Reflagging in the Army

Janice E. McKenney

United States Army
Center of Military History
Washington, D.C., 1997


Reflagging in the Army

Appendix A-Divisions Reflagged Since World War II

Appendix B-CSA Guidance for Regimental Study Group

Appendix C-Memorandum on Inactive Corps/Division Flags

Appendix D-Priority of Divisions

Appendix E

-1st Armored Division

-1st Cavalry Division

-1st Infantry Division

-2d Infantry Division

-3d Infantry Division

-4th Infantry Division

-1st Brigade, 6th Infantry Division

-10th Mountain Division

-25th Infantry Division

-82d Airborne Division

-101st Airborne Division

Appendix E- Nondivisional Regiments

-Training Regiments

Appendix E- Recommendations for Air Defense Artillery

Appendix E-Recommendations for Armor

Appendix E-Recommendations for Aviation

Appendix E-Recommendations for Cavalry

Appendix E-Recommendations for Field Artillery

Appendix E-Recommendations for Infantry

Appendix F-Memorandum on Disposition Instructions

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