ABILINE April 1966 allied operation conducted east of Saigon as a spoiling operation against an enemy move on the capital
AK47 Soviet-designed and manufactured assault rifle, 7.62 mm.
APC Armored personnel carrier
ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam
ATTLEBORO Operation resulting in a battle that took place September-November 1966 north-west of Saigon
AVLB Armored vehicle launched bridge
Bailey bridge Standard Army military bridge using pre-fabricated steel panels
beehive round Canisters filled with hundreds of metal darts
the Big Red One U.S. 1st Infantry Division
BIRMINGHAM April 1966 operation in which the U.S. 1st Infantry Division moved into War Zone C, uncovering great quantities of supplies
the Blackhorse Regiment U.S. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
the Blue Spaders Men of the 1st Battalion, U.S. 26th Infantry
Buddy operations Operations by combined U.S. and South Vietnamese forces
CBU Cluster bomb units
Chieu Hoi program The "open arms" program initiated by President Diem in April 1963 promising clem-ency and financial aid to guerrillas who stopped fighting and returned to live under government authority
Chinook CH-47 helicopter
claymore mine A shaped, antipersonnel mine which when detonated propels small steel cubes in a fan-shaped pattern
cordon and search Operation to seal off and search an area
COSVN Central Office of South Vietnam
CS Riot control agent
dozer-infantry team A team of tankdozers, bulldozers, Rome Plows, and infantry which cut into the jungle
Eiffel bridge Nonstandard metal military bridge of French design
EL PASO II A series of operations conducted in June and July 1966 by the U.S. 1st Infantry Division and the Vietnamese 5th Division on the eastern flank of War Zone C
elm(s) Element(s)
FITCHBURG January 1967 operation in preparation for CEDAR FALLS
FSB Fire support base
FSPB Fire support patrol base
G-3 Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations
GADSDEN Original name for Operation JUNCTION CITY, later designating one of the deception operations in the first phase of JUNCTION CITY
GVN The government of the Republic of Vietnam
Huey UH-ID helicopter
IIFFORCEV II Field Force, Vietnam
the Iron Brigade 3d Brigade, U.S. 1st Infantry Division
J-2 Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence
KIA Killed in action
local force Viet Cong combat unit subordinate to a district or province
LTL Vietnamese interprovincial route
LZ Landing zone
M16 U.S. lightweight, rapid-firing 5.56-mm. rifle
M60 U.S. 7.62-mm. machine gun
M79 Shoulder-fired weapon employing an explosive 40-mm. grenade-type round
MACV U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
mad minute Concentrated fire of all weapons for a specified time at optimum rate
main force elements Viet Cong and North Vietnamese military units subordinate to the Central Office of South Vietnam, military regions, or other higher echelons of command
marching fire Fire delivered by infantry in an assault, especially with rifle fired from the hip or rapidly from the shoulder
MEDCAP Medical Civic Action Program
meeting engagement Collision between two advancing forces, neither of which is fully deployed for battle
NDP Night defensive position
NIAGARA FALLS Cover operation designed to place combat elements in position for CEDAR FALLS before striking the main blow
NVA North Vietnam Army
OA Objective area
pattern activity analysis Procedure begun in mid-1966 which consisted of detailed plotting on maps of information on enemy activity obtained from a variety of sources over an extended period of time
pods Rubberized 500 gallon containers used to hold bulk Class III products
PSYOP Psychological operations
QL Vietnamese national route
quad-.50 Four heavy machine guns that traverse from a single pedestal and which are fired simultaneously by one gunner
RAG River Assault Group (Vietnamese)
RPG2 Small Soviet-made bazooka-type antitank grenade launcher
S-3 Operations and training officer
search and clear Offensive military operation designed to sweep through an area with the mission of locating, driving out, or destroying the enemy
search and destroy Offensive operations designed to seek out and destroy enemy forces, headquarters, and supply installations, with emphasis on destruction rather than reestablishment of government control
"Spooky" C 47 aircraft with two 7.62-mm. Gatling-type guns and illumination flares
Task Force ALPHA 1st and 5th South Vietnamese Marine Battalions under the control of the U.S. 25th Division for Phase I of JUNCTION CITY
Task Force DEANE U.S. 173d Airborne Brigade during Operation NIAGARA FALLS
Task Force WALLACE Two South Vietnamese units (35th Ranger Battalion and one troop from the 3d Battalion, 1st Cavalry) which augmented the U.S. 1st Division in Phase I of JUNCTION CITY
TL Vietnamese provincial route
Tropic Lightning Division U.S. 25th Infantry Division
TUCSON Deception operation conducted to position forces and materiel for JUNCTION CITY
VC Viet Cong

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