Appendix G

Stimson-Knox Agreement on Organization and Functions of the Production 
Executive Committee of the WPB

(1) The Production Executive Committee of the War Production Board consists of the following:

General Brehon B. Somervell 
Admiral S. M. Robinson 
General Oliver P. Echols 
Admiral R. A. Davison
Admiral Howard L. Vickery 
Mr. Ferdinand Eberstadt
Mr. C. E. Wilson, Chairman

The Chairman, acting upon the advice and with the assistance of this Committee, shall determine whether the war production program, as scheduled by the services, is within the capacity of the country to produce it. If it shall be determined that the capacity of the country is insufficient to fulfill the war production program or any part of it, the Chairman shall so advise, either directly or through the respective services, the joint Chiefs of Staff of such fact and it shall become the duty of the joint Chiefs of Staff to take such steps as shall be necessary to bring such program within the limits of the capacity of the country. In any such determination of capacity, there will be co-ordination with the Controlled Materials Plan.

(2) Mr. Wilson as Chairman of the Production Executive Committee and with the advice and assistance of such Committee shall be charged with the particular duty of investigating and supervising, through the supply and procurement branches of the armed services and the Maritime Commission, the programs for the production of radar equipment and escort vessels to the end that the production of these items shall be increased and expedited.

(3) There shall also be constituted an aircraft production board, of which Mr. C. E. Wilson will also act as Chairman. The other members will be General Knudsen, General Echols, Admiral Davison and T. P. Wright, Mr. Wright to act as recorder. As Chairman of this Committee, Mr. Wilson will have the duty of giving general direction, through the respective supply branches of the armed forces, to the aircraft production program of the armed forces.

(4) The foregoing constitutes the general objectives and authority of the Production Executive Committee and the aircraft production board. In order to clarify further the position of these agencies with relation to the functions of the respective supply services, it is understood:

(a) That Mr. Wilson shall have authority to inquire into any feature of the war production program, including its scheduling and may consult freely on production matters (1) with the heads of the armed services or any of their various subordinates who are charged with the preparation and maintenance of the program or any parts thereof, and (2) with any supplier or group of suppliers.

(b) That Mr. Wilson shall issue his directions through and by means of the respective supply services. Responsibility for the quality and quantity of weapons or munitions remains with the armed services, within the limits of the capacity of the country to produce.




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