AAF    Army Air Forces
ABC    American-British Conversations
ACofS    Assistant Chief of Staff
Adm    Administrative, administration, Admiral
Adm O    Administrative Order
AEF    American Expeditionary Forces (1917-18)
AG    Adjutant General
AGF    Army Ground Forces
AGWAR    Adjutant General, War Department
ANEPA    Army-Navy Electronics Production Agency
ANMB    Army and Navy Munitions Board
Appen    Appendix
AR    Army Regulations
ARGONAUT    International conference held at Malta and Yalta, 30vJanuary-9 February 1945
ASF    Army Service Forces
Asst    Assistant
ASW    Assistant Secretary of War
Atchd    Attached
Bd    Board
BOLERO    The build-up of troops and supplies in the United Kingdom in preparation for a cross-Channel attack.
BPR    Bureau of Public Relations, War Department
Br    Branch
Bull    Bulletin
CBI    China, Burma, and India
CCS    Combined Chiefs of Staff
CD    Control Division, Army Service Forces
CG    Commanding General
Chm    Chairman
CIC    Counter Intelligence Corps
CINC    Commander in Chief
Cir    Circular
CMP    Controlled Materials Plan
CO    Commanding Officer
CofS    Chief of Staff
Com    Committee
Comd    Command



Comdr    Commander
Conf    Conference
Cong    Congress
Cond    Control
Corresp    Correspondence
cos British    Chiefs of Staff
CPRB    Combined Production and Resources Board
DAD    Defense Aid Division
DCofS    Deputy Chief of Staff
Dept    Department
Dir    Director, directive
Div    Division
Doc    Document, documentary
DRB    Departmental Records Branch, The Adjutant General's Office
Env    Envelope
EO    Executive Order
Equip    Equipment
ETO    European Theater of Operations
EUREKA    International conference at Tehran, 28-30 November 1943
FEA    Foreign Economic Administration
G-1    Personnel Section of divisional or higher headquarters
G-2    Military Intelligence Section
G-3    Operations Section
G-4    Supply Section
GAO    General Accounting Office
GO    General Orders
GOGO    Government-owned, government-operated
GOPO    Government-owned, privately operated
GS    General Staff
HB    Historical Branch
Hist    Historical
Hosp    Hospital
Hq    Headquarters
H&R    Holding and reconsignment
H.R.    House of Representatives, U.S. Congress
HUSKY    Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943
ICC    Interstate Commerce Commission
Ind    Endorsement
Info    Information
Interv    Interview
Intn    International
JAC    Joint Administrative Committee



JAG    Judge Advocate General
JB    Joint Board (Army and Navy)
JCS    Joint Chiefs of Staff
JLC    Joint Logistics Committee
JLPC    Joint Logistics Plans Committee
JPC    Joint Planning Committee
JPS    Joint Staff Planners
LL    Lend-Lease
MAB    Munitions Assignments Board
MAC(G)    Munitions Assignments Committee (Ground)
Maint    Maintenance
Man    Manual
MANHATTAN DISTRICT    Atomic bomb project
MBW    Munitions Assignments Board, Washington
MDW    Military District of Washington
Med    Medical
Min    Minutes
MP    Military Police
MPD    Military Personnel Division
MS    Manuscript
Mtg    Meeting
NAM    National Association of Manufacturers
NDAC    Advisory Commission to the Council of National Defense
NDRC    National Defense Research Committee
NYPE    New York Port of Embarkation
OCD    Office of Civilian Defense
OCMH    Office of the Chief of Military History
OCofS    Office of the Chief of Staff
OCT    Office of the Chief of Transportation
OCTAGON    International conference at Quebec, 12-16 September 1944
ODCofS    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff
ODT    Office of Defense Transportation
Off    Officer
OLLA    Office of Lend-Lease Administration
OPA    Office of Price Administration
OPD    Operations Division, War Department General Staff
OPM    Office of Production Management
Opn    Operation
OQMG    Office of The Quartermaster General
Org    Organization, organizational
OSRD    Office of Scientific Research and Development
OUSW    Office of the Under Secretary of War



OVERLORD    Plan for the invasion of northwest Europe in the spring of 1944
OWMR    Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion
Pam    Pamphlet
Pers    Personnel
PRP    Production Requirements Plan
Pub    Publication
PW    Prisoner of War
QUADRANT    International conference at Quebec, 14-24 August 1943
Rad    Radio, radiogram
RAINBOW    Name for various prewar plans of military action to meet situations created by Axis aggression
Rec    Record
Reorg    Reorganization
Rep    Repair
Ret    Retired
RFC    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
ROTC    Reserve Officers' Training Corps
Rpt    Report
SAS    Supply Arms and Services
Sec    Section
Sess    Session
SEXTANT     International conference at Cairo, 22-26 November and 3-7 December 1943
SG    Surgeon General
Shipmt    Shipment
SigC    Signal Corps
SN    Secretary of the Navy
SO    Special Orders
SOS    Services of Supply
SPAB    Supply Priorities and Allocation Board
Spec    Special
Sta    Station
Stat    Statistics, statistical
Sup    Supply
Sv    Service
SW    Secretary of War
SWPA    Southwest Pacific Area
TAG    The Adjutant General
Tech    Technical
Tel    Telephone
TERMINAL    International conference near Potsdam, 16-26 July 1945


TM    Technical Manual
Tag    Training
T of Opns    Theater of Operations
TORCH    Allied invasion of North and Northwest Africa, November 1942
Trans    Transportation
Trf    Transfer
TRIDENT    International conference at Washington, 12-25 May 1943
USAFICPA    United States Army Forces in the Central Pacific Area
USASOS    United States Army Services of Supply
USN    Under Secretary of the Navy
USSR    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USW    Under Secretary of War
Vice    CNO Vice Chief of Naval Operations
WAC    Women's Army Corps
Wash    Washington
WD    War Department
WDGS    War Department General Staff
WMC    War Manpower Commission
WPA    Works Progress Administration
WPB    War Production Board
WPD    War Plans Division, War Department General Staff
WSA    War Shipping Administration


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