Endnotes for Chapter II

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23 Mr. Door was personal friend of Secretary Slims, and had known General Somervell for at least eight years. In 1906 he had joined Mr. Stimon's staff when the latter was United States Attorney for the Southern District, New York. During World War I he was Assistant Director of Munitions under Benedict Crowell, and had become familiar with the procurement operations of that period. At the end of the war, Mr. Dorr returned to a legal Practice in New York City where he was a ember of the firm of Hives, Rearick, Dart, and Hammond.

24 In an interview with Troyer Anderson, his historian, Patterson said he had no recollection of talking to General Somervell about the Dorr study. It's probable slut General Somervell told Patterson that he was planning to study supply and Patterson approved in a general way. But while Patterson may have approved o theory, it is doubtful that he approved or even knew about the specific lines along which the survey developed.

25 This account a based on the personal memorandum of Mr. Dorr, cited in n.18. This memorandum was written by Mr. Doer after the end of the war. A copy was provided the author, who served on the star of the informal group, by Mr. Dour from his own personals files.

26 On 1 December 1941 the War Plans Division had asked each of the General Stag divisions to comment on the proposed War Department and Army reorganization; this memorandum spoke of a "Commending General, Service Command." O. L. Nelson, National Security and The General Staff pp. 942-45. General Somervell has stated to the author that he has no recollection of this memorandum. General Harrison remembers discussing this proposal with Somervell and with his branch chief, shortly after Somervell became G-4. Lo, W. K. Harrison to Col Thomas J. Bands, OCMH, 7 Jul 50. In any event, before February 1942 there was no attempt to correlate the projected G-4 reorganization with the larger War Department reorganization plan.

27 Interv, Maj Gen James H. Burns, art, with Jonathan Grossman, 9 Feb 50; Informal memo, Aurand for Moore, 24 Nov 41, sub: Necessary for Immediate Action on Certain Projects, DAD Misc Corresp LL. Interestingly enough, a copy of a preliminary memorandum by Mr. Dart a filed with the correspondence of Colonel Aurand's, office.

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51 Dorr, Memorandum Notes, pp. 26-27. Somervell had indirectly learned early in February that he was General Marshall's choice for the job. In Somervell's mind there was never any doubt that the crucial factor is his appointment was General Marshall's own derision. He always assumed not only that the new supply command was General Marshall's own creation, but also that whoever headed it was General Marshall', man. It was primarily the Chief of Staff, be believed, who had to be satisfied with the performance of the Services of Supply.

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54 As already noted, the designation Army Service, Farces did not come into official the unfit March 1943. General McNaroey's papers generally spoke of "Service Command" The old AEP term Service of Supply began to appear in General Somervell's papers about 16 February 1942 and was used in the executive order of 28 February and is War Department Circular 59, 7 March 1942.

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