Appendix A

Key Personnel of the ASF

9 March 1942-31 December 1945* 

General General Brehon Somervell
Chief of Staff     Lt. Gen. W. D. Styer (to 18 Apr 45); Lt. 
Gen. LeRoy Lutes


Deputy Chief of Staff for Service Commands Maj. Gen. George Grunert (from 15 May 43 to 15 Aug 43); 
Brig. Gen. Philip Hayes, Acting (15 Aug to 1 Dec 43); 
Brig. Gen. C. H. Danielson (to 6Jan 44); 
Brig. Gen. J. F. Battley (to 15 Jun 45); 
Maj. Gen. Richard Donovan
Director of Plans and Operations Maj. Gen. LeRoy Lutes (from Oct 43 to Oct 43 to 18 Apr 45); 
Maj. Gen. W. A. Wood, Jr. (to May 45); 
Maj. Gen. Daniel Noce
Deputy Director Maj. Gen. W. A. Wood, Jr. (to 19 Apr 45); 
Maj. Gen. Stanley L. Scott (from 27 Jun 45)
Deputy Director for Demobilization Brig. Gen. Stanley L. Scott (from Jan 44 to Nov 44)
Planning Division Col. C. B. Magruder (to Nov 44); 
Maj. Gen. Stanley L. Scott (Nov 44 to 27Jun 45); Brig. Gen. Henry C. Wolfe
Requirements and Stock Control Division .Col. H. M. Reedall (from Mar 44 to 1 Nov 44); Brig. Gen. T. M. Osborne
Mobilization Division Brig. Gen. C. E. Dissinger 

*Highest rank held while serving in the position has been used in each instance.


Chief of Administrative Services or Director of Adminstration  Maj. Gen. John P. Smith (to Sep 42) ; 
Maj. Gen. George Grunert (to May 43); 
Maj. Gen. James L. Collins (to Nov 43when position was abolished)
Control Division Maj. Gen. C. F. Robinson
Intelligence Division  Col. J. A. Roamer
Technical Information Division Lt. Col. Karl Detzer (from Jul 42 to Feb 43); 
Col. Kilbourne Johnston, Acting (to
Jun 43); 
Mr. Harry M. Shackleford (to
Dee 43); 
Col. Karl Detzer


The Quartermaster General Lt. Gen. E. B. Gregory
The Chief of Ordnance Maj. Gen. C. M. Wesson (to 1 Jun 42); Lt. 
Gen. L. H. Campbell, Jr.
The Chief of Engineers Lt. Gen. Eugene Reybold
The Surgeon General Maj. Gen. James C. Magee (to 1 Jun 43); 
Maj. Gen. Norman T. Kirk
The Chief Signal Officer Maj. Gen. Dawson Olmstead (to 30 Jun 43); 
Maj. Gen. Harry C. Ingles
The Chief of Chemical Warfare Service Maj. Gen. William N. Porter
The Chief of Transportation Maj. Gen. C. P. Gross


First  Maj. Gen. Sherman Miles
Second Maj. Gen. T. A. Terry
Third Maj. Gen. M. C. Reckord (to Dec 43); 
Maj. Gen. Philip Hayes
Fourth Maj. Gen. William Bryden (to 15 Jan44); 
 Maj. Gen. Frederick E. Uhl (to 10Jun 45); 
Maj. Gen. E. H. Brooks


Fiftth Maj. Gen. D. L. Van Voorhis (to 2 Jul 43); 
Maj. Gen. F. C. Wallace (to 2 Dec
Maj. Gen. James L. Collins
Sixth Maj. Gen. George Grunert (to 4 Sep 42); 
Maj. Gen. Henry S. Aurand (to 22 Nov44); 
Maj. Gen. R. B. Reynolds (to 23
May 45); 
Maj. Gen. David McCoach,
Seventh Maj. Gen. Frederick E. Uhl (to 10 Jan 44); 
Maj. Gen. C. H. Danielson
Eigth Maj. Gen. Richard Donovan (to 15 Jun 45); Lt. Gen. Walton H. Walker
Ninth Maj. Gen. K. A. Joyce (to 11 Oct 43); 
Maj. Gen. David McCoach, Jr. (to 1 Sep
Maj. Gen. W. E. Shedd
Military District of Washington Maj. Gen. John T. Lewis (to 6 Sep 44); 
Maj. Gen. C. F. Thompson
Northwest Service Command Brig. Gen. J. A. O'Connor (to 20 Feb 44); 
Brig. Gen. K. D. Worsham (to
6 May 44); 
Col. F. S. Strong


