Endnotes for Chapter IX

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14 Memo, McNair for Somervell, 24 Jun 43, sub: Reorg of Sv Activities, Hq ASF, AGF (1943-44). The memo was signed by the AGF chief of staff with the place for McNair's signature vacant.

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17 WD SO 183, 2 Jul 43. Director of War Mobilization James F. Byrnes wrote to Secretary Stimson on 24 June 1943 repeating in part a suggestion by the Bureau of the Budget to the War Department on 8 May 1943. Secretary Stimson's reply to justice Byrnes, and General Marshall's instructions to the chairman of the War Department Procurement Review Board were drafted by General Clay of Somervell's staff. In turn, Somervell on 1 July 1943 instructed Generals Clay, Lutes, Gross, and C. F. Robinson to furnish the board with "full information." This correspondence is in Hq ASF, Procurement Review Board.

18 The report of the Procurement Review Board and other documents arising out of the board's work were collected in two volumes which were multilithed and distributed by the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff under the title, Levels of Supply and Supply Procedures, 1 January 1944. The report of the Procurement Review Board was Appendix B; See also Annual Rpt of ASF, 1944, pp. 101-04.

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20 This account is based upon a discussion summarized in the staff conference minutes of the ASF for 30 November 1945

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23 The Control Division, ASF, collected charts of overseas supply organizations which were analyzed at the end of the war in a staff paper. This paper was never used outside the division.

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