"A Huge Responsibility"
3'x4'Oil Painting

11 November, 2008, 2nd Lieutenant Patrick Farrell of The American Provincial Police Mentor Team (PMT-P), 1st BN/203rd Corps, Regional Police Advisory Command – East (RPAC-E) and his interpreter are meeting with the ANP (Afghan National Police) Chief in the town of Khost in Southeastern Afghanistan to review local situations and provides mentorship on several issues. The two work out logistical and tactical problems and ensure that they are working with coordinated efforts toward common strategic goals. The interpreter is covering his face so that he can’t be identified by anyone that may have ties with the Taliban or Al-Qaida. PMTs are training the ANP for combat (infantry and basic training) as well as police missions.

Photographs taken by MSG Martin J. Cervantez on his deployment to Afghanistan were used as reference material for the painting.