AGF Study, NO. 3: Ground Forces In The War Army A Statistical Table



The table inserted opposite page 9, "Ground Forces in the War Army," is a statistical presentation of the planning and mobilization of the Army with emphasis on combatant ground forces. It is designed to serve as a basis for Studies Nos, 4, 8, and 9. The aim is to show distribution of forces within a total figure accepted as the ultimate strength of the Army in World War II. It does not cover the redeployment of those forces for the final assault on Japan, which is treated in Study No. 37. When the table was compiled the figures for 1 May 1945 were not available, but their inclusion was not regarded as necessary for the purpose envisaged.

The table was derived from successive issues of the War Department Troop Basis and from documents of the War Department General Staff and of Headquarters, Army Ground Forces, containing plans for and comments on the troop basis. The sources of the figures on each line of the table are given in the final section of this study below.



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