ACAV Armored cavalry assault vehicle (M113 armored personnel carrier, modified for use in Vietnam)

AK47 Russian-designed assault rifle, 7.62-mm.

Area target Target for gunfire or bombing covering a considerable space, such as a munitions factory, airport, or freight yard

ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam

ATC Armored troop carrier (modified landing craft)

BAR Browning automatic rifle

Beaten zone The elliptical ground area struck by the fire of automatic weapons or by artillery projectiles

Beehive round An artillery or recoilless rifle round containing thousands of small darts, or flechettes

Bn Battalion

CIDG Civilian Irregular Defense Group

Co Company

CP Command post

CRP Combat reconnaissance platoon

Flexgun 7.62-mm. M60CA1 machine gun

G-2 Military intelligence section of the general staff of a large unit

Huey UH-1D helicopter

LAW M72, light assault weapon, one-shot, disposable launcher container, loaded with a shaped charge round and fired from the shoulder

LZ Landing zone

MACV Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

Minigun 7.62-mm. Gatling-type gun

Monitor Gunboat armed- with 20- and 40-mm. guns and 81-mm. direct fire mortars

NVA North Vietnamese Army

OP Observation post


Plt Platoon

Point target A target which requires the accurate placement of bombs or fire

S-2 Officer in charge of the military intelligence section of a brigade or smaller unit

S-3 Officer in charge of the operations and training section of a brigade or smaller unit

S-4 Officer in charge of the supply and evacuation section of a brigade or smaller unit

Spooky AC-47 aircraft with three 7.62-mm. Gatling-type guns and illumination flares

USARV United States Army, Vietnam

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