Chapter XVIII

[1] This last will be the subject of the next chapter.

[2] Daily notes kept by the Chief of the Air Staff, SHAEF, Air Marshal James M. Robb on the meetings held in the Supreme Commander's office SHAEF (Main), in OCMH files (hereafter cited as Robb Notes); SHAEF (Main) files: Montgomery to Eisenhower.

[3] Pogue, The Supreme Command, pp. 378-80 and n.: Eisenhower, Crusade in Europe, p. 355.

[4] Both the VII Corps and the 84th Division prepared AAR's and G-3 journals. The regiments of the 84th also have AAR's and unit journals. The semiofficial history of the latter division was prepared by a member of the division, Lt. Theodore Draper, The 847h Infantry Division in the Battle of Germany, November 1944-May 1945 (New York: The Viking Press, 1946). See also Cpl. Perry S. Wolff, A History of the 334th Infantry (Mannheim, Germany: Mannheimer Grossdruckerei, 1945). The tank battalion supporting the 84th also has published its combat record: Capt. E. Castagna, The History of the 771st Tank Battalion (Berkeley, Calif.: Lederer, Street & Zeus Co., Inc., 1946).

[5] OB WEST KTB, daily entries for this period.

[6] Sylvan Diary, appropriate daily entries.

[7] The sources for the history of the 2d Armored are about as informative and complete as is the case with the average armored division. The AAR's compiled by the combat commands contain the bulk of the story. The diary maintained by the division artillery commander, Col. Carl I. Hutton, has been made available to the author. Formal publications of value are: A History of the Second United States Armored Division, 1940-1946 (Atlanta: Albert Love Enterprises, 1946), and History, 67th Armored Regiment (Burnswick, Germany: Georg Westermann, 1945).

[8] The problems facing the Fifth Panzer Army commander are graphically presented in MSS ETHINT-45 and 46, and MSS #B-151, B-151a, all by Manteuffel. The story of the 116th Panzer Division is recounted by the division commander (Waldenburg) in MS #A-873. The best of the fragmentary personal accounts on the history of the 2d Panzer Division is that by Lt. Col. Ruediger Weiz in MS # B-456.

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