Army Ground Forces, Study No. 1



l. (1) Memo of Gen Arnold for DCofS USA, 5 Aug 40, sub: Prcht Trs. Originally located in 322.04/1 (Inf); document later destroyed. (2) Memo of Gen McNair for Gen Moore, 8 Aug 40, sub as above. 322.04/2 (Inf). (3) Memo OCS 21157-1 for ACofS G-3 WD from Lt Col Orlando Ward, 20 Aug 40. G-3/43293 “Aviation,” AGF Requirements, TL & VA Div.

2. WD ltr (C) AG 580 (9-9-40) M-C-M to CofInf, CofAC, and CG Ft Benning, 16 Sep 40, sub:  Constitution of 1st Prcht Bn. AGO Records (C).

3. (1) Chart attached to AAF D/F to G-3 GHQ, 5 Aug 41, sub: Transports for Prcht Trs. Original chart in 452.l/4. (2) Memo of CofS GHQ for the ACofS G-3 WD, 20 May 41, sub: Transport Airplanes for Prcht Trs. 580/14.

4. (1) WD ltr AG 580 (2-11-41)M(Ret) M-C to CG Ft Benning, 14 Mar 41, sub: Constitution and Activation of Prcht Bns. 580/9. (2) WD ltr AG 580 (6-26-41) EA-C to CGs 8th and 9th Divs, 3 Jul 41, sub: Procurement of Enl Pers for Provisional Prcht Gp. 580/18. (3) WD ltr (C) AG 320.2 (5-14-41) MR-C to CG Panama Canal Dept, 11 Jun 41, sub: Orgn of the 550th Inf Airborne Bn, Panama Canal Dept. 320.2/1 (Inf Airborne)(C). (4) WD ltr AG 320.2 (8-21-41) MR-M-C to CG IV Corps Area, CofAAF, CofInf, and the SG, 10 Sep 41, sub: Experimental Air-Inf Bn. 320.2/27 (Inf).

5. (1) Rpt (C) on Combined Tests to Develop Doctrine and Methods for Aviation Support of Ground Troops (no date given), pp 21-23 and Appendix C, Tests 7 and 18. 353/27/35 (Sep file)(C). (2) Ltr of Gen Smith to CofS GHQ, 6 Jun 41, sub: Proposed Field Exercise of the 501st Prcht Bn. (3) 3d ind to preceding, CofS GHQ to CG Second Army, 17 Jun 41. Both (2) and (3) originally consulted in 353/1 (Prcht Trs); missing in records at date of final revision.

6. (1) AAF D/F (C) to G-3 GHQ, 5 Aug 41, sub:  Transport of Prcht Trs. (2) Memo (C) of CofAAF for CofS GHQ, 3 Sep 41, sub as above. With attached documents. Both in 452.1/4 (C).

7. (1) Ltr (R) of CofS GHQ to CO Provisional Prcht Gp, 29 Aug 41, sub: Prcht Tr Participation in Sep 1941 GHQ-Directed Maneuvers in Louisiana Maneuver Area. With endorsements. 353/6 (Prcht Trs). (2) Memo of CofS GHQ for CofInf, 13 Oct 41, sub: Separation of Prcht Trs and their Equipment in Flight. With 1st ind. 353/8 (Prcht Trs).

8. (1) Ltr of CO Provisional Prcht Gp to CofS GHQ, 4 Dec 41, sub: Participation of the Airborne Task F in the First Army vs IV Army Corps Maneuvers. 353/23 (Prcht Trs). (2) Par 12 e, ltr of Gen McNair to CG IV Army Corps, 7 Jan 42, sub: Comments on First Army vs IV Army Corps Maneuvers, Nov 16-30, 1941. 354.2/l (IV Army Corps).

9. (1) Lt Col William C. Lee, “Air Landing Divisions,” Infantry Journal, April 1941. See also Lt Col Leo Donovan and Lt J. J. Gleason, “Division in Heaven: the Staff Word of Airborne Troops,” Military Review, June 1941. (2) Ltr of CofAAF to CG AFCC, 7 Jul 41, sub: Orgn of Glider Units. 322.082/207.    (3) WD memo G-3/40911 for CofAAF, 4 Aug 41, sub: Airplane Development for Carrying Airborne and Prcht Trs. 580/25. (4) WD ltr (C) AG 472.2 (l-8-42) MSC-C to CofInf, CofFA, CofOrd, 18 Feb 42, sub: Prcht Battery, 75-mm Pack Howitzer. 320.2/1 (Prcht Trs)(C).

10. (1) WD memo G-3/40911 for CofS GHQ and CofInf, 11 Dec 41, sub: Comd Echelon for Prcht Units. 320.2/37 (Inf). (2) Memo of Gen McNair for ACofS G-3 WD, 18 Dec 41, sub as in (1) above. Ibid.

11. WD ltr (R) AG 320.2 (1-20-42) MR-M-C to CofInf, 24 Feb 42, sub: Constitution, Activation and Redesignation of Prcht Units. AGF Records, 321/1 (Inf)(R).

12. See History of AGF, Studies No 8, Reorganization of Ground Troops for Combat, No 9, Organization and Training of New Ground Combat Elements, and No 25, The Airborne Command.

13. AGF ltr 320.2/2 (Airborne Command)-GNOPN to CO Airborne Comd, 24 Mar 42. 320.2 (A/B).

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