Endnotes for Chapter XII


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6 The book, written by Karl W. Detzer, formerly a roving editor of the Reader's Digest, was published without profit by the Readers' Digest Association and distributed at cost by the S-M News Company. All profits from the enterprise were contributed to the Army Emergency Relief Fund. More than 300,000 copies were sold.

7 There are a few minor exceptions, such as a note to General Somervell from the Chief of Staff, dated 18 December 1944, expressing dissatisfaction with the ASF post commander at Camp McClellan. Files, CG ASE

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9 These remarks were made in the Pentagon auditorium on 9 March 1945, the occasion of the celebration of the third anniversary of the creation of the ASE No record was made of General Marshall's comments and the above account reflects the author's recollection of what was said.

10 See below, p. 222.

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