The Adjutant General Maj. Gen. J. A. Ulio (to Aug 45); 
Gen. E. F. Witsell, Acting
The Judge Advocate General Maj. Gen. M. C. Cramer
The Provost Marshal General Maj. Gen. A. W. Gullion (to 21 Jun 44); 
Maj. Gen. A. L. Lerch
The National Guard Bureau Maj. Gen. J. F. Williams (to May 1945)
Director of Materiel  
(Assistant Chief of Staff for Requirements and Resources, Assistant  Chief of Staff for Materiel) 
Maj. Gen. L. D. Clay (to 27 Nov 44); 
Mr. Howard Bruce (to 1 Sep 45); 
Maj. Gen. G. E. Edgerton


Research and Development Division
(from May 1944)
Col. R. M. Osborne (to 11 Jan 45); 
Col. P. R. Faymonville (to 27 Jun 45); 
Brig.Gen. E. A. Regnier
Requirements Division 
(to June 1944)
Brig. Gen. W. A. Wood, Jr.

Production Division
(to September 1945)
Bri7. Gen. Charles Hines (to Sep 42);  
Brig. Gen. H. C. Minton (to Sep 45)
Purchases Division 
(to September 1945)
Brig. Gen. A. J. Browning (to 11 Sep 44); 
Col F. C. Foy (to 1 Aug 45); 
Mr.W. C. Foster (to 1 Sep 45)
Production and Purchases Division
(from September to December 1945)
Brig. Gen. G. H. Drewry (to 5 Dec 45);  CoL. P. W. Smith
International Division Brig. Gen. H. S. Aurand (to Jul 42); 
Col. J. B. Franks, Acting (to Mar 43);
Brig. Gen. Boykin C. Wright (to 31 May
Maj. Gen. G. E. Edgerton (to 19
Apr 45); 
Brig. Gen. D. G. Shingler
Renegotiation Division
(from August 1943)
Mr. Maurice M. Karker (to 15 Sep 43);  
Mr. Joseph M. Dodge (to 1 Sep 44);
Col. Maurice Hirsch
Division(from September 1944)
Brig. Gen. D. N. Houseman

Director of Supply (from October 1943) Maj. Gen. F. A. Heileman (to 10 Jul  45); 
Brig. Gen. N. H. McKay
Distribution Division Col. R. A. Case (to 21 Jul 45); 
H. A. Markle (to 24 Aug 45); 
Brig. Gen.
F. A. Henning
Storage Division Col. A. B. Drake (to 28 Apr 45); 
Gen. H. W. Bayette (to 4 Aug 45); 
W. C. Crosby
Maintenance Division Col. W. S. Conrow (to 17 Jan 45); 
M. K. Barroll, Jr.
Fiscal Director (from May 1943) Maj. Gen. A. H. Carter (to 1 Dec 45); 
Maj. Gen. W. H. Kasten



Chief of Finance Maj. Gen. H. K. Loughry (to Jul 45); 
Maj. Gen. W. H. Kasten
Director of Military Training Brig. Gen. C. R. Huebner (to 31 Mar 43); 
Maj. Gen. W. L. Weible (to 6 Jun
Brig. Gen. A. G. Trudeau (7 Jul
Maj. Gen. F. L. Walker
Director of Personnel Maj. Gen. J. N. Dalton (to 6 Jun 45);
Maj. Gen. V. L. Peterson (to 14 Sep 45);
Maj. Gen. J. N. Dalton
Chief of Chaplains Maj. Gen. W. R. Arnold (to 15 Apr 45);
Brig. Gen. L. D. Miller
Executive for Reserve and ROTC Affairs 
(until May 1945)
Brig. Gen. E. W . Smith

Military Personnel Division Brig. Gen. J. E. Wharton (to 19 Sep 42); 
Brig. Gen. R. B. Reynolds (to 22 Nov44); 
Col. C. E. Hixon
Industrial Personnel Division Mr. James P. Mitchell (to 17 Apr 44); 
Mr. W. A. Hughes (to 4 Sep 44); 
R. F. Gow (to 15 Sep 45); 
Col. F. L.
Information and Education Division 
(until September 1945)
Maj. Gen. F. H. Osborn

Special Service Division 
(Army Exchange Division until October 1943)
Maj. Gen. J. W. Byron

Personal Affairs Division
(after August 1943)
Col. F. G. Munson


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