Endnotes for Chapter X

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17 Bisbee, a mining town, had few facilities for visiting soldiers, though it was nominally the post town. At its own request, it was placed off- limits to nonresident Fort Huachuca personnel.

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45 During the last half of 1943, twenty stations, all Ground and Service Forces training centers, had 5,000 or more Negro troops, with the bulk of Negroes at stations with smaller numbers of troops. Inca 2 to Memo, SGO for TAG, 18 Dec 43, AG 726.1 ( 18 Dec 43)(3) .

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49 Ltr, CO 370th Combat Team to CG AGF, 23 Nov 42, 92d Div Files, sheet 2, No. 44. Two of the officers were court-martialed; sufficient evidence in the third case was not available for charges to be brought.

50 Suggestions were made from time to time to the effect that the initial examinations of Negro registrants at some induction stations may not have been so carefully conducted as those for white inductees. If this was true, of course a higher percentage of men with undetected or unrecorded defects would have become available for induction. See Robert Wormser, "Race and Draft," The Nation, CLVI (May 29, 1943) , 790; Notes, ASF 5th Tug Conf, Cp Barkeley, Tex., 24-26 Oct 44, P. 171, ASF Control Div Files; Lt. Col. Herbert S. Ripley, MC, and Maj. Stewart Wolf, MC, "Mental Illness Among Negro Troops Overseas," The American Journal of Psychiatry, CIII (January,1947) , 507.

51 There were investigations of sporadic charges that the medical and dental care of Negro men were being neglected. These charges, usually made in letters of enlisted men, their relatives, or their friends to the White House or the War Department, were seldom sustained. See, for examples: Ltr, AGO to CG AAF, 17 Feb 44, AG 291.2 (9 Feb 44) (1) ; Ltr, Hq AAF WCTC to CG AAF WCTC, 31 Jul 43, AAF 201.601 Disability.

52 Ltr, IGD (Lt Col McFarland Cockrill) to CG 2d Cav Div, Cp Funston, Kans., 12 Jan 42, 2d Cav Div File 333, filed with 9th Armd Div Files.

53 Section VIII, AR 615-300, provided for the discharge of constitutionally inapt and undesirable men.

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Arrny, 27 Mar 43, AGF 322/1 (93d Inf Div) .

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66 Memo, Col Edwa Inf Regt] to CG ACT, (92d Div).

67 Memo, Maj John S. Tarr, IGD Fourth Army (Lt Col Thomas A. O'Neil, Actg G-1, Lt Col William E. Wilkinson, MC, and Capt Jones B. Huskey, Inf, all of Hq Fourth Army concurring), for CofS Fourth Army, to Aug 44, AGF 3331/1 (92d Div) . For accounts of men bent at the waist see P. G. Hamlin, "Camptocormia: The Hysterical Bent Back of Soldiers," Military Surgeon, XCII (March, 1943) , 295-300; Lt Col S. A. Sandler "Camptocormia: A Functional Condition of the Back in Neurotic Soldiers," IF'ar Medicine, VIII (1945), 36-45.Thirteen of the 19 soldiers studied by Sandler were Negroes. Most recovered when told they were to be discharged.

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70 Capt James K. Batts, MC, 365th Inf, quoted in Memo cited n. 69.

71 For examples, see Rpt, Surgeon Consultant Ninth Sv Comd for TSG, 5 Jul 44; Rpt of Orthopedic Consultant for TSG, 22 Aug 44; Ltr, Consultant in Surgery Ninth Sv Comd Surgeon for TSG, 8 May 45. All in SPRS`v-I 333.1 Ft. Huachuca.

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75 WD Cir 370, 1944.

76 The percentage of all men separated from the Army as physically and mentally unfit during the same period was 42 percent. (Strength of the Army, 1 Jun-1 Jul 45.)

77 Ltr, Deputy Chief for Hospitals and Domestic Opns to 'I'SG (through CO Ft. Huachuca, CG :VSC), 8 Jun 45, Ft. Huachuca 333.1 Insp Post, Camp, Stations, Hospitals.

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