Appendix H


1. Clearing and grubbing of troop areas
2. Field fortifications
3. Clearing of fields of fire
4. Water supply points
5. LST ramps and bollards
6. Materials for pit latrines (self-help project)
7. Flight strips with access roads
8. Roads and hardstands at ports
9. Hospitals
10. Ammunition storage areas and access roads
11. Communications facilities
12. Storage facilities for petroleum products (tank farms)
13. Ramps and parking areas for flight strips
14. Jetties at ports
15. Dispensaries for tactical units (at least one per base)
16. Internal axial roads
17. Distribution systems (depots) for petroleum products
18. Maintenance buildings for flight strips
19. Administration buildings (not more than one in any area, sub­area, or camp at any one time, with priority to major operational headquarters)
20. Kitchen pads
21. Mess halls (no plumbing)
22. Dispensaries (one per base or subbase other than those for tactical troops)
23. Warehousing space and open storage area depots
24. Maintenance facilities for weapons
25. Maintenance facilities for communications equipment
26. Road improvement
27. Off-loading and feeder pipelines for petroleum products
28. Piers at ports
29. Bridge strengthening
30. Field maintenance facilities for vehicles
31. Fire protection sumps
32. Covered storage space
33. Internal tributary roads


34. Shop maintenance facilities for vehicles
35. Shower points
36. Warehousing space (reefer storage)
37. Post offices and post exchanges
38. Bakeries
39. Laundries
40. Service clubs
41. Wharves at ports
42. Enlisted billets for combat elements capable of only intermittent self-help because of engagement with the enemy
43. Unit maintenance facilities for vehicles
44. Enlisted billets for combat elements other than those to which item 42 applies
45. Enlisted billets for combat support units
46. Stabilized access roads
47. Enlisted billets for general support units (including engineers of the 18th Brigade)
48. Road surface treatment through villages
49. Bridge replacement
50. Stabilized parking areas for vehicles
51. Bermed ammunition storage areas with stabilized pads
52. Officer billets for combat units
53. Officer billets for combat support units
54. Officer billets for general support units
55.  Chapels 1

After initial approval, the list was amended by insertion of the following items:

New No. 14. Post exchange storage buildings with latrines (one per base area), after ramps and parking areas for flight strips
New No. 17. Wire and floodlights for security lighting, after dispensaries
New No. 55.  Generator sheds for security lighting, after officer billets for general support units
New No. 56. Covered storage areas for ammunition, after chapels

1The expectation was that unit structures such as mess halls and service clubs would also serve as places for religious assemblies.


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