD file and in AG 380 (5-18-40), Sec. 1.

73 Memo, WPD for CofS, 3 Jan 42; Ltr, SW to Vice President Wallace, 6 Jan 42; Ltr, Vice President Wallace to SW, 16 Jan 42. All in WPD 4115-76.

74 Memo, Col Ridgway, WPD, for Ln Office, Dept of State, 14 Dec 41, WPD 4358-14.

75 Ltr, Under Secy State Welles to President, 24 Dec 41; Ltr, President to Mr. Welles, 6 Jan 42, and accompanying papers and memos. All in JAB 5-28 (OPD Misc 36).

76 The progress and objectives of the new program are described in WPD interoffice memos of 12 and 15 Dec 41. Both in OPD Misc 15.

77 Memo, WPD for G-2, 16 Dec 41, WPD 4115-68.

78 See Ch. VIII, above.

79 See Ch. XII, below.

80 ASF Int Div, Lend-Lease, II, 1231ff.

81 For example, the coast artillery battery sent to Venezuela (discussed in the preceding chapter) found it to be virtually impossible to buy many supplies locally. Most of the things the battery wanted were items that Venezuela itself had to import, and the Venezuelans naturally could not see why they should have to supply imported articles to the United States garrison. His Sec, CDC, Military Collaboration, C.D.C.-Venezuela During World War II, pp. 71-73.

82 Army Services Forces International Division, MS, History of Reciprocal Aid, 9 May 1941-31 December 1945 (revised), pp. 56-57, quoting minutes of meeting between Department of State and Foreign Economic Administration representatives, 16 September 1943.

83 Statements based on various tables in Lend-Lease Shipments, World War II.

84 See Chs. XII and XIII, below.

85 Statements based on table in Memo, OPD for DCofS, 8 Jun 43, SLC Min, Vol. IV.

86 Statement of Policy Regarding Future Supply of Lend Lease Materials to Lat Amer as Agreed upon by the State, War, and Navy Depts, 6 Aug 43, copy in G-4 400.3295, Vol. I. For background, see: Memo Chief Lat Amer Theater OPD for ACofS OPD, 6 Aug 43, and attachments, OPD 400.3295 (6 Aug 43) ; Memo, OPD for DCofS, 8 Jun 43; Notes on SLC mtg, 14 Jun 43 (recording remarks of Mr. Welles and General McNarney). Last two in SLC Min, Vol. IV. For a comprehensive review of the problems of Army supply to Latin America toward the end of the war, see: Report of seminar held at Army Industrial College, 21 Dec 44, ASF Int Div 337 Confs, Vol. V.

87 Various papers, G-4 400.3295, Vols. I and IV.

88 OPD Note for Record, 25 Mar 44, and OPD Memo for Record, 11 Sep 44, both contain statements almost identical in language with that made in the text above. Both in OPD 400.3295, Case 28.

89 Carrel I. Tod and Anne P. Croft, under direction of Theodore E. Whiting, Lend-Lease section of Statistics, a volume to be published in series UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II, Table LL-7.

90 H. Doc. 568, 80th Cong., 2d Sess., Twenty-Fifth Report 6o Congress on Lend-Lease Operations, pp. 4-7.

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