ABFC     Advanced Base Functional Components (System). A complete system developed by the Navy containing prefabricated structures, equipment, and packaging for advanced base building. 
Aggregate     Crushed rock used with cement to form concrete.
AID     Agency for International Development, which provides resources for underdeveloped nations through the State Department.
Alluvial soil     Consists largely of deposits left by flowing waters.
AM-2     Aluminum matting used to construct runways. It is designed to be portable and rapidly emplaced.
Annam     The original name of the country which is now the Republic of Vietnam.
Backhoe     An excavating machine in which a bucket is rigidly attached to a hinged boom and is drawn toward the machine in digging.
Bailey panel bridge     A pre-engineered semiportable tactical bridge of World War II vintage. Having its structural members above the roadway, the Bailey is a continuous truss bridge joined beneath by flat panel transoms.
BARC     Barge, amphibious, resupply, cargo. A true amphibian duplex-drive transporter. The largest LARC with a 40-ton capacity.
BEEF teams     Base emergency engineering force teams. Small Air Force detachments for construction of critical facilities.
Bladder system     An inflatable fuel container system.

Borrow     Earth used in making fill for construction projects.
C-7     Caribou Twin-engine utility aircraft designed for short landings and takeoffs from unprepared landing areas.
CENCOM     Central Highways and Waterways Committee of the government of Vietnam.
CINCPAC     Commander in Chief, Pacific. Traditionally a naval Commander, CINCPAC controls all service forces in the Pacific area and reports directly to the joint Chiefs of Staff.
CINCPACAF     Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Forces, who reports directly to CINCPAC.
CINCPACFLT     Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet. The commander for ships afloat; he reports to CINCPAC.
CINCUSARPAC     Commander in Chief, U.S. Army, Pacific. He is responsible to CINCPAC.
COMUSMACV     Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.
Chlorinator A     device for combining chlorine with water for sterilization.
Clam     Clamshell. A hinged-door bucket for a crane. Also known as a grab bucket.
Compacted     Soil compressed by rolling to reduce surface volume in preparation for construction.
CONEX     A reusable metal shipping container designed for worldwide movement of military equipment through the cargo transporter service.
Creosoted timbers     Piles and other timbers treated with wood-tar distillate as a preservative.
CTZ     Corps tactical zone. American military divisions of Vietnam in four areas.
DGOH     Directorate General of Highways. An office of the government of Vietnam.

Democratic Republic of Vietnam     Communist North Vietnam. 
Depth of refusal     Depth at which terminal resistance is met in driving operations.
Direct support Maintenance     performed by units not attached maintenance to the using unit. A category of maintenance limited to repair of end items or unserviceable assemblies on a return to user basis. Formerly third echelon.
DMZ     The Demilitarized Zone. A six-mile strip which roughly parallels the Song Ben Hoi separating North from South Vietnam.
DSA     Defense Supply Agency. The purchasing agent for common supply items in the Department of Defense.
Erdlator     A clarifier used in water purification units in conjunction with diatomite earth filters.
Engineer Service, Army    A World War II and Korean building appropriation fund.
Foreshore area     That area between high- and low-water marks.
FFV     Field Force, Vietnam. A flexible corps level headquarters organization designed to control Army units of all sizes. Became I Field Force August 1966.
FWMAF     Free World Military Assistance Forces. Included at times: Australian battalions, Korean divisions, New Zealand company-sized units, Philippine civic action group, and Thai regiments.
Hopper dredge     A dredge using hydraulic suction pipes to excavate bottom material into internal hoppers as opposed to separate barges. This dredge can carry its own waste to a dumping area. Unlike other plants, this one is self-propelled and fully seaworthy.
Horizontal construction     Roads, canals, etc. as opposed to vertical construction-dwellings, sheds, etc.

