Endnotes for Epilogue

1 Dorr, Memorandum Notes, pp. 60-62.

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6 These ideas were worked out in considerable detail by the Control Division, ASF, for General Somervell to be published in a final report. The report was never issued as prepared. Eventually a factual record was published over General Lutes' signature entitled, Logistics in World War 11.

7 The report was reproduced and transmitted under a covering memorandum by the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff to all parts of the War Department on 19 October 1945.

8 This analysis made for General Lutes is in the files of the Commanding General, ASE

9 WD Cir 138, 14 May 46.

10 Ibid., Sec. 29.

11 Lutes' successors from 1947 to 1950 had also had experience with the ASF: Lt. Gens. H. S. Aurand and T: B. Larkin.

12 The organizational history of the Army underwent a major change with the passage of the National Security Act of 26 July 1947, and later a change was to be made in the status of the technical and administrative services. See, Department of the Army Circular 342, 1 November 1948, which placed the "Technical Staffs and Services" under the Director of Logistics (changed from Service, Supply, and Procurement), and placed the "Administrative Staffs and Services" under the Director of Personnel and Administration. This was a return to the command arrangement which characterized the ASE

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