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Army National Guard Source Materials
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Period Federal Non-Federal
Colonial None Colony Records Governor's Papers
Colony Legislation
Military Records
County/Town Records Court Papers
"Muster Rolls"
Personal Papers Individual Legislators
Individual Officers
Genealogical Materials
Published Sources Operational Narratives
Unit Histories
Colony/State Histories
County/Town Histories
British Sources Public Record Office
Individual Officers' Papers
Regimental Histories
Revolution NARA Ainsworth List State Records Governor's Papers
LC State Legislation
NPS Military Records
County/Town Records
Personal Papers Size Rolls
Published Sources
British Sources
1792-1903 ARA Federal Svc. State Records Executive Papers
Ainsworth Acts and Resolves
Operational Commission Books
AG Reports AG Reports
OR Order Sets
LC Personal County/Town Records Personal Papers
NPS Newspapers
MHI Published Sources
1903-1941 NARA Federal Svc. State Records Executive Papers
Operational Acts and Resolves
Militia Bureau AG Reports
St. Louis Personnel Order Sets
LC Personal AG/Unit Publications
MHI Armory Records
ABMC Personal Papers
OHB Unit Files Newspapers
Published Sources
1941-1946 NARA General State Records AG Reports
Operational Order Sets
NPRC Personnel AG/Unit Publications
LC Personal Armory Records
Presidential Libraries Personal Papers
MHI Newspapers
ABMC Veterans/Families
OHB Streamers Published Sources
Decorations Veterans' Associations
Unit Data Cards  
CMH (Other) Green Books  
Army in Action  
Army Art  
Since 1946 Active Duty Only (same as above) State Records (same as above)
Armory Records
Veterans' Associations
County/Town Libraries, etc.



ABMC = American Battle Monuments Commission (Washington)

CMH = US Army Center of Military History

LC = Library of Congress

NARA = National Archives and Records Administration (Archives I and Archives II)

NPRC = National Personnel Records Center (St. Louis)

NPS = National Park Service

MHI = US Army Military History Institute

OBH = Organizational History Branch, US Army Center of Military History


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