Hue     Former capital of Annamese Empire. Ancient city considered cultural center for Vietnam. Scene of bitter street fighting in 1968 Tet offensive.
GAME WARDEN     A code name for naval river patrol operations.
ICC     International Control Commission established by 1954 Geneva Convention consisting of representatives from Canada, India, and Poland.
ICTZ     I Corps Tactical Zone. The northernmost provinces in South Vietnam.
IFFORCEV     I Field Force, Vietnam.
JCS     Joint Chiefs of Staff. Includes Chief of Staff, Army; Chief of Staff, Air Force; Chief of Naval Operations; Commandant of the Marine Corps; and the chairman. This is a planning and advisory staff without command authority.
JGS     Joint General Staff. Vietnamese equivalent of our JCS.
JLRB     Joint Logistics Review Board. Investigative body which met during 1969 to formulate recommendations on logistics.
Keppel Yards     Singapore shipyard contracted for marine repairs.
LARC     Amphibian lighter. Duplex-drive amphibian descendant of World War II DUKW. V series has 5-ton capacity, XV series 15 tons. Also fitted for recovery.
Laterite     A red ferruginous soil containing iron and alumina.
LCM     Landing craft, mechanized.
LCU     Landing craft, utility.
LOC     Lines of Communications.
LSD     Landing ship, dock. Ship having a cargo deck which carries amphibian transporters; to launch, the cargo deck is flooded and the stern opens to the sea.

LZ     Landing zone.
MACV     Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. Established in February 1962 at Saigon from the former Military Assistance Advisory Group.
MAF     III (Third) Marine Amphibious Force. USMC headquarters formed in May 1965 from the former 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade to control elements of 1st, 3d, 5th Marine Divisions and 1st Marine Air Wing.
MAP     Military Assistance Program controls sales of American military equipment worldwide.
Marine wood borers    Organisms which feed on wood structures at  and below water level and cause rapid structural decay.
MARKET TIME     Code name for naval coastal patrol operations.
MCA     Military Construction, Army. An appropriation specifically for new construction.
MCB     Naval mobile construction battalions. "Sea bees."
MILCON     Military Construction or construction funded by MCA funds.
MSR     Main supply route.
NAVFORV     Naval Forces, Vietnam. All naval forces afloat and ashore in Vietnam.
NSA     Naval Support Activity. Consists of shore facilities to support operations afloat and land based naval aircraft.
OMA     Operations and Maintenance, Army, funds. Appropriations for repair and maintenance of existing facilities.
PA&E     Pacific Architects and Engineers.
PACAF     Pacific Air Forces. All Air Force units in Pacific area including 5th Air Force in Korea, 7th Air Force in Vietnam, etc.
PACOM     Pacific Command. Unified command of CINCPAC, CINCPACAF, CINCUSARPAC and commanded by CINCPAC.

Pipeline cutterhead dredge     A dredge in which a steel basket-shaped cutter head surrounds the suction pipe intake. Pipelines carry the bottom material ashore or overboard.
Plastic membrane seal     Rolled sheets of thin flexible plastic used to  cover soil and prevent erosion.
POL     Petroleum, oil, and lubricants.
Potable     Suitable, safe, or ready for drinking.
Prime BEEF teams     Air Force base emergency engineer forces.
Red Ball     A designation for specially expedited repair parts and supplies having very high priority.
Red Horse     Air Force heavy repair squadron.
Riprap     Large crushed and random-sized rock used in construction without cement.
RMK-BRJ     Contracting combine of Raymond, Morrison Knudson, Brown and Root, and J. A. Jones.
ROK     Republic of Korea.
SATS     Short airfield for tactical support. Portable runways and facilities for service, landings, and takeoffs. Makes use of AM-2 panels and mobile command control equipment.
Sheet piles     Sheet steel formed for pile driving and designed to interlock forming retaining walls.
T-2 Tanker     An electrical power ship. Tankers withdrawn from Maritime Reserve Fleet and converted to electrical power barges by Vinnell Corp. T-2 designates Maritime Commission class size.
Tank farm     Petroleum storage area.
Turnkey     A contract that makes the contractor responsible for all phases of the work, to include administrative and logistical support from design through completion of construction.
USAECAV     U.S. Army Engineer Construction Agency, Vietnam.

USARYIS     U.S. Army, Ryukyu Islands.
USAMC     U.S. Army Materiel Command.
USAPAV     U.S. Army Procurement Agency, Vietnam. Responsible for administering of all civilian contracts and local outside purchases.
USARPAC     U.S. Army, Pacific.
USARV     U.S. Army, Vietnam. A headquarters primarily responsible for logistics, administration, and support for MACV.